BREAKING: Attorney General Garland’s Dark Secret – He’s DONE

Americans think something crassly political has just transpired with the raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-lago home.

“Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Thursday press conference was a disaster. After keeping the press corps and the public waiting for almost 40 minutes, Garland delivered a three-and-a-half-minute speech laden with sanctimonious boilerplate and then headed for the exit without taking questions,” reported National Review.

Garland’s speech sought to allay questions about the conduct of the Department of Justice in ordering 30 armed FBI agents to raid former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

AG Garland is DONE

“Garland seemed to think that he could cross a constitutional Rubicon while pretending that nothing of consequence had happened. Yet about 48 percent of the American public believes that political hostility to Trump was behind the FBI raid (40 percent think it was the work of ‘the impartial justice system’), and large majorities of both Republicans (77 percent) and independents (54 percent) think the motivation for the raid was political,” National Review reported.

“This is a stunning loss of public confidence in the integrity of federal law enforcement. It could inflict long-lasting damage on the rule of law, which depends on public faith in the equal enforcement of the laws,” reports National Review.

“Garland promised to ask for the government’s search warrant to be unsealed. The federal district court in Florida released it late Friday. In fact, the warrant offers limited insight into the motivation for the raid. It outlines three possible criminal charges against the former president, one of which is an alleged violation of the rarely enforced Presidential Records Act. That offense looks much more like an administrative error or misunderstanding than a serious crime. A second charge concerns the misuse of classified information, and the third alleges obstruction of justice,” National Review reports.

Why do so many Americans justifiably believe that something crassly political was behind the raid? There are at least four reasons, according to National Review:

First, the timing of the raid. The Justice Department has an unwritten but longstanding policy of avoiding overt law enforcement and prosecutorial activities close to an election, typically within 60 to 90 days before Election Day. The FBI raid came just before the 90-day run-up period began. It looks as if Garland was trying to beat the clock. But the search also cannot help but influence November’s election.

Second, the leaks. Garland had hardly vacated the podium when leaks from the inside began to flow to administration-friendly media. These allowed the agencies to put their self-serving spin on the raid without having to take responsibility for, or permit questioning of, those claims. Garland knows how Washington, D.C., works. He apparently wants to have it both ways: a trickle of official information but a gusher of selective, off-the-record disclosure.

Third, White House political pressure. It is widely reported that Biden wanted Garland to prosecute Trump. Biden’s associates told the media that Biden wants Garland “to act less like a ponderous judge and more like a prosecutor who is willing to take decisive action over the events of Jan. 6.” Garland apparently is willing to oblige.

Fourth, the impression of incompetence or, worse yet, improper political motivation already created by the Justice Department and FBI. Regardless of whether any classified documents do indeed sit illegally in Mar-a-Lago, Trump can point to a litany of law-enforcement persecution. There was the Russia-collusion claim, which turned out to be utterly false — as special counsel Robert Mueller concluded. That false claim, inspired by Hillary Clinton and her operatives, consumed the first two years of Trump’s presidency and helped hand the Democrats a midterm victory in the 2018 House elections (well after Mueller knew or should have known that the charges were spurious). There was FBI director James Comey trying to entrap the new president in allegations of obstruction of justice. There was the illegal FISA surveillance of Trump campaign officials.

What do you think about the raid on President Trump’s home?  What do you think of Garland’s comments?

Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

Source: National Review

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66 Responses

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    1. Of course. One more attempt by vindictive, self-righteous, elitist, leftwingers to have their way. Legality, morality, ethics nor tradition–mean anything to these greedy, nefarious trash.

    2. they dont want trump to run no way no how “no matter what it takes.. ” they want to be very careful they have pissed off a whole lot of people over 77 million…… biden is useless n a friggin crook please please get out to vote so they can take house senate n put the bidens in there place for their corruption

      1. Yes….PLEASE get out and vote,,,It is going to be hard enough to beat them with all the cheating much less
        Republicans not voting…. WE ARE BEGGING FOR OUR COUNTRY AND OUR CHILDREN !!!

        1. Agree! Pay attention to what’s going on politically and VOTE to show you care about the USA! Don’t let the main stream media tell you how to think.

        1. Your fools 2020 has proven without a shadow of a doubt. That elections are fixed. To hell with voting learn how to shoot or treat the wounded. If your not willing to fight and die leave now.

