Biden Underwater in Two Key Battleground States

Joe Biden has become a true enigma of politics.

He is also about to make a move that could cost his party very dearly.

Biden is underwater in both PA and WI.

Yet, he is making trips to both of these states to try to rally voters.

In the process, he could hurt his party more than help.

Don’t Do It

John Fetterman is currently crushing Republican Mehmet Oz in the PA senate race.

Biden, however, is underwater by 17 points with PA voters.

Fetterman has already snubbed Biden for the visit, and I would wager he is hoping that Biden does not mention his name when he visits this week to tell voters that MAGA Republicans are fascists.

Biden will also head to Wisconsin to try to boost Mandela Barnes, the current Lt. Gov. who is running against Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI).

Barnes currently has a small lead against Johnson, but Biden is underwater by 15 points in that state.

Both of these candidates are uber-progressives, soft on crime, love sanctuary cities, etc.

Fetterman also wants to see safe heroin injection sites created.

Barnes supports defunding the police, driver’s licenses for illegals, and free college tuition for illegal immigrants.

These visits are good news for conservatives because we need the names Barnes and Fetterman to come out of his mouth during these visits.

The moment that happens, their agendas become Biden’s agenda, and we can crush him for it.

It will also align these two candidates with Biden, which could hurt them both in the polls.

Source: Fox News

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24 Responses

      1. Just like the alleged 80 million plus no ones who voted for Brandon. Where are the bumper stickers, t shirts, hats, flags, etc for Brandon. No one is very popular at Brandon’s rallies. No one lines the streets when Brandon comes to their towns. Where was the general public at his swearing in. The excuse of COVID only goes so far. Just saying

    1. The insane dem voter voted for Biden. It would really take an insane voter to put Fetterman in office who is as braindead as Biden! He is absolutely awful.

    1. Right, the insane dem voter put Biden /Obama in office along with the most anti American, full of hate for all conservatives, God and His laws House members and Senate members.

  1. So on one side people hate Trump. The other side people hate Biden. Guess now we can look at policies. Biden is a disaster. Trump tried to put Americans first. Looks like Trump was better. The same can be challenged with the news media. On one side you have CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, Big Tech, Soros, most of the elites, even the top of FBI, DOJ. On the other side you have Trump supporters, NewsMaX, FOXNews. If you look at this it appears Biden is better. But, policy wise, he is a disaster. With help from his politicians and bureaucrats. In my opinion, and others, all this Big Government and donors make America worse. Wish it was better. But it’s not.

    1. The government agencies, the obama news network(in 2012 Obama (illegally… Appointed the alphabet news media to be the propagandist arm of the Dem party-that’s called Fascism) I’m sure our tax $$ r supplementing their pay. Those who support Biden would do anything for money and power and most of his supporters r either the ultra elite, Hollywood doped up dummies, and the gimmies. Most conservatives r hard working, love God, America, the Constitution and the freedoms granted to us in the Bill of Rights. They r the ones who support Trump.

  2. Brain Dead Biden is the worst thing disaster for America in recent memory.
    The Left-Wingers are winning, and America is losing.

    1. Even in the most distant memory in American history he is the very worst thing that has happened to America. Voters, scrutinize what Biden has done and be not for a party, but the one who is ruining the country with his insane bills and policies. He sounds just like a commie and acts like one. Don’t trust this man or his cabinet for anthing!

      1. He’s a dyed in the wool Marxist /Fascist as r all the dems in Congress. The black caucus members are and have been for decades registered members of the Communist Party of the United States. One of the black caucus members stood on the floors of Congress and told the world that they did not have to obey the Constitution. Their butts should be impeached for treason against our country, our Constitution.

  3. So why wouldn’t Biden mention the Dems names who are running? He’s going to endorse them, isn’t he? Well, let’s hope he does buddy himself up with them. WI and PA will be Red then!
    You go BRANDON!!! Go back to your
    basement with the $50,000 fence to protect you. Meantime, this born and raised TEXAN is praying that Trump runs. Hells Bells I’ll even take DeSantis on the ticket. That would be my DREAM TEAM.

  4. Go Joe Go. Please give these fellow Demoncrats the Presidential support that they need for a big belly flop!

  5. Why should Wisconsinites vote for a party that abuses the Taxpayers? We have the highest crime rate in the last century, highest gas, food and utility prices. To top it off President Biden has broken the law and allowed over 5 million illegals into the country. They treat people that broke the law better than their own citizens. Vote them out of office.

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