NIH Boss Pushes Omicron Variant as Reason to Get Booster

Over the last few days, all we have heard about is this new Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus.

Biden has already initiated travel bans and the governor of New York has even declared a state of emergency.

All this is happening when we still have very little data in terms of how bad this variant even is, but the NIH Director may have mistakenly revealed the reason why Dems are creating such a panic.

Get the Booster

Even though little is known about the new variant, Democrats are already pushing the panic button.

What better way to drive people to the doctor’s office to get the booster shot, right?

To that point, when National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins got the chance to tout booster shots, he did precisely that.

Collins stated, “The booster basically enlarges the capacity of your immune system to recognize all kinds of different spike proteins it’s never seen.

“This is a great day to go and get boosted or find out how to do so.

“Yes, we worry that is the worst case you might have a virus that is so different that the vaccines really don’t enable you to have protection.

“That is the kind of thing we need to check out as quickly as possible.

“We’ll get some sense of that already from what’s happening in South Africa because about 37% of South Africans are vaccinated.

“We should be able to find out in the next two or three weeks if the protection that they’re having somewhat better than the unvaccinated people?

“That data is going to start to emerge, and we’ll be able to work in the laboratory and ask if you took serum from somebody who has been vaccinated, does it actually neutralize that virus in the lab?

“That will take also another two or three weeks, so stay tuned. We’re going to get better information about this.

“There’s no reason to panic but a great reason to get boosted.”

So, do not panic, but take another jab.

This, of course, does not even take into account they have no idea how effective the current vaccine and booster is against this variant.

Keep in mind, this is coming after Dr. Fauci announced that they are now considering redefining the term “fully vaccinated” to include the booster shot.

If that happens and travel mandates go in place, you may not be able to board a plane unless you can show a vaccination card that includes the booster shots.

Get ready for it, folks, because it is coming!

Source: Breitbart

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17 Responses

  1. F**k Fauci and dementia Joe. No more jabs or masks. We’re a free country whether Joe or Fauci like it.

    Let’s go Brandon

  2. They have no damn idea of how big or small the problem may be… just pump more vaccine into the public and see what happens.
    If it works, the boosters are heroes, if it doesn’t work, the boosters other Administration figures from Dopey on down will try to tie Trump into their failures!

    1. It doesn’t work and never will. all vaccines are made from fetal tissues. That alone is an Abomination to GOD. This demonic administration is going down fast because the people are Standing Firm against them and they are imploding on each other. They are using anyone at any age as human guinea pigs for there poison vaccine. Do Not, I Repeat, Do Not take the vaccine. We will never be a communist Nation. We stand for in GOD we Trust!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have Faith and Trust in GOD know matter what is happening. GOD is still on the Throne and GOD is the Creator of all things. This vaccine was man made to still, kill and destroy anyone in this Nation and the World. John 10:10 The enemy(satan) is out to still, kill and destroy just like the demonic administration in this Nation. Make NO mistake about it. We are At WAR and Ephesians 6:12 tells us that we are in a Spiritual Battle. We Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Here’s the thing that name omicron…. shuffle the letters, just what’s there, don’t add or subtract letters and moronic comes up. It is said, ‘there are no coincidences’, is this on purpose, are they saying you’re moronic enough to poison your young children…….I don’t know but it sure seems suspect to me…..

    1. I am very sorry to hear that. Sending prayers. I HATE what is happening to this Country under Biden and company.

  4. Sharon, I totally hate that cancer has shown it’s
    ugliness. I’ll pray for you that you will overcome
    this atrocity.So tired of seeing the needles going
    endlessly into the arms of t he elder, the young ones

  5. Screw them…. Federal Prison is open for Business…TREASON against We the People. Anyhow! Pervert joe is Not President….

  6. The SICK LEFTIES will use EVERY excuse in the world to take away rights and our freedom !!!!!!!!!!!
    This entire exercise has been about CONTROL !!!!!!!!!!!! You may NOT need the vaccine, but you MUST take it, to prove your SUBMISSION to the PRETEND GOVERNMENT !!!!!!!!!!!! If it is allowed to continue, we would be taking subsequent BOOSTERS for years to come !!!!!!!!!!!!! Just look at Australia and the CONTROL that they have gained, over what had been a relatively FREE society !!!!!!!!!
    THIS government has NO interest in finding the TRUTH behind the origins of this BIO-WEAPON, although THEY probably ALREADY know !!!!!! WE will NEVER get ANY TRUTH !!!!!!!!! “THEY” have been, and will continue to work WITH the Chicoms to take away EVERYTHING that America stands for !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. What is good for the, is not for me.
    All their trying to scare the world with this bio-weapon variant. Look how many bio-weapon variant theirs been. I was in a drug store the other day and herd the person giving the bio-weapon and the person was getting a booster and she explained that the booster was the same shot as the first two shots. I just thought why would they give a shot 1 or 2 as a booster. Look to me like their just trying to scare people with the fake propaganda bio-weapon into getting the 3rd, 4th, etc. Or how many booster they will come up with.

  8. THERE IS NO EMERGENCY HERE FOLKS! There is NO reason for more mandates, or erosion of citizens rights! There is NO REASON TO INSTALL “MAIL IN BALLOTS”! It is NOT INFECTION RATES, IT IS DEATH RATES WE SHOULD BE LOOKING AT! Do NOT allow the corrupt DEMS use the CCP Virus to their advantage again!

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