      2. You r so right. They also need to include Clinton and Hunter Biden and president Biden. The FBI and Garland need to have some consequences as well. What they did to President Trump was illegal. Which puts the rest of us n danger. If the government thinks they r beyond the law. They will try anything to anyone. God help us. We need desperately to make America great again!!

  1. this is all coveed in a hort sentenanc. it all happnd becaus the demo-Rats mdidnt wan trump to run again hey wee afrid withthe weakness if Biden presidency trump would be a shoo in. Nader, shiff and many more should be prosecuted and sent to prison slong with the attourneys invilved trump came out allready clean as a chuch moue this entie thing is in nut shell DEMO-RATS tying tokeep trump fom runningmagain..I hope he runs and just swamps the DEMO-RATS

  2. Just more Trump derangement syndrome. The DIMOCRATS are desperate to find something to charge Trump with so they are willing to do anything. It appears to be backfiring on them from all directions. When will they realize he is so much smarter than they are? It appears to be strengthening the conservative vote for this Nov. The red wave will be a HUGE tsunami. The dimocrats are going to be very sorry they did this. The Republicans are going to pick up more seats than before this was done. They have made Trump even more popular than before.

      1. Democ “RATS”…rotte rats. We have to show them, by taking majority on both Congress and the Senate.

    1. I am a Vietnam vet AND a weasel with a 55 year old degree in Government and a 100% disability from Agent Orange and I AM offended: NOT by your comment which is absolute TRUTH, but by the FACT it states about the deputy weasel Garland rather than the Weasel-in-Chief whose name and position he defiles by his presence IN IT and whom ALL REAL AMERICAN CITIZENS KNOW AND DESPISE! I ALSO HAVE HAD A DEGREE IN GOVERNMENT FOR 55 YEARS AND DO NOT LIKE THE ONGOING ATTEMPTS TO INTIMIDATE US ALL! PERIOD! NO AMERICAN CITIZEN SHOULD ACCEPT THIS BS!

  3. i sure hope intended consequences, hit the deep swamp in the nov. elections and into the future. we seem to be going to hell in a handbasket.

  4. The bureaucracy gives the impression of Seditious conduct. Very bad appeared of malfeasance by law enforcement. Pray for our Leaders they have lost any apparent spirituality. So sad to witness. Is this America? Really?

  5. This is disgustingly filthy in my opinion. This is more of the Dem’s horrid attempts to make sure President Trump can’t run again. We have Schumer and Pelosi and Schiff and the rest of the nasty little children in the background pulling the strings and doing more of what they have been doing for the last six years, using the government for their own means. It’s dishonest, it’s slimy, and these criminals need to BE GONE! Our government has been turned into a Democrat Stasi and they should all be prosecuted to the fullest extent of what used to be THE LAW!

    1. Joey, excellent summation of our current predicment: an administration whose upper layers are peopled nearly exclusively by anti-american activists. Very anti-American, consider that it is quite possible that the DNC provided money to Chinese biologists for gain of function work which resulted in the covid 19 virus and then colluded with the Chinese to infect the world. The DNC and the Chinese virologists are still at it and their next effort may be more deadly. Don’t waste time asking Fauci about it.

  6. Garland, the FBI, the Department of Justice, the CIA, high ranking officials in DOD should be defunded and disbanded. The whistleblowers who are coming forward from the FBI, should be hired to work in a new agency to replace the FBI and Department of Justice.

    1. Amen, All of these sleazy people should go to jail. NOT prison where they would be treated well, given the politics of who runs the government, but a dirty, dank, rat infested prison. Start with Merrick Garland who’s still pissed because he lost his seat on the Supreme Court but don’t leave out that sleazy FBI Director, Christopher Wray who’s just as bad as James Comey. Then we have that faux judge, federal magistrate Bruce Reinhardt, who quit the US Attorney’s office to go to work for Jeffrey Epstein and donated to both Barack Obama $2000 and whiny Jeb Bush $500. Finally, the mastermind of this – El Presidente Joseph Biden who has been using his influence to get money from foreign governments for decades with the help of his ner-do-well son, Hunter.

  7. This whole scam just shows us just how close this republic is being thrown into a mob ruled democracy. The entire deep state is in need of a huge clean out!

  8. Biden & his administration are so petrified of President Trump. They are forgetting the Laws of the Land & the Laws of Humanity. That are lower than the lowest form of life here on earth.

  9. Another “Witch Hunt” America is in dire straits! Biden is doing exactly what Obama is telling him to do! Biden is mentally deficient!!

