Jean-Pierre Called Out on Biden’s Vacations

This summer, many Americans had to cancel vacations or downgrade them due to inflation.

One would think the man in the Oval Office would sympathize with that and maybe not take a luxurious vacation.

That would be wrong, as Joe has been on vacation about 40 percent of the time he has been in office.

No Sympathy from Joe

A reporter wanted to know why Joe Biden is taking vacations when most Americans cannot afford them.

This was White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s response…

Actually, she was wrong yet again.

Biden’s constant vacationing is quite unusual, as he has been out of the office more than any president in recent history.

And the reason that Republicans did not support the Inflation Reduction Act is because it literally does nothing to reduce inflation.

This is a shell game by Republicans, putting a name on a piece of clean energy legislation solely so the White House can make comments just like the one that came out of Jean-Pierre’s face.

Source: Daily Caller

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16 Responses

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    1. What happened to people’s self respect. How can Karine possibly look herself in the mirror after telling all these lies and doing coverup for Biden’s illegal, country destroying actions?

  1. Karine is as dumb as a stump – she fits right into the BiDUMB clown car. Ole Joe represents HIMSELF – he doesn’t care one whit about anyone else. America got what it apparently voted for – an incompetent fool in the WH! And, he’s surrounded himself with clowns – and sold our strategic reserves of oil sold to China and depeleted – so that he could temporarily drive the gas prices down a little bit – because he’s hoping to do better in the midterms. Leaving us as sitting ducks with no oil reserves is, IMHO, treason!

    President Biden and other Representatives who continue to SPEND on travel are using the Taxpayer’s money not THEIRS as the American citizen has to save for whatever each legal citizen needs….
    WE CANT WORK WHEREVER WE ARE and Biden is not doing work when he visits his doctor(s). We need the TRUTH

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