BREAKING: Biden Gets Awful News – Only 12% Are…

It’s already a known fact that literally no one likes President Biden, and a recent poll reveals that’s true.

“12% of Americans believe that the gargantuan Democratic-sponsored ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ will actually reduce inflation, reports JustTheNews.

Was there any doubt that a plan coming out of the White House would fail?

Biden Gets Bad News

“The Economist/YouGov poll, which queried 1,500 U.S. adults, asked respondents their feelings on the $369 billion ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ currently making its way through Congress this week,” reports JustTheNews.

“Just 12% of respondents said the bill would ‘decrease inflation,’ while 36% expressed a belief that it would actually increase it. Twenty-three percent said the bill would do nothing either way, while the remaining 29% were unsure,” reported JustTheNews.

“A bare 51% majority, meanwhile, said they actually supported the bill — which includes heavy investments in green energy and a tax hike on large corporations — while nearly 1/3 were opposed, and the remaining 17% were unsure,” according to JustTheNews.

It’s clear that America just wants President Biden to go away.

No one’s life is better and the time has come for America to have a better leader.

What do you think about this poll?

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Source: JustTheNews

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