  10. Like most of the comments. Unfortunately we still have the public believing that Trump is a criminal and liar. Reinforced by most news stations. Merrick Garland is the same knucklehead who’s son was pushing CRT in schools and colleges and other places. With that comes a clouded conclusion that Trump and the Republicans are evil and Biden and the Democrats are good. So the majority of news stations are pro Democrat. NewsMAX, Fox News, C-Span are my trusted news stations. I like that they show the issue, and want to ask why this is happening. Question the narrative. Used to be the news was dependable. Taken over by these one side fits all mentality politicians, bureaucrats, donors, that get money for supporting the nonsense. Getting rich off of falsehoods or lies. Pretty sick people. Then any mistake or negative of the Republicans is covered like it is life changing.

  11. Politically motivated to keep mr trump out of the running.dems have corrupted the legal system with this partisan move .the want to be God kings of americans.and force us to pay Homage by taxing everyone out of existence trying to keep sovereign men from fighting back.i think they have ensured that it shall be more than a fight .you could not pay me to walk beside them down a city street.or even go to an event.i would fear for my life just being near them .these men and women are in the wrong.and disrespectful of the people’s wishes..they will be punished one way or another..if you tax and take everything a man and his family have.then he has nothing to lose.and is a fearless enemy.
    Bowing only to God .not a want to be king

  12. Guess what, Mr. Garland….. you just got screwed over by the very people that hired you to begin with. If what ever they were looking for was indeed found, you would be smelling like a rose. However, the back-up plan was obviously to burn you if they didn’t find anything. But, maybe you have been well paid to take the fall. So, I’m not crying for you.

  13. Well I just heard something that Hillary Clinton was working well with the doj for the last few months and hoping that they would raid Donald Trump’s house on a Revenge raid that she tried to orchestrate so why don’t you people check in on that and see because if it is then it shows a whole different political aspect of what was going on to Donald Trump

  14. If President Trump opened up his home earlier so documents could be taken out and returned, why did they have to do what they did this time. He followed their orders and secured the storage area with an additional lock, which they destroyed. I feel like all they had to do was communicate with him and he would have willingly let them in. Why go through his wife’s closet. Personally I would love to be able to watch the security footage of this travesty!

  15. The witch hunt goes on and on and on. I sick and tired of the Damnocrats turning this country into a third world country. VOTE in the mid-term and throw these commies out!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Obama wanted the attorney goof on the Supreme Court. We’re so lucky that didn’t happen. Now we only have to deal with him until he’s impeached.
    He’s immoral, inept, lawless and should never hold a position of power again.
    FJB !!!

  17. Let me begin, in the1966-1968, I worked as a Driver for the Military in Fort Myers, Va. I was chosen to sometimes drive for the VIPs that includes, including military high-rank generals, as a military man, I was able to approach some of the drivers for senators and white house congress personnel, that was a choke! of what I found out,m during that time, I can at this time say that some of those persons are not saints, they are the worst congressional persons in our government. I hope some on will take care and get rid of all the fakes

  18. Joe, Kamala and all their cohorts are proving to us daily that they believe that if they say the same lies enough times they will become the truth in the minds of Americans. We must never give up on refuting their lies. Just look at all of the clowns that Joe has selected to help him trash the nation. It’s no wonder that we’ve slid so far in less than 20 months. Not only are they clowns, but most lack rudimentary skills. This must change!!

  19. Like Biden threatened the prosecutor in Ukrain , if so & so doesn’t happen by such & such, you’ll be fired ,,,, Well sob, it worked to his advantage ! Biden is evil & crooked, he probably pulled the same stunt again ! YES, Biden knew about what was going down for the raid on Trump’s Maralago , BEFORE he left on a so called another vacation & I believe that Garland got scared just like they all do with the democrats!

  20. Democrats from fear of prosecution for corruption turned FBI to act like KGB. Anything democrats and Biden’s administration touches turns to the disaster.If voters want this tyranny they should move to the country that have it all ready in place but live us alone because we love freedom and opportunity for a better life.

  21. The number one on DOJ “TO DO” list should be an independent prosecutor to go and investigate our president Biden and son to see if they are compromised in dealing with China and Russia. I can think of a million reasons it should be number one and it is all spelled DOLLARS.

  22. Merrick Garland’s son in law makes money selling ‘Critical Race Theory’ literature. He is a shameful POS…

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