Biden’s Secret Nuclear Conspiracy – America In Danger…

Recently, America got the news that Joe Biden was trying to do something TERRIBLE:

Return to the Iran nuclear deal.

To simply say that this isn’t a good idea is a WILD understatement.

There was a reason Donald Trump did what he did in regards to leaving the Iran nuclear deal:

It was unsafe. For America and the rest of the world.

Now, Representative Mike Gallagher is terrified that Biden is about to grant the Islamic theocracy a “blank check” to fund their terrorist activities.

“Iranian proxies continue to escalate their terrorist activities in the Middle East and against former U.S. officials,” he said. “But rather than ramp up the Trump administration’s maximum pressure campaign to deter further aggression, the Biden administration stands ready to hand the Iranians a blank check to fund their malign ambitions.”

“Reports suggest the Biden administration stands ready to give up significant U.S. sanctions leverage, provide the Iranian economy with a windfall worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and impose less nuclear restrictions on the Iranian regime than the original deal, making his deal even worse than President Obama’s.”

“This is a massive mistake that will destabilize the Middle East, empower Russia and China, and endanger Americans,” Gallagher said.

To read more about this story, click on the source here.

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23 Responses

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  2. Joe Biden is a corrupt traitor hellbent on destroying our country! I’d be willing to bet the George Soros and the Communist Chinese paid a pretty buck for his treason and betrayal.

    1. Definitely they are money laundering all over the place in all these deals, and the money that went to Ukraine. In 2 years, Liz Chaney went from 7 million to 44 million dollars and most likely a new mansion and security guards.

    2. The true Americans that Love America, all know Dictator B, is a SELL OUT AND WANTS TO BRING DOWN AMERICA TO IT’S KNEES.
      He will be 80 years old shortly, and his life-time on this earth is running out.

    3. Thomas you are right on the money! Biden has put our country in the crosshairs of terrorists just waltzing across the border. He has already sold his soul to the devil, and he’s trying to take the country with him. NOT, there are those of us that will stand and fight if that’s what it takes. I ain’t goin down with the ship!

    4. I always said G. Soros needs to be investigate from head to toe . I think E. Warren may be the next one to go down by being voted out the door by her constituents

  3. Idiot…Idiot…What part to death to the west does he not understand…They have also said death to America…This has been their mantra for over a hundred years…Please God help us get rid of this fool…

  4. Without a 1st amendment, there is NO democracy. Period! Pay attention to who and what is being censored. Suspect the uncensored who are promoting censorship. The media used to be known as the 4th estate in the late great America of the past when its responsibility was to survey the other 3 estates (the Presidency and the 2 houses of Congress) and keep them honest by reporting what the public needed to know to make INFORMED decisions.
    Now, the current mainstream media PROSTITUTES itself to the entities it policed in the past. Citizen ignorance and blind obedience prevail without balanced news as the sheep run off the cliff in pursuit of policies designed to destroy the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and America. The “common good” or “build back better” mantra sounds great but translates to what is good for the corporate-bought politicians and their minions and bad for people who value honesty, integrity, the rule of law, and the 1st amendment which can unite good people rather than continue the current trajectory to destroy the fabric of society.

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