Biden Warns COVID Cases Could Surge Against Soon Due to Variants

Now that the temperature has gone back up and the snow is all gone, Joe Biden finally got around to visiting Texas.

The trip was a disaster on all fronts for Joe.

His speech was not only horrible and revealing in terms of Joe’s health, but he also once again proved that he simply has no plan to get this pandemic under control.

Stumbling Biden

Joe got off to a very rough start, messing up names and stumbling right out of the gate.

Then he told Texans that we are probably going to see another surge due to new variants of COVID-19 coming into the country.

In part, Biden stated, “It’s also true that while COVID-19 vaccinations are up, COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are down.

“But I need to be honest with you…Cases and hospitalizations could go back up as new variants emerge, and it’s not the time to relax.

“We have to keep washing our hands, stay socially distanced and for God’s sake, keep wearing a mask.

“It’s not a political statement. It’s the patriotic thing to do.”

A surge? But I thought Joe Biden campaigned on having a plan to get this pandemic under control… what happened to that plan?

The only plan Biden truly had was to blame everything that is wrong on Donald Trump. After that, there truly never was and never will be a plan.

On a side note, if you saw how much Biden struggled during a speech that was less than 20 minutes, how do you think he will handle a State of the Union that typically lasts an hour or more.

I think we are starting to get a very good idea as to why the traditional February SOTU address has been postponed.

I would also not expect to see much of Joe for the next few days because we all know he will need a few days to recover from his exhaustive trip to the Lone Star State.

Source: Fox News

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