BREAKING: Biden Family Hit With Stunning Tragic News – It’s Confirmed…

A producer for the movie “My Son Hunter has filed an ethics complaint against First Son Hunter Biden’s attorney for spying on the set of the movie.

“One of the producers of My Son Hunter has reportedly filed an ethics complaint with the State Bar of California against Hunter Biden’s attorney Kevin Morris, alleging the lawyer posed as a documentary filmmaker to infiltrate the movie set in order to spy for his client,” reported Breitbart.

“In the complaint, producer Phelim McAleer claims Kevin Morris flew on a private jet in November to Serbia, where the Hunter Biden movie was being filmed, and pretended he was an independent documentary filmmaker producing content for ‘South Park streaming.’ (Morris has also represented the co-creators of Comedy Central’s South Park),” reported Breitbart.

Biden Family Gets Tragic News

“He used deceit to secure such access by not disclosing he was Mr. Biden’s lawyer,” McAleer said.

“Mr. Morris used his cover as a documentary filmmaker to conceal his true purpose: performing legal investigative work on behalf of his client, Mr. Hunter Biden,” he added.

Additionally, Morris had a one-hour meeting with McAleer in a Belgrade café after which Morris was granted full access to the set for several days.

“In my 30 years as a journalist, I have never encountered a lawyer who behaved in such an unethical manner. This was not a spur-of-the-moment fraud. It was a planned deception and carried out over several days,” McAleer states in the complaint.

The trailer alone has been viewed more than 5 million times across social media.

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Source: Breitbart