Biden Will Miss Summit for Family Wedding

Joe Biden will not be attending the third of three Asian summits.

The summit is scheduled to be held in Bangkok.

Biden has far more important things to do… attend a family wedding.

Harris Has This

So, as much as I think Joe Biden is a complete and utter moron, the thought of having Kamala Harris representing this country on a world stage terrifies me.

Harris, who is now incapable of putting an intelligent sentence together, will now represent our country at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum.

Biden, instead, will be attending his granddaughter’s wedding.

The wedding is actually being held at the White House on the south lawn.

This snub will not go over well with our Asian allies.

The presence of the sitting president is considered a show of commitment to the region.

To be fair, Trump skipped the last summit in 2018, and there was considerable pushback by the media for the reasons mentioned above.

My guess is that it will be sold differently with Biden, instead applauding him for putting his family first.

Source: Newsmax