BLM Kicks Off Campaign Against ‘White-supremacist capitalism’

Black Lives Matter is at it again.

The group started off the holiday season by trying to make everyone here feel guilty.

The group sent out a holiday tweet claiming that America is “stolen land,” but it did not stop there.

Creating More Divide

BLM is about creating divide and nothing more.

The organization could not even let people be on Thanksgiving.

Here are just a few of the tweets the group sent out…

So, my question is, why are these tweets not being monitored and labeled by Twitter for false or misleading information?

Is the platform afraid to censor BLM like it does conservatives for fear of the pushback that would surely follow?

It would actually be quite easy to label the group as domestic terrorists considering some of the videos and comments we have seen over the last few years.

A recent example would be BLM activist Vaun Mayes of Wisconsin, who, after the parade massacre last week, stated that it “sounds like the revolution has started.”

Is that not promoting violence?

I guess it’s okay if you are a leftist organization because if any conservative said anything close to that, their account would be shut down immediately.

Source: Just the News

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14 Responses

    1. you are right. b lies m is built on hate and lies and if there was justice in this country a lot of them would be locked up. the cops and fbi have tape after tape of the looting, burning, hurting and killing people and nothing gets done. WHY there needs to be justicce or we lost our country.

  1. I have 5 different type of American Indian in our family. Unless you are American Indian please do not talk on our behalf! Most Indians are still receiving checks from our Government, this has been going on for as long as I can remember or my family members know of. Not all of us get checks, I don’t because you have to have 1/4 pure Indian to get checks but I know every baby that is born that has the full quarter will get a check until the day they die, they even get free medical and dental. I have cousins and friends receiving checks, my cousins were given land in Oklahoma. I do not feel slighted by government in any way. The money that has been given to the American Indian and will continue to be given to them has more than paid back what they could have sold it for back in that time. This is the USA, stop trying to destroy people’s lives by dividing everyone up. Learn to get along with people, mind your own business and stay out of ours!

  2. White supremacy,stolen lands,revolution, only an morononic nitwit would fall for their unfounded racist rheoteric, the real truth is according to FBI statistics on biracial crime (that is ;crime perpetrated on one race from another race) Black on white crime approximately 78% === white on black crime approximately 22% FACT !!!!! get your facts straight morons !

  3. Folks this is a set-up for repatriation monies. They are pushing hard to get the Indians involved. Only the uneducated ones will fall or this trick. If Indians get compensated why not the black folks .after all it has been over150 years since thousands of WHITE MEN LOST THEIR LIVES TO FREE SLAVES. INDIANS HAVE BEEN PAID WITH MONIES AND LAND WORTH A LOT MORE THAN WHAT THEY GAVE UP. They still get monies to this day and pay no taxes. See thru this B.S. of the BLM.

  4. Why was my history supported comment about Spanish ancestors from South America invading our country ,and violent BLM criminals ,with support of the Demacratic Party ,demanding free bees and reparations from average Americans who had no responsibility for any of it just deleted, when I posted it ? Not the first time either F this site

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