Biden White House Duped by ‘Lego’ Gamer

The White House press room has been infiltrated… we kid you not.

Reports are blowing up all over the place regarding an online gamer that was able to infiltrate the press briefings at the White House.

Not only that, but the individual was able to fool other correspondents to ask questions for the fictitious outlet.


“Kacey Montagu” is not a real person, and “White House News” (WHN) is not a real outlet.

However, both Montagu and WHN were able to fool the White House press corps on multiple occasions.

On at least four occasions over the last several months, Montagu has ben able to pass off questions to other reporters to present them to Jen Psaki during press briefings.

Due to the limitations at the briefing room, it is not uncommon for other reporters to pass off questions to reporters that will be permitted into the briefing room on any particular day.

This is why we see journalists being permitted to ask numerous questions when called on, as they are generally asking questions for two or more outlets.

The fictitious Montagu decided to infiltrate the briefings in this manner simply because today’s media is not doing its job.

The mysterious reporter stated, “I love journalism, and I think the Press Corps is doing a pretty bad job at the moment, so I decided I would ensure some transparency and ask some questions me and some friends wanted the answer to.”

Politico verified the fact that several of Montagu’s questions made it through, including a recent question about the current relationship between Obama and Biden.

Neither the White House nor the White House Correspondents’ Association has responded to requests for comments about the fictitious reporter who managed to dupe both the White House and the Press Corps.

Sources: Politico & New York Post

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37 Responses

    1. We can only hope that what goes around comes around cause he sure has alot coming to him for the destruction that he has brought to this wonderful country and many more he has planned for this wonderful country that any or all will destroy this country but all together will. The mess going on in Washington is going to change this country to a country none of us will recognize and the invasion of our Southern border will destroy the country that we all have known and loved and put us into financial ruin that future generations will be faced with and definitely affect the future for them before they are even born. There has to be a way to take back control of this country from a group who are destined to destroy it as we knew it. How they have been able to brainwash so many is scary to what they will do if given the whole 4 yrs. Do we have to sit back and watch this happen?

      1. You are so right. I’m scared to death for my Grandchildren and my Great Grandchild. I don’t even recognize the US right now. All I can do is pray.

      2. you are absolutely Right Something has to be done ASAP or We are going to be totally Ruined Biden is destroying us more everyday

      3. This administration has turned its back on its own citizens. They are ushering in illegals to be our replacements! The Revolution is upon us.

  1. “The fictitious Montagu decided to infiltrate the briefings in this manner simply because today’s media is not doing its job”.

    Actually, that’s a gross understatement. Today’s media is doing its job as directed by the democrats who control the content, although truth in reporting is not at all required by today’s media.

    1. The press is dominated by those who serve as a propaganda arm for the Dem Party. They cover, then severely edit, to suit a pre-approved narrative. We are getting a fairytale along the same lines as the Russians under Soviet rule heard from Pravda for decades. Party line BS.
      Those who tell a more accurate or alternative version are besmirched and ridiculed and rendered inert–for the most part.

    2. Maybe Montagu can take down the servers/satellites. As the MSM is suffering from media malfeasance. We need some HEROS.

  2. It is so easy to fool dumb people.The white house and fake news make it easy to fool Sometimes . They are obviously dumb most of all Pinocchio Biden.

    1. SEE! The Super Intelligent Democrats can be fooled just like they want to fool US
      with their lies and misinformation, so it woks both ways. THEY should know better
      than to try to fool the people THEY are supposed to serve. There is NO SUCH THING as a secret in Washington. Somebody always “lets the cat out of the bag”.

  3. The real problem is the serial lying on Biden’s empty promises. He said he would be honest and transparent. We the American people have been duped. The promise of unity and ending division has become the closest thing to bring us to a civil war. He is causing and creating serious problems with his lies to the American people about Georgia’s voter reform law. His plan will backfire as he told untruths about the law. The main reforms are to have ID and removal of deceased citizens from the voter role . This rules are common sense and need to be enforced. Wake up Americans and stop the Biden Administration from being the crooked politicians misrepresenting the facts. Biden is putting energy into introducing policy and NOT addressing the CRISIS at the border. Enough is ENOUGH MAKE BIDEN ACCOUNTABLE!

