BP Chief Ortiz Admits Biden Polices Increased Border Encounters

From what I have seen of Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, he is a good guy.

He wants to do the right thing, but he is also playing the political game to an extent.

Whether it was a slip or a purposeful spilling of the beans, he just gave us a campaign video to use against Joe Biden on immigration.

Joe Did It

We all know that Joe Biden’s policies have created this massive surge we see at the border.

We will set a record of illegal immigrant encounters for the second consecutive year.

Joe says it is not his fault, but Ortiz sees things differently.

When he was asked about Joe Biden’s policies contributing to migrant surges at the border, he dropped a dime on Biden…

Now we need to get someone to ask Biden what he thinks about Ortiz to see if Biden sells out Ortiz.

Honestly, seeing him canned after that comment would not be a surprise.

Source: GOP War Room

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51 Responses


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      1. you are so wrong…when Trump was in office, the border patrol SENT THE ILLEGAL ALIENS BACK, which we should be doing…quit being stupid

    1. You are totally right! There should be many reasons to have Biden impeached or arrested for treason even. He vowed to protect us and our country, and he has done just the opposite.

  2. I bet Chief Ortiz, will be looking for a Job, soon. If it one thing about the Democrats, it is they don’t want the True Americans to know the truth.

      1. William, We have seen this IP on these sites before, this IP address is paid $6.50 per anti-Trump posting, this poster is a paid troll. We have his IP and know what it is up to.

        1. No one should ever believe a single word any White House elite has to say, never have I heard and seen result that come from these crooked so called politicians. I would call.scums and traitors.

    1. you are so right.. what haven’t they arrested Joe Biden for all the treason he has done.. he is so corrupt ,but aim sure he make sure is hands are clean impeach this idiot .

  3. There is nothing that Biden is doing to fix things!!

    Why aren’t the conservative politicians doing
    anything to get rid of Biden & cohorts????
    If you are just filling a sit, it’s going to be
    empty soon!!! The Dems seems to know
    how to fight. they still want to GET
    Trump!!! How ridiculous they are!!!
    We have the Gestapo running our Government!!!

  4. When you are NOT in charge, it is easy to blame EVERYTHING WRONG, on everyone else !!!!!!!!!!! King O’Biden has NOT made a SINGLE decision in his role as the pretend president !!!!!! His masters and puppeteers tell him what to say, think, and do !!!!!!!!!!
    So in his feeble old mind, it really is, NOT his fault !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What the White House Moron has done to our country in less than 3 years he should be executed by a military firing squad. ASAP

    1. I totally agree with this..
      Biden is nothing but a traitor to to ur Great country. H should be hung by the neck till dead.

  6. I am hopeful that if the Republicans get control of the house and Senate impeachment charges will be brought against Biden and HSA Secretary for not enforcing the laws of our country as they have an oath to do.

  7. Every American knows how stupid, unlawful and treasonous the biden administration is. If the republican party does not win both houses of congress in November, this country is in store for total ruination in the next two years. These democrats are crazy!

      1. There’s more millionaires in the Democratic Party than the Republican Party. Yes, they do take care of themselves and each other.

  8. personally, I cannot agree with one damn thing repuglians do….they only help rich people and corporations…if you don’t see that….something is seriously wrong with you

    1. I think perhaps you have total blinders on an have drunk the kool Aide once too often—but then I do not believe we would agree on very much–I read opposing viewpoints–maybe you should try Have a Blessed Day

    2. I gues you like Whot the dam Democrats are destroying the world people like you are so dam stupid it a shame thay are so many like u

    3. William, be nice now. Have you had your rabies shot yet – doesn’t read like that from your replies. You continue to sound like Brandon – who is your puppeteer? We need to call them and put you out in the far end of the pasture.

    4. Suggestion William if you want to see something pathetic look in a morrow then read your post. That sir is a picture of true brainwashing.

  9. Biden thinks he is beyond criticizing remarks, well think again . This dweeb has the brain of evil devil, the morals of a rat and the heart of Satan. He and his immoral handlers will one day see their maker and he is not going to be very forgiving.

  10. Bring back our president 45, who puts America & US citizens first!!! Biden sells us out to the top bidder, and always sells us short!!! We need to close our southern border again to keep the killer drugs & illegal immigrants out! Our pipes need to be opened again NOW!!!
    Biden, you need to go back into the hole you crawled out of, and take Obama, AOC, Clintons & many other DemoRats with you!!! MAGA MAGA MAGA

  11. Who knows maybe Biden and his son Hunter are getting a big cut from all the drug cartels at this moment. I would not put nothing past this present Administration especially Lying Joe Biden. In the end if everything is proved against all these Traitors involved in this conspiracy then they should all be hanged by the neck until dead.

  12. William the little fruitcake punk is just trying to stir up good people and you are falling for it . You know he has never been in the military and would not have the balls to talk like he writes in front of a person . They would beat the S..t out of him.

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