Philadelphia and Chicago Blood-Thirsty Weekend

Two Democrat cities, almost an identical story.

More than two dozen people were shot on Friday night alone between Chicago and Philadelphia.

Throughout the weekend, a total of 45 people were shot in Chicago.

Domestic War Zones

The last time I traveled to Philly to visit family, it looked like a city you see in the Middle East.

The Center City area is overloaded with homeless and degenerates.

What were once quiet and proud middle-class neighborhoods are filthy and crime-ridden, often saturated with abandoned homes and vermin.

Philly and Chicago each had 14 overnight shootings on Friday.

In Chicago, four of those were fatalities.

In Philly, three people died.

Philadelphia’s Friday night count and the entire weekend slate for Chicago were 59 total shootings, nine dead bodies.

But you know what is even sadder than these numbers?

Kenney will probably be replaced by another Democrat when he leaves office and it would not surprise anyone if Lightfoot is either re-elected or loses in her primary and that Democrat takes office.

I used to feel sorry for people in these cities, but that has since passed.

If you continue to elect these Democrats to office, you deserve what you get.

Source: Breitbart

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17 Responses

  1. Lack of a decent local government in both places. Chicago Mayor is directly responsible for much of the chaos and murder in that city. Perhaps marshal law for both places is called for.

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  2. I don’t know much about the law but wasn’t there vagrancy laws once on the books where if someone was unemployed and living on the streets they were arrested? That’s the way it should be now. At least they would have a place to sleep and our streets would be safer. I realize the bleeding hearts are going to say how mean that is to put people in jail just for being homeless but if they spent some time in jail at least they could take a shower and clean themselves up and maybe, maybe get a job. Like I said, at least our streets would be safer because people wouldn’t be getting mugged or stepping on/getting jabbed by used needles.

    1. I’m NOT a “bleeding heart” but just HOW MUCH do we, the working, retired and hard pressed to take care of our own do, we then have to pay for these people who only want to lay around, poop on the streets and make us feed them…put them in the old work line and make THEM clean up the streets, gutters and public rest rooms…then they can go sit in the jail, get showers, get fed – for WORK!

    2. I like Glenn’s response. I can understand how people who have been direct targets of bigotry and hatred can feel, but a mayor like the Outrageous Miss Lightfoot is NOT going help anybody, only inflame the situation. In terms of a harsh jail sentence for loitering,
      remember that Chicago is deadly cold for several months of the year. Being able to get fed and allowed basic hygiene is better option until something else is in place for street people. Pray the people of that once great city, will come to their senses and elect those worthy of their trust.

    3. Has anyone considered the established FACT that many of these homeless people re homeless because they WANT to be?
      There is plenty of scientifically collected data that proves many homeless people are homeless as a lifestyle CHOICE, not as a result of economic factors, social factors or age.
      Yes, there are those, a large percentage of which are Veterans, who simply no longer fit into today’s society and have nowhere to turn. For those people, since I also am a Veteran, I feel great sympathy, but the others have an option to continue living a homeless life on the street or get a job.

  3. Every Demorat run city is a killing zone and the Criminal, Marxist Governor/Mayors Demorats can be bothered or do anything to stop all the killing, stabbing etc.



  4. Well, I feel that if this is what the people willingly vote for, they must be OK with the situations…let THEM live there, pay the taxes and deal with the vagrants, hoods, knifings, and devastation to the towns and cities… that’s what THEY VOTE FOR!!! WHY complain when you GET what you have voted for?

  5. I would like to believe that the citizens of these cities are wise enough to know there has to be a major change in leadership in order to make things better. I can’t imagine anyone thinking things are ok and this is just an acceptable way of life. God bless them.

  6. Keep electing democrats, your cities will never improve. Expect to live in fear and trash until you finally get it that nothing will change until you make a change

  7. That was Obama’s doing when he allowed unvetted immigrants from known terrorist nations to immigrate without proper vetting by immigration and naturalization. Read his book Dreams of my Fathers, outlines his dream to destroy this nation. None of this would be possible if we didn’t have a significant number of corrupt politicians already in office. This was exactly the [email protected] thing that resulted in the Fall of the Roman Empire.

    1. And Biden is following in Obama’s footsteps. In fact, I believe that Obama is directing Biden in a lot of his decisions. Which makes me wonder how much money is Biden paying Obama for his “consulting fees”???!!!!???

  8. The dems took a page out Nazis book in the 30s that led to the prosecution of millions of people.,that put blame to acertan groups people that were rich or not. Today it called mags cultt

  9. Detroit started electing Dems in the 1950s and the city went from being one of the greatest in the nation to a chit hole that it currently is.

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