REPORT: Biden Using Military to Transport Border Crossers

Over the last several days, new reports have been breaking regarding the transportation of illegal immigrants.

Now, our tax dollars and military are being used to move hundreds of illegals to the country’s interior.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson was among the first to break the story that illegals are being flown out of Laughlin Air Force Base to various locations inside of the United States.

Homeland Security ‘Mission

Carlson confirmed the story with the Pentagon, so this is not some made-up conspiracy theory, as the left will undoubtedly try to portray it.

Carlson was able to get confirmation from Homeland Security that this is taking place, but the border agencies would not confirm exactly where the illegals were being dropped off in the interior.

The report stated that since June 29, almost 800 illegal border crossers had been transported in this fashion.

Keep in mind, this is happening in addition to the newly reactivated policy of catch-and-release.

The most up-to-date data ends after the first quarter of the Biden administration, showing more than 7,000 illegals having blown transported to the country’s interior and released, most of these done via commercial flights before Biden started using the military.

These immigrants are not required to have a valid photo ID, nor do they have to prove they are negative for COVID.

Just think about that…

Source: Breitbart

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73 Responses

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    1. Yes Jeffrey W. Illegal actions and TOTAL abuse of power by Dictator Joe! Unfortunately, the average American doesn’t know the truth, because they are too busy “watching” CNN, MSNBC, and the idiots on The View.

      1. Pam -My thoughts exactly!
        Every American needs to get vaccinated according to Biden while he transports illegals who have COVID and other diseases all across our country! Yep not a conspiracy theory it’s real -they will do anything to take control !
        Again they will try to shut down our country. We can’t let them!

        1. Biden wants the Chinese virus to continue indefinitely. That way he can use it against those of us – no matter what color we are – who really belong here.

    2. Biden can be impeached, if the Republicans enact the ‘War Measure Act’ against him.
      With all the illegals he’s letting in, they are a threat to National Security!

    3. This is an impeachable offense, but it is not Trump. This why Biden gets away from it. Traitors, sending our Military to bring the folks across the border. Shame on you, putting our soldiers to help them, they help us to have freedom. God bless the U.S.A.

    4. Only one of many. Can anyone tell us just ONE thing Biden has done FOR the country and we who belong here, and not TO the country and we the people?

    1. Sounds like double standards to me…. How do the BIDENS get away with all the illegal stuff they do????? I don’t know, but I do know there’s a MUCH HIGHER POWER and sooner or later they will all have to answer to that HIGHER POWER…..

  1. That is why the government is saying the virus is up again. The illegals having it no vaccine just roam America giving to the American people so the corrupt white house can blame the American people. The military isn’t American anymore. Bend its knees to communism and corruption. Selling out true American troops over woke transgender traitor who will shoot American people. This is what you voted for! Shame on all you Unamerican voters. You helped destroy America. You make me sick.

    1. I would bet money that all the red states that are seeing huge upticks in Covid numbers have received planeloads of Covid positive illegals delivered to military bases and released in the dark of night. The state government knows nothing about this and the woke military won’t talk for fear of lifetime imprisonment. Reminds me of the middle of the night ballot drops.

  2. People need to wake up to the censoring, collusion with big tech, and breaking rules. The illegal immigrants are bringing in more Covid-19 so it makes little sense for Biden to be pushing vaccinations but then allowing untold cases to cross into US. And now they are flying them into “internal” US to spread even more COVID-19!

    1. No tellin but it Will be TOO LONG. BIDOPE should be brought up on charges of HIGH CRIMES including TREASON.

      1. Along with his entire Administration and every Demorat traitor in Congress who are enabling him.

    2. That’s my question! And someone better inform that idiot McConnell that his threats will not scare us! He made a threat that we get vaccinated or else! OR ELSE WHAT TURTLE?! DO NOT THREATEN US BECAUSE I WILL NOT GET THAT DAMN POISONOUS CRAP NO MATTER WHAT! Just what did he mean or else?! He doesn’t get to demand anyone to take that experimental bio weapon in our bodies! Make him take the REAL vaccine not a placebo in his old shriveled up body!