    1. John,
      I thought the Vice=President presided over the Senate. Every time Biden makes a speech Harris is standing behind him so IF he makes a slip of his tongue, she can correct him. Apparently they both are convinced there is NO problem on the border or elsewhere. Biden is the ONLY thing THEY worry about.

  4. Never believe anything joe Biden has said in years. He has always been a racist. Watch old videos of joe insulting black people. Telling a host about his gun collection. The list goes on. Told a Auto worker he was full of crap, A nicer word then what joe Biden really said, the worker ask about taking our rights away . Joe Biden lied to him. I’m see to much crap from Joe Biden. He buffoon who should of never been elected or be let in the White House. Obama giving him orders to destroy America and the world. Both should be arrested for treason. But DOJ and FBI have become political gutter rats for communism.

  5. We can Talk, Talk, Talk, and discuss things and make comments….BUT – The Real Truth of the Whole Matter is THAT
    BIDEN is Not a President, but a Wannabe…..Harris is a Loser and Hider…..The Democratic Party is a Disgrace to this Country……And Our Whole Government is Totally CORRUPTED.!!! PLUS, there is No One to Do Anything About It.!! Even Our Military doesn’t have the Backbone to Put Their Leader…the so called “Commander in Chief”…..In his Place.!!! The Commander in Chief – CLOWN.!!!! So, we are in Real Trouble and No Way to get out of the Mess we are in, due to No One to Correct the Crap……..Our Country is in Total DisArray.!!! Big Trouble…..

    1. Sick&Tired.
      I am glad others see what a fool we have as President that opens the border and
      lets everybody come in, undoes our National Security, and acts as if THEY were secure
      in Washington behind their fence guarded by the National Guard. FOOLS!

    2. I think you might be surprised at the outcome. Good always wins over evil and the Americsn people will only take so much before it cones to a head. The only thing we can do right now is to send emails to congress anf the house senators and let them know how you feel about issues. Doesn’t matter which party they are. I have been sending emails to them and I even sent a letter to The Supreme Court Justice Breyer asking him not to give in to the left woke idiots that are demanding he step down and retire so biden can appoint a demonrat friendly judge in the court in case he doesn’t get the votes to pack the court. So start sending emails. Just google the state ask who their reps and senators are and go to their site under contact me snd email.

  6. I would ask if any Conservative News Organizations were fooled, but since we are not allowed in the WH Press briefings I don’t need to!!!

  7. It is time for State Militia’s to form in all 50 States.. When the S-H-T-F, we will be ready To Rumble.. In 3 months we have suffered terribly and the cause is called democRATS..

  8. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    All the democrats are going to do is lie about everything like they always do. You don’t have to lesion to Obama because he is just a has been and one of the biggest lying democrats that there ever was.

  9. They want to know the relationship between Biden and Obama? Well it’s a easy answered question, Biden is Obama’s puppet. A few weeks ago there were questions about smoke and Dust coming from the tunnels under the Whitehouse, the answer is it was from the new tunnel from Obamas Home to the White House so he isn’t seen doing the elected Presidents job for him. Anyone who voted for Biden not knowing it was just in reality a third term for Obama is just stupid

    1. Very, very interesting! How could that have ever been approved by the people?????

      I’m sure they must have given a different, acceptable reason! Lies, lies, and more lies! This is very scary!!!

  10. It is easy to be duped when you are not smart enough to wipe your own butt. Liberals are like geese in the Rain Storm. They keep looking up at the rain and thus, they drown themselves.

  11. Dumbo biden needs to close the border and finish the wall and then go rot in prison along with all the rest of his demo clowns and Pelosi needs to go now either retire or impeach the [email protected]

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