‘Reporter’ Tries to Blame Journalists Murder on Trump

Well, now I have seen it all.

As you have probably read by now, a journalist in Las Vegas was allegedly murdered at the hands of a local Democrat official.

Somehow, a reporter tried to link Trump to that death.

Out of Control

Clark County Sheriff and Republican Gubernatorial candidate Joe Lombardo, whom Trump endorsed, was holding a press conference on the murder of journalist Jeff German.

German was stabbed to death, with Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles now having been charged with the crime.

Nevada Current’s Dana Gentry decided to try to score some political points in her Q&A.

She asked Lombardo, “Now is probably not the appropriate time to talk politics but do you condemn —”

Lombardo cut her off and asked, “So why are we talking politics then?”

Gentry continued, “Do you condemn former President Trump’s normalization of violence against journalists?”

Donald Trump Jr. also commented…

Republican Governors Association (RGA) Communications Director Jesse Hunt added, “The alleged killer is a Democrat appointee of Democrat Gov Steve Sisolak…yet this is the question thrown at Sheriff Lombardo at a law enforcement briefing.”

These people cannot help themselves and appear to be ready to blame the bad orange man for just about anything that happens.

Jr. is right… they are sick in the head.

Source: Breitbart

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17 Responses

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  1. The only answer to this is that the radical left thinks that the majority of Americans are as stupid and as evil as they are. Nothing could be further from the truth! We are living in a world gone mad. I look forward to November with great anticipation. We will make our voices, (conservative Voices) heard!

  2. A Dem killed a reporter stabbed him 15 times I think .. Hey Republicans didn’t do it Democrate did. What have you Commies think about that? You did it not Trump or Ultra Maga Patriots. What goes around comes around. You can’t blame us fascist Ultra Maga as you all put it.
    We Don’t believe in hurting anyone AND dont believe in all this hateful talk. STOP now.
    GOD Bless the Family of the reporter that was killed. Praying
    You all tell your people to do hateful things to us. You all got to stop all this hateful talk. This is what happens..

  3. Yes, the world has gone mad.
    Yes, the Democrat Party has played people for fools.
    Yes, the Democrat Party will continue to play people for fools.
    Yes, many people will continue to listen to the Democrat Party.

    1. There is the old adage from those who never learned to think on their own – my parents were Dem so so am I. Regardless of the Dem being behind the KKK, Jim Crow laws, and total insanity.

      And I guess this unprofessional reporter still has a job.

    2. So true. What in hell has happened. To the. Democratic. Party? Does the rotten. Devil. Have them? Thank. God. We have a great party and a great Leader a Trump!!!!

  4. It is rather obvious – -the liberal, left commie twits are NOT just “sick in the head”; they are downright certifiably INSANE and should all be “put away” in padded cells – -for their own safety AND OURS!!

  5. This reporter isn’t bright enough to be allowed out in public.

    This kind of bias is beyond any journalism professionalism, but then this profession is driven by woke kids who have no business outside their parents’ basement

  6. I believe The Democrat voters are finally starting to realize just how corrupt and evil their party has become ever since Trump entered politics and they started trying to Frame Trump on everything and anything they could think of and failed every time, in fact they exposed a lot of their own crimes and evil ways in trying to destroy the Best and most hard working and most Honest and best President America has had in Decades. Without Trump we would have never found out how Corrupt the Democrats has caused our government to become within and against we the people. The true American patriots are just waiting for a leader to lead them into battle against these Traitors within our government and give them just what they deserve for their crimes.

  7. If anyone deserves to stab the whole bunch of reporters it’s Trump. For 4 years he had to face nightly the vile hate of a hoax from people like this one asking the question. Even after it was proved a hoax! The truth here is what the reporter wrote was true and that’s why he killed her or him! As for the person giving him the question he should have responded with wrote I wrote! I will bet the questioner still believes the Russian hoax! That’s what a Dem voter is nasty like 2-year-olds!

  8. Most of the people in our great country do not have a clue about anything they are so brainwashed by the lying people supposedly running this government as well as their attack dogs, the news media. Remember when Piglosi gave her definitiinif the “smear”. You repeat a lie over and over then it becomes truth to most people. This has been going on in our government for many decades.

  9. Any news media that do not print the truth and is caught in lying like the have against Trump, should have their licenses pulled and not allowed to operate and any reporter that do this on purpose should hae to pull 5 years in KITMO period.

  10. From former life time Demorcrat. I am 91 years old, a Korean War Veteran, 51/53, a Christian and have a life time membership in the Masonic Lodge and the Scottish rite 32nd degree mason and I was in the Shriners for over 40 years. I have never seen a better President than Donald Trump and I have lived under 17 of them. My former party at the federal lever, I have found out when I had the time to listen to all the news are the crookest, lyings people on earth, they are the party of the KKK, in fact old man Bird, one of the oldest people in the Senate was a Dragon in the KKK and was and is the mentor of the Clintons and most in the party. We have had bad people in both parties and all they were interested is filling their own pockets, TRUMP WAS AND IN THE PROCESS OF GETTING RID OF THEM ALL. even a lot of Federal employeesl IF YOU CARE ABOUT AMERICA, WORK FOR AND VOTE FOR TRUMP.

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