    1. Something has to be done, there is no way this United States can wait till after the enemy has killed everyone (that is U get my brief) he and his cronys are out to do what ever thy can to destroy the country, look already this idiot got us owing more money than we can effort !!!!!! COME ON MAN, get him out, does anyone have a good pair and start that movement. I’m a Viet-Nam Veteran served in country 1965-66 and I’m seeing the same route they took with us, PLEASE, PLease, some one take the lead and get this Impeachment going. I’m begging.

  3. Biden is the worst president in my lifetime and I am 79 years old. I have never heard the words GOT BLESS AMERICA come out of his mouth.
    He is more un-American than Obama.
    Disrespecting our country and the American people.
    He needs to go!

    1. What can you expect from a person who not only thinks he is above the law, but also one who thinks he can also betray GOD.

  4. How much more evidence do we need? Nothing will happen until we get rid of the pieces of garbage that occupy the House and Senate.

  5. This is unacceptable. Impeach Biden. Detain ALL illegals for deportation with ZERO chance to immigrate to the United States.

  6. All the illegals should be taken to DC and released to Biden and his idiot dumocraps. Biden and his “administration” should have to pay every penny of what those illegals cost – not the taxpayers.

    1. Yes, I agree. All the politicians getting rich on the taxpayers dollar should be made to fork over the billions stolen from taxpayers!

  7. Sorry Wharf Rat … What you are suggesting won’t happen with DemoRats in control. Our only hope is for Republicans to win back a majority in at least one chamber of Congress. Even at that, the Biden administration has SCREWED up this nation so bad that America as we know it/knew it may be burnt toast!

  8. no test for illegals i winder if that is accounting for the spike in covid virus
    i don’t thing country can survive with 4 years of his bad leadership

    i guess if he had some brain cells to think he would be fine to sit on the outside and criticize a formal president but now he is a the top he has no clue how to run a country

  9. I said at the start, With Joe Biden opening up the borders and not checking these people for COVID-19 and spread of them throughout our country he is purposely putting every American citizens lives in danger we are going to see a big spike…And you know they will blame it on somebody else, Joe Biden should’ve been inpeached that very first day….Who won the right mind would open our borders up to everyone and not checked him for the virus during a pandemic that’s a question people he put the lives of everybody in danger unfortunately we are going to see a big spike but they’re going to refuse to say because he kept the borders open

  10. If only ALL of them spineless cowards in the GOP had the courage to do honor to their duty and stop pretending that they’re (NOT) doing what’s necessary to just gain control of “da-hous”. For, unlike that of the (2) impeachment scams that them “commie-dems” tried – based on nothing but lies, due their (still) venomous hate of POTUS Trump; this time around, the GOP have more than just solid proof of the various “crimes and misdemeanors” necessary to impeach joe biden from office. For, this (biden/harris) most crooked treasonous of US administrations isn’t just guilty of – knowingly, willingly, and intentionally violating (Title 8, USC 1324(a)) Federal Law, but guilty of repeatedly abusing of presidential powers. To include their treasonous attacks against our Constitution ..a flagrant betrayal to their sworn oath. Ah!, if only the majority in the GOP had the balls to really do (NOW) what’s most needed in order to save our Nation from them “commi-rats” who hate our inherited values. If only the GOP had the common sense to realize that they must remove the rino’s, unite and work as one, and just stop being a total disappointment.

  11. Yeah, I’ll bet I know where the illegals are being transported to. Check all the red states, and then also follow the excess money trail of federal money to possibly some blue states.

  12. Obiden is violating his oath of office. He is making this country unsafe for all Americans. He is also allowing the spread of coronavirus. Millions are getting reinfected because of immigrants carrying the virus coming into all parts of this country. IMPEACH THE TRAITOR TO AMERICA!

  13. Joe Biden is doing actually what China has paid him and Hunter to do and that is to destroy The United States of America. This is not rocket science!!!

