Boeing Fires or Disciplines More Than 100 Employees for ‘Racist’ Behavior

Boeing just did something that I would suspect we will see a lot more of in the near future.  

The company, which thrives on massive government contracts, has fired 65 employees and disciplined 53 more. 

The company cited “racist, discriminatory or otherwise hateful conduct” as the reason for the disciplinary actions.  

Diversity Equity Plan 

Last year, Boeing launched a “Diversity Equity Task Force” to develop a diversity equity plan to root out hateful conduct.  

With Joe Biden moving into the White House and the race card being regularly played, this was not exactly a surprise. 

Boeing lives and dies by big government contracts, and a company that had any racism scandals would clearly be taken off the money train.  

After the mass disciplinary actions, CEO Dave Calhoun stated, “There is no place for hate within our company, and we will keep expecting the best from everyone in their interactions with one another.” 

The report released by the company further stated, “As we have witnessed horrific images in the news and heard heartbreaking stories from our people, our determination to advance equity, diversity and inclusion has only become stronger. 

“It is clear we have an opportunity to be a force for change within our walls and in our communities — and we are taking an important step forward today.” 

Within the report was a diversity study done by the company on all employees, showing a white, male-dominated company, even among new hires and promotions. 

This was especially true when it came to executive positions, with 83.3 percent of the Board of Directors being white and 79.2 percent of all Executives being white.  

You better believe the move to fire dozens of individuals will be far from enough for the woke crowd in this country, as I would suspect there will be a growing movement from the left to demand that Boeing immediately diversify or risk losing those big-government paydays.  

Source: New York Post 

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43 Responses

    1. Well, fine Boeing, You manufacture a product that Has to be engineered just right and what happens when you have someone who “doesn’t get it” and you kill hundreds of people. Will you say, we hire the best of the best or will you say, “too bad”? We employ the people who we think are o k!!!!

    2. Probably are Trump Supporters, sure wouldn’t dare fire antifa or blm. This racist crap all generated by the commie left is a joke, but like the story of the emperor wore no clothes until someone stands up and says something it will go on and on

  1. Is the racism shown by certain “ethnic groups” being noticed, or is this just leveled at white employees. There is a trend by which employees of color are more racist that most other groups combined, yet they are the most vocal while claiming innocence. Just the fact that this has become policy, is racist in itself. Will Boeing fire themselves?

  2. It’s unbelievable what’s happening in this country today,I’m sick to my stomach with all the BS being done to the people of our country,I don’t understand how people in congress or the senate don’t step up and say enough already

  3. How many of the fired or demoted are upper management? Usually when this happens the only ones disciplined or fired are the workers & a few lower management people. Hardly ever or never is the upper management disciplined at all. Its a common occurrence in the federal government.

  4. What do they expect? The United States is only 12% black. Why should businesses strive for higher ratios that this? Absolutely nuts caving in to these “woke” fools!

    1. I remember a case in St. Louis in the early 60s when CORE (Congress for Racial Equality), a black left wing intimidation group, came in and browbeat companies to hire more blacks to match the city’s demographics. That was until they got to a courageous CEO of one large company waiting in the weeds for them.

      As was their wont, CORE marched into the CEO’s office with their black full-back sized “friendly enforcers” and demanded a certain percentage of its employees be black. So the friendly obliging CEO right in front of them and their media hangers on called his personnel manager.

      Then he pointedly told the manager, FIRE 100 blacks and hire whites to replace them. Aghast, CORE asked why he’d be so racist as to do something like that. The CEOs answer was very straightforward. They had a practice of hiring far more blacks at all levels in the company and were merely acceding to CORE’s demands rather than cause a confrontation. It ended CORE’s “effectiveness” in St. Louis.

      And after CORE left, the CEO had those fired rehired and awarded extra pay and kept the new hires on as well.

      As the commander of the A-Team used to say, I love it when a plan comes together.

    2. What is the date of your black population statistic??? I heard that statistic back in the ’60’s. I bet it’s more like 20 percent now, if an accurate statistic can be found. Oh yeah, I forgot, to ask that question is racist.

    3. They think they should be rich, but all whites are not rich. Some at poverty level. Their ratio of how many are in America is a lot less than whites. Open your eyes and realize there aren’t as many blacks as whites here. When judging all by one or two saying ‘White supremacy “. Look on the football fields and at basketball games. It goes both ways.

    4. And half of them are not educated enough to hold a job that requires mental ability and sharpness.

    1. it definitely isnt because of their management. Boeing management is totally haphazard. They are an engineering company run by bean counters. They were/are successful because of the work-force. (I worked there 21 years)

    1. Boeing is the company that builds planes. The planes that Delta, United, JetBlue uses were built by Boeing. You would have to quit flying altogether to hurt Boeing. They have military contracts as well.

