Rick Scott: Biden ‘Unwell’ and Should Resign

Joe Biden was scheduled to address the nation regarding inflation on Tuesday.

Prior to his address, Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) decided to unload.

Scott offered a blistering report on Biden’s mental fitness, including a demand to resign because he is “unwell.”

Blame It On…

Biden, once again, blamed inflation on everything but his policies and took his fair shot at Republicans for refusing to help him fix the problem that he created.

This was expected.

And, once again, Biden opening up his mouth resulted in gaffes and more concerns about his overall mental wellbeing.

The moment Biden looks away from the teleprompter, he is lost.

The moment Biden starts to speak off the cuff, it is apparent that his brain is no longer capable of putting together intelligible sentences.

To that point, Senator Scott stated, “The most effective thing Joe Biden can do to solve the inflation crisis he created is resign. He’s the problem.”

He continued, “Let’s be honest here. Joe Biden is unwell. He’s unfit for office. He’s incoherent, incapacitated and confused.

“He doesn’t know where he is half the time. He’s incapable of leading and he’s incapable of carrying out his duties.”

White House director of rapid response Mike Gwin, predictably, stuck up for Biden and launched a counterattack against Scott.

Gwin stated, “Senator Scott doesn’t have a leg to stand on to talk about prices when he continues to lead Congressional Republicans in pushing a MAGA agenda that would raise taxes on half of Americans and jeopardize retirement benefits like Social Security and Medicare.”

I am not sure if Gwin realizes it, but there has been no bigger attack against retirement than Biden’s horrific agenda that has set the stock market back years in profits.

I personally have a half dozen friends that have to put off their retirement because of the hit their 401ks and IRAs have taken over the last 15 months.

Two years, eight months, and two weeks… that is how much longer we have to deal with the man.

Source: Fox News

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63 Responses

  1. Typical and standard Democrat response to a crises–blame the party NOT in power. Many Americans must be far more stupid than we realize to be so unaware this is SOP for Dems. You can be sure the Dem bosses know their base is this dense. It has been working for them for decades.

        1. Everyone saw him as good ole Uncle Joe not realizing that their old uncle Joe was cheating on his wife every chance he got! Joe is totally useless and unable to lead our country out of the mess he (NOT PUTIN) created. Please, dems, use you heads for a change. You voted for a fool.

          1. I wonder if his wife Jill and his son Hunter should be brought up on charges for elder abuse?!?! That should be the next vote!

      1. Absolutely correct, it is high time for Biden to enter any old folks home for the terminally bewildered!!!!

      2. Problem is we get cackling Kamala in Biden’s place and that my friend is not an improvement but even worse if worse is possible. We need to remove Biden, Kamala and Piglosy to have a new election and get back to making America great again. I wish 2024 were tomorrow.

        1. I agree that the above needs to be replaced & have an election to get this country turn around before there is no return, if we do not vote them out someone will take action!!!!!

    1. When you have a federal department of education brainwashing and conditioning the minds of our children for several decades it is a wonder any of them can think at all. The department of education must be disbanded and education returned to the control of the state’s as our founders intended.

    2. We are ow in a recession, getting ready for a depression. How can let’s go Bramdon five 40 billion dollars to a country that has no supplies to purchase and American taxpayers forfeiting formula for OUR children. Our fuel and groceries are way over 25 percent since creepy joe took office. We have 11 million illegals pouring into America. Whe is feeding and housing them. You the American people. Where are his priorities when all Americans are suffering. Our stock market is tanking daily. The demoncrats want to bankrupt any working American for what reason. I can’t understand why we are not protesting this foolishness. We are doomed. Depression within 6 months with this imbecile ruining our country and spending our earned money somewhere else. Not on Americans.. Wake up people. We must stop this lunacy. He’s demented, full blown.

    3. I would care less if I read in the paper a good heart attack or stroke forced biden’s resignation. A good 2/3 house and senate majority republican vote in Congress this fall could result in a republican speaker of the house, impeach both joe and the ho, and the republican speaker become president.

  2. Kamala doesn’t know what is going on. Then we get Pilosi????? Which of the 3 is worse?

      1. Vote straight Republican this November, needed a 2/3 majority in the House and Senate to impeach Joe and the ho in 2023, then put the REPUBLICAN speaker of the House in the White House.

