REPORT: Biden White House Upset with Fox News Border Coverage

Joe Biden and White House officials are beside themselves.

They are fuming that Fox News’ Bill Melugin dares to report the truth from the border.

The revelation came via a Politico report that was clearly a message sent to Melugin to back off.

Not Happening

On Tuesday, Politico reported that Melugin’s coverage of the border is creating a lot of frustration in the White House.

They are “arguing that there is an alarmist quality to it, designed to feed political narratives rather than illuminate the actual issues feeding the migrant flow.”

My guess is that after Fox News fired up a new drone showing thermal imaging of migrants flocking across the border, the White House had had enough.

Melugin seemed to take the attack as a badge of honor…

The White House would like Melugin to focus on the “root cause” of this migration.

Translation: blame it on communism and not Joe Biden.

Sorry, Joe, you are not the program director.

Let me add one more quick thought… if ANY Republican president was trying to dictate to the media how to conduct their coverage, how silent do you think Democrats would be right now?

Source: Daily Caller

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