Biden Vacationing at $20M Estate of Family Specializing in Carbon Credits

The Bide Crime Family is at it again.

Just flaunting their corruption in the face of Americans and not caring one iota about it.

Joe, Jill, Hunter, and the hangers-on are all spending about a week at the South Carolina family estate of the Allwins.

The beachfront home is valued around $20 million, and the vacation is on the cuff… but there is far more to this than a free beach stay for the criminal family.

Thanks, Joe

The Allwin family’s firm, Aetos Capital, is headed by the family’s son.

Maria Allwin, the family’s patriarch, has written some pretty big checks to Democrats over the years, including sending Joe $35,000 via the Biden Victory Fund and the DNC.

Ironically, she also sent a check to Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) to help her fend off the challenge of Trump-supported Harriet Hageman.

So, what is the family business? How about California-issued carbon credits.

These are the credits sold when someone, for instance, travels by private jet and wants to offset the footprint.

During his presidential campaign, that was how Bernie Sanders justified his regular private travel.

With Joe Biden’s climate agenda, the carbon credits scam will be very big business.

The White House has been very shady about Joe’s little getaway, with the Associated Press reporting that the White House “did not respond to requests to provide details on Biden’s vacation schedule, activities or when he planned to return to Washington, nor did it provide information on the residence where he was staying.”

In other words, it is a complete media blackout while the Biden crime family hangs out at the pool and talks carbon credits.

Source: New York Post

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