        1. I have saying this for the last 5 months. I am glad their are other
          people saying this.

          Donald Hildreth

        2. The republicans in the house had a plan if they took control of both houses and that was to put
          Donald in as speaker and get rid “of Joe the”JOKE” and Kami then Trump could be become
          the POTUS and run again in 2024HUT !! he didn’t want to…. but if we take over both houses
          Kami would be useless like she is now

    1. I just want to know who has control of the nuclear football…they did not let jolly Joe have it. Personally I think either obama controls it or Pelosi does. God help us if Russia or China attacks us it will take hours for those fools to respond if they do at all.

    2. All three are unqualified, dementia joe doesn’t know what day it is, Pelosi is almost as bad as dementia Joe and Harris may know where she is but doesn’t know how to solve anything.

  3. Harris will be just as bad or worse. There is no-one in the chain of succession that can really step in and lead the country.

    1. You are wrong…i am sure the chief janitor at the White house is more that qualified especially following democratic standards.

  4. Joe Biden should never have ran for office. His wife is as stupid as he is, plus they just wanted to make more money for their pockets. I do not understand all the crooked things going on in our government, the lies and pointing the finger at someone else. Take responsibility. It’s not the Republicans fault that Joe has put the U.S. in this inflation situation, but as usual the Democrats have to blame someone. They blame Putin, Covid pandemic, Republicans and Trump, all of which is not true, becuase the inflation stated before Putin, but as soon as Biden got in office. The Democrats have been planning this for years. So vote all of them out of office and clean the swamp. If we had a third party, a lot of this crap would not be happening. Wake-up America!

    1. To Conservative Journal:. CANCEL REPLY to my response to Jan is blatant CENSORSHIP!
      The third party is LIBERTARIAN.

    2. This has been building up for decades. You let the elites of Congress and government create their own rules and exempt themselves from their own laws then you turn them into royalty with no fear of punishment regardless of their actions. Most are godless traitors and untouchable as none of them ever gets punished. Regardless of actions the worst they have to fear is not being reelected and still sitting back on full pensions crammed full of perks.

  5. As long as the demoncrates are in power or control nothing will be bone during obima`s third term he and the demoncrats have always said how they hate America and want it to be a fourth world making sure no one can own anything even the kids.The gubermint will own everything.

  6. LET JOE resign . . . Along with PELOSI, Kamala, Schiff, NADLER, Schumer, etc. You get the PICTURE. OH! – and DON’T forget the RINOs and “never Trumpers”. There’re JUST as BAD. One Enlightened Patriot.

    1. Yes well said, but don’t forget the stupid squad that are not for Americans. They need to go back home (invaders). Also, let’s not forget the crazy Clintons and Barrack HuSANE Obama calling the shots behind the scenes. Biden being just a puppet is not to blame for everything because the poor man can’t think (in one interview he couldn’t even remember he was the President). He just moves the way the strings are pulled. Our country is in horrible shape since the DEMONcrats stole the election, but with GOD’S HELP we’ll be just fine because HE sees ALL and what you do to the least of my little one’s you’ve done it unto ME and what you measure out is measured back to you. DEMONcrats your day is coming! Second Enlightened Patriot

    2. He will never resign, he knows that his poll numbers are in the tank and he laughs about it; he doesn’t give a s**t. He’s going to get our country blown up!

  7. “A wise man’s mind tends toward the Right hand, a fool’s toward the Left. A fool’s mind is also wanting when he travels and he let’s everyone know he is a fool.”

    How does this overwhelmingly describe the demon-crats…especially the one’s at the top of this group.( the left)

    If you only knew what source the above quote is from. I’m sure many do…Ecclesiastis 10:2-3.

  8. It is well known by all even the Democrats that this fool is not capable to be president. The big question is who is doing anything about the problem with Brandon and Piglicy as well as the imitation vice president idiot.


  10. He is not a legal president the federal Marshals need to remove him and his entire illegal criminal administration Immediately and those that voted for this incompetent idiots need their voting right revoked shows they are mentally ill, and all this illegal administration has done stopped immediately all back to when Trump was president, round up all illegals and a bus back to where they came from all kids and family members,

    1. I agree totally with rounding up each and every illegal and throwing them back into the Rio Grande or the Pacific or the Gulf. No life jackets either as they are guilty of illegally invading our country. Oh yea, drop Biden and his crew with them.

