BREAKING: Biden Family Nailed In FBI Cover-Up Shocker [Developing]

Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas blasted the FBI for covering up the truth about the Biden family.

“Thursday on Fox News Channel’s ‘America Reports,’ Sen. John Cornyn weighed in on whistleblowers within the FBI, claiming that top brass were working to discredit allegations against Hunter Biden,” reports Breitbart.

“According to Cornyn, public confidence in the FBI has been ‘undermined’ because the agency’s resources were ‘used for improper political purposes,'” reported Breitbart.

FBI Cover-Up

“There’s growing concerns about the Hunter Biden revelations,” said Cornyn.

“I agree with former Attorney General William Barr — a special counsel needs to be appointed because I think the independence of the Department of Justice has been called into question when they have to investigate the administration that they serve in,” Cornyn added.

Then he weighed in on what he thinks really happened inside the FBI.

“Unfortunately, public confidence is undermined when it looks like the FBI or the intelligence community are using the tools that they have to keep us safe to do domestic or political spying or investigations,” Cornyn said.

“The rank-and-file FBI agents — all 38,000 of them — I think are honorable people, but there’s been a rot that was created in the agency that I am not sure Director Wray has fully gotten rid of. And that was the ones responsible, for example, the Crossfire Hurricane … and the Steele dossier, all this stuff, this cooked up opposition research which was then used against a sitting president,” Cornyn hammered.

“I think when the American people feel like those authorities, which are powerful, are being used for improper political purposes, it really undermines public confidence. And I think that makes them tremendously less effective,” Cornyn concluded.

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Source: Breitbart

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