Biden White House Gets Lit Up for Walking Back Biden Comments… Again

It’s not what Joe Biden said, it is what he meant to say.

Boy, have we heard that phrase quite a bit over the last 18 months.

We just heard it again after Biden’s latest “60 Minutes” softball interview.

Not in Charge

Biden got popped on several fronts after the interview.

Biden clearly declared that the pandemic is over.

He also stated that the United States would put boots on the ground in Taiwan if China launched an attack.

Both comments were walked back almost immediately by the White House after the interview aired.

Now Biden’s critics are teeing this up to prove yet again, Biden is nothing more than a talking head and not really calling the shots…

Miller added, “It wasn’t a gaffe. It wasn’t a slip.

“He said it pretty definitely twice. In the same interview he dared anyone who questioned his mental fitness.

“Here’s the example. Right here.”

“Biden reportedly complains that he looks weak. This is why.

“His own administration undercuts him every time he opens his mouth.

“Is he in charge or not?”

Republican communications figure Matt Whitlock added, “Fascinating that the White House walked back Biden’s comments on Taiwan and COVID, but decided to let his comments that ‘historic inflation is no big deal’ stand.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) added his two cents…

But this is my favorite because it does far more than take a jab…

Who is calling the shots, because it clearly is NOT Joe Biden?

Source: Fox News

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