  11. So if Biden is impeached, Harris becomes President and Pelosi VP. How is that any better? We can’t fix stupid and we can’t win with any of these 3 in office.

    1. Pelosi does not become vice president. Remember Nixon’s VP had to leave and a new VP was selected.

  12. Any of you people who vote for a Dem to put in office is not only stupid, but I would consider to be part of the people who support the destruction of America, the theft of our freedoms, the destruction of our Judeo Christian philosophies of life and the increased inflation besides allowing the elite and communist getting away with murder!

  13. Has anyone ever thought of and wondered why two duds were placed
    In the two most important positions in
    our Country and government?
    Just one resignation would not solve the situation.
    This is like watching the moves on a
    Could there be a possible planned and
    secret take over in the works?

  14. If a Republican President were to take office today immediately the Democrats would say that the Republican President was to be blamed for everything that has went wrong since President Biden was in office. I do not know who is pulling the strings of President Biden, but they are evil because these policies are going to destroy this country.

  15. IF what they say is “”TRUE “” about OLD JOE B. what about the new VP “” Nancy “” what would we have then ??
    what is worse the fire or the frying pan ?? just a question

  16. This really crazy. The Big Guy and his party cheated his way into office, ruins the country and now blames the GOP?
    They can not get away with blaming others for their crazy policies.

  17. GO away !!!! Joe Biden you are not going to make it. Now we know that you and the rest of the dirtbags, liars Democracts stole the election. Like always playing dirty. So, the Republicans has to keep their eyes on your dirty tricks as the 2022 midterm elections coming up.

  18. Resign? Can you say P-I-P-E-D-R-E-A-M? Biden was put in office for one thing only. To sit in the Oval Office and sign the documents put in front of him. I often wonder if he even knows what he is signing. That is what makes him the perfect puppet. Speeches and statements are written for him. Press conferences are being handled by the Press Secretary. For interviews, I would bet that Schumer, Pelosi and the rest are pulling the strings.

    They need Biden in the Oval Office in case any or all of their projects backfires and they can’t sweep it all under the rug. They need a scapegoat to dump all the blame on. If the situation gets ugly, Biden will be that scapegoat. Everyone else will still be running everything.

    It has become obvious that our enemies have been watching very closely. Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, just to name a few, have been flexing their mussels. If Joseph McCarthy was still alive, he would be saying “I TOLD YOU SO!” Wake up America.

  19. Remember when liberal DemonRATS thought they were the smartest people on earth? Now that they voted for Biden, he has proven and confirmed something wise conservatives always knew! Biden voters are actually stupid fools!

  20. On March 14 1964 I turned 18 and a very wise man, my Grandfather, gave me this advice. He could not vote because he could not read or write. If you want less money in your pocket and bank account and less food on your table vote for a Democrat in the elections and you can also participate in wars. Now 58 years later his words are still are still true. I turned 21 in Tuy Hoa Vietnam participating in LBJ”s War and then two more tours there. The Democrats remind me of an animal pack, the leader “eats” well and followers fight over the left overs while the ones on the very bottom get just enough to stay alive. Have your taxes gone up? Think about it next time you go in the voting booth.

  21. “Let’s be honest here. Joe Biden is unwell. He’s unfit for office. He’s incoherent, incapacitated and confused. He doesn’t know where he is half the time. He’s incapable of leading and he’s incapable of carrying out his duties. Period. Everyone knows it. No one is willing to say it. But we have to, for the sake of the country. Joe Biden can’t do the job.” – Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott said this of President Joe Biden on 5/10/22 Joe Biden is unwell. He’s unfit for office. He’s incoherent,incapacitated and confused,BIDEN UNFIT for office,incoherent joe,joe biden is not well,rick scott joe biden,biden gaffes,biden gaffe.FINALLY THE TRUTH EMERGES,THROW THE BUM OUT IT’S IMPEACHMENT TIME, ALL CORRUPT BIDENS HAVE TO GO


  23. Impeach the biden administration for Treason and Sedition against the American People and the Constitution and remove harris as well for supporting the Summer Riot’s both biden and harris are useless and inept.

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