  14. Sippy cup joe can’t do his job, Harris can’t do her job, puglosi can’t do her job, chukkkky can’t do his job. These so called leaders just can’t do their job. There needs to be breathalyzer, pee pee tests before they enter the floors of congress. When this happens they are all burnt toast. WE THE PEOPLE need real leaders citizens just vote these individuals out of office. WE TE PEOPLE need real so called leadership.

  15. Biden is killing Americans letting illegals spread the vires . Remember Biden you are not above the law you need to be prosecutor. You are a hypocrite

  16. I’m wondering if anyone who voted for Biden/Harris regrets their vote. Since you voted for Biden/Harris I suggest you step up and take at least 1 family into your homes and provide for them on your own. You want open borders, etc. Put up or shut up. Show the rest of us how you’re going to do this. Show some accountability here.

  17. This looks to be an IMPEACHABLE act — no, better yet, let’s go for TREASON. biden & kammie are CLUELESS, and becoming more and more a threat to our NATION. Get rid of these two anti-Americans … NOW



  19. Impeach Impeach Impeach!!!! Last article states illegals carrying fever tick which there is no shot for – these ticks r dropped in farmers fields & destroy crops!!! Cost to spray fields $400 a crack!!!
    Thx Joe for putting illegals before we the ppl!!!!

  20. Time to inform your Congressman and senator to impeach Biden and Harris NOW NOT LATER they are jeopardizing the safety of our country.

  21. This is what is wrong with America today. We have this administration making and allowing rediculous decidsions like this to happen. As a result we have state legislators like those from Texas who decide to leave during a legislative session and fly off to D.C. It is the trickle down theory. The pesident gets to do it so they think it is ok. All at the taxpayers expense. This has got to stop! The midterms are our last hope against this tyranny.

  22. Biden is using the military for the wrong reason. They should be there to turn everyone away from the border. We don’t HAVE to let ANYONE across our borders if we don’t want to. Right now, it would be in our best interest as a republic to turn them away and make them put in the paperwork as the law requires. In Biden’s case, we should remind him what a republic is. He seems to think he calls all the shots like some dictator. He may find out in a very hard way why we are free and why we shed blood in wars to keep it that way!

  23. What about Biden’s oath of office to protect and defend our country against foreign and domestic terrorists and protect the sanctity of this country? So far, he’s breaking his oath of office by allowing our border to be overrun by illegal aliens and literally moving them by bus, plane and our own military to unknown parts of our country. These people are also allowed to cross our borders without Covid testing and as a result they are bringing this pandemic with them and infecting border patrol and many of our citizens with it. Does that in any way show that Biden is protecting us from this pandemic? If you have a mind, it surely doesn’t.

  24. We all knew when he started to run for President this man did not have the smarts to come out of the rain

    Was it not apparent when he first decided to run not even Obama endorsed him and he knew first hand what a disgrace this man is…..

    Scary that anyone who supported him just be held responsible for not doing their homework about this corrupt, dishonest, horrible human being

    Hunter and Joe r the same dishonest man ( Hunter learned from his crook of a father)

  25. IMPEACH BIDEN, HARRIS, PELOSI, SCHUMER and others that are ruining our AMERICA. There’s talk about Biden sending people from door to door to ask us personal questions and make sure we’re all vacinated against the coved-19, but he’s sending all the illegals all over the country and doesn’t even test them for the virus… Take all the illegals straight to the White House and let Biden take care of them….. This is why he needs to be IMPEACHED immediately!!!!!!!!

  26. I’m sicken that our country as we knew it is being taken down from outside and inside enemies right before our eyes and behind the scenes. Even if Biden is removed, it doesn’t get rid of the threat. The Dems (aka Communists) and their armies have been putting things in place for awhile and now have included our own military. Everyday they move more toward their “Great Reset”. China is also buying land here. I’m disgusted that our own college students are being convinced to turning against us. How bad will it get before Americans can stop it? 2022 cannot come soon enough. Can we be successful in voting them out and removing them? I am one but we can stand together and be a force to be reckoned with. The enemy is deep and wide. I want public hanging. God Help us.

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