  5. As a crewmember in Boeing’s excellent 135 series aircraft I wasn’t concerned about the race of the persons designing, managing, and building them, but rather in their aeronautical competence. But then I wasn’t and am not a liberal.

  6. Will other companies follow suit 2 like Big Tech: Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, MS, YouTube

    1. No, they have already gotten rid of anyone that dared to have an opinion that didn’t fit the liberal narrative.

  7. Boeing is getting ride of people and forman then hire people that knows nothing aboutbuilding aircraft and design testing. Wonder how many will fall out of the sky technically not put together right just to support adding africanamerican to satisfy the left. If they can do the job fine but don’t hire just to appease the left in government, but with the nuts wanting green they won’t be any aircraft or fuel to fly them

  8. One has to wonder how many of the fired employees were black or where only whites who were fired. If Boeing is striving for equality, the racists black have to be fired as well. Fat chance.

    1. You never get to see the demographics of the people that were fired. Wonder why? I suppose that would be considered racist.

  9. What exactly was the racist behavior these people were fired for? How many were white? How many were black? How many were Asian? And so on? I suspect that only people of one color were let go. I hope I am wrong!!!

  10. Have to wonder if all those canned or sent to the principals office were White? Seems to me most of this diversity, equity crap is a cover for discrimination against Anglo’s.

  11. If Boeing is racist they need to leave America. This racist idiocy is fueled by the left. I just wonder how many Companies, government services Etc. are being threatened by Pelosi herself as she is the ring leader. After all she was a mob princess you know. Now she has to leave. No more games. Get the hell out. I’m tired of the lies in America that are everywhere, which consumes the left. Even in the schools. How sick.

  12. I wonder like Bruce Walters…..was this a white sweep away. If it was, and Boeing thinks that they will get quality work from untrained uneducated migrants, they really are crazy. They better think about this as many people may not be excited about Boeing’s latest really stupid move. Americans first. BOEING

  13. I notice that all the big companies that rely on big government have all become woke cancel culture cultists! I personally have removed all of these creatures from my list of vendors. Will not buy one pennies worth of goods from these morons. All in the name of diversity which was created by this regime, endorsed by their legion of followers and the Dems mouthpiece – The MSM. I have had enough!!! Time for this country to WAKE UP!

  14. Boeing bought Acme Spring Company.

    The new planes use a huge spring at takeout.
    Instead of the afterburner noise, you hear boing, boing, boing.
    This tale has more merit than this artice.

  15. You have to look at it from another angle too! The CEO said they won’t tolerate “hate”, but who is he aiming that at, Americans that are tired of being falsely accused of “hate”, or conservatives who are tired of the Bidens, or simply getting rid of anyone who won’t kiss Bidens behind? The airlines are getting bailed out because of money losses. It isn’t too hard to figure out.

  16. This whole woke movement and racist nonsense is to keep blacks enslaved and the race war going. The blacks need to remember the white people their hating are the white republican party that layed down their lives to free the slaves. Thousands lost their lives so maybe there should be white people crying for compensation. It’s just a joke The human race is only one race and we all need to come together to stop the globalist take over or we will be another communist China. Stop fighting each other and fight the take down of our country.

  17. Nonsense the worlds premiere a/c builder is now attacking itself I used to make sure when I flew that I was on an American built a/c so now they want to destroy themselves

  18. Guys I would like to say not all black people are uneducated. There are some very smart black people.
    There are a lot of uneducated white people. So we must look at both sides. Boeing sounds stupid.
    We must Learn to live with each.

  19. Fire the ones running and ruining these corporations with their stupid nonsense rules. Who are they to believe that they have the right to control what people think. They are much worse than the people they fired for believing this way. This is a free country and people have a right to free thought.

  20. Now everything is racist. I make so sick, now the airline is getting in politics. Do you think ,because there dark color, when we died the warm is not going to touch them the same to the white people. We need to see what this people doing. Do you know, that before God Jesus we are the same. Don’t allow this people tell you that Jesus don’t care. Because He died for everyone.

  21. Boeing would be better off figuring out how to stop their airplanes from falling out of the sky.

  22. Can the people who can’t get a Id”maybe we can mail them ,are they smart enough to pick up their mail.I doubt it.

  23. If Boeing goes woke, look for them to fail! Education, expertise, ability and dedication are what these companies should be looking at, not the color of one’s skin or their personal opinions. And blacks are just as prejudiced as whites, at times more so. Boeing needs to worry about quality and safety of what they build, not what a few employees think.

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