BREAKING: Biden’s DOJ Nailed In Dirty Scheme – Trump Was Right…

Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas blasted the Department of Justice, demanding transparency about the recent raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-lago home.

“Cornyn is calling on the Department of Justice to give Americans ‘an honest explanation’ for the raid of Mar-a-Lago Monday,” reports Breitbart.

“It’s been 72 hours since the Justice Department took the unprecedented step of raiding a former President’s home,” Cornyn said.

DOJ Nailed

“Reports this relates to a dispute over Presidential records are either a thinly veiled excuse or an abuse of power, if true,” Cornyn said.

“Given the Democrats’ history of weaponizing the Department of Justice, including the FBI, for political purposes, the American people deserve an honest explanation,” he added.

“This Administration has targeted parents who challenged the actions of their local school boards, suggesting they are domestic terrorists, while downplaying potential crimes by a member of the President’s own family,” Cornyn continued.

“Given this history, the American people are understandably skeptical, and deserve to know the truth,” Cornyn said.

“The longer the Attorney General remains silent, the more this looks like a brazen abuse of power to target a political rival,” he said.

Trump called the raid unnecessary and inappropriate.

“It is prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponization of the Justice System, and an attack by Radical Left Democrats who desperately don’t want me to run for President in 2024, especially based on recent polls, and who will likewise do anything to stop Republicans and Conservatives in the upcoming Midterm Elections. Such an assault could only take place in broken, Third-World Countries. Sadly, America has now become one of those Countries, corrupt at a level not seen before. They even broke into my safe! What is the difference between this and Watergate, where operatives broke into the Democrat National Committee? Here, in reverse, Democrats broke into the home of the 45th President of the United States,” Trump said.

What do you think about the lack of transparency from the DOJ?

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Source: Breitbart

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59 Responses

      1. “Dirty schemes” by the no justice ag garland is the same as all appointed biden, bo appointed cabinet & all of dem’s lowlife, worthless deceitful liars trying to destroy U.S. Freedom, Rights & National Security ! The treason by dem’s vote fraud is obvious & doj non-justice ag is as bad or worse than bo’s holder, lynch treason crimes !

    1. There is NO JUSTICE in the bo, joe treasonous illegal 3rd term & appointed doj-ag proved the fact dem’s are “0” !

        1. Sue A; YES “to go” to hell by the gallows for their high treason crimes in past 15+ Started in bo’s 8 years !

  1. Beyond disgusting – even enraging – that the raid happened at all. How long before justice is allowed to return our nation to righteousness?

    1. “Raid”is more proof dem’s treason from vote fraud is fact that commands U.S. Military trials for real U.S. justice !

  2. we don’t expect or even need transparency from the Left. They are openly willing to commit any crime to retain power and will destroy anyone who opposes them.

    1. If there ever was a time for a Convention of States it’s now. Our federal government has become corrupt and dishonest towards its own citizens. Contact your states representatives before they take that away.

    2. Very, very true statement. What’s next on the Dems agenda? Scares the hell out of me as it seems they will do ANYTHING to retain power and money!

    3. Worst part of all dem’s crimes, there’s no prosecution for justice served & vote fraud bo, biden continue treason !

  3. This proves without a doubt there’s no such thing as equal protection under the law. The Democratic Party definitely proved, they are ABOVE THE LAW,

  4. Yes our country has gone downhill with bidens Presidency and his handlers, this is a sad situation that has happened to Trump some may or may not agree on the way Trump is but everyone should agree that he had our country going in the direction it needed to be his ways can be harsh but to do what the dems are doing and paying under the table is WRONG! If Trump is indited(sp) it will be a sad America do lets get behind him and stand up for our rights! AND to think i use to be Democrat but no longer

    1. Garland is a disgrace to all people.He should raid his son in law who peddled garland influence to enrich himself. Following in the footsteps of the Bidens and Pelosis. We need to vote them out and take our country back and President Trump is our only hope and that’s why they are determined to get him out.

  5. The whole democratic party and some RINOS are evil, starting with the senile old man Biden and his entire administration, DOJ, FBI, Shumer, Pelosi, etc. On another witch hunt that will fail. About 85 days til things will change with the midterms. Go MAGA movement!

  6. The whole democratic party and some RINOS are evil, starting with the senile old man Biden and his entire administration, DOJ, FBI, Shumer, Pelosi, etc. On another witch hunt that will fail. About 85 days til things will change with the midterms. Go MAGA movement!

  7. I dont give a dam if the entire Democrat party falls dead over night they are nothing but a bunch of ded beatss eating up hard earned tazx money which is n laughing matter on the por tax payers

  8. I have always been a Patriot! I grew up being taught how great the USA is and saying a pledge of allegiance every morning at school. I taught my two sons the same and both served our Country honorably. I’m sad my Great Grand Children are growing up in a completely different Country, where the laws are not followed and we have no faith in our leaders! We need President Trump to return our Country into the Great and Respected Country it use to be!

    1. Barbara, you are so right! I’m so glad my dad is not here to see this. This country isn’t even recognizable. These young people don’t even know what they’re missing. How much more can be torn down and given way.
      This country is in shambles for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

  9. Why doesn’t the Dept. of Justice just go ahead and arrest Trump and stop terrorizing all of America? That way we can all plan our own funerals. I don’t want Trump arrested, but this has gone so far left that even Steven King’s novels can’t compare. We are all living in one of King’s novels. This is a Halloween nightmare.

  10. This action is totally not AMERICAN… we do not act like the Russians, or Hitler’s Germany or China… we are the United States of America… We are the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Not a cut-throat nation with no backbone. This needs to be stopped now.. it actually should never have happened. We have rights to have a leader whom we elect not one who is chosen by the Democrats.

  11. This raid was done in order to get anything they can to defeat the Maga Revolution and destroy Trump. Every thing that the current Regime does from here out is not going to be believable because of how they have handled this. It’s my understanding that they have every piece of paper since Trump was first put in office. The Regime is working very hard to find “cause.” Now, they will micro scan every piece of paper and try to make something bad out of it. They took the pictures to see if they can make connection (like Biden, son and family). How you we believe any thing for Garland who didn’t want to go after the Unabomber, Theodore Kaczynski. John Edgar Hoover taught our Leaders how to be corrupt. How the FBI and DOJ work is probably unstoppable now.

  12. As of Jan.20 2021 we do not have an American man or woman in the Democrat party that is clean,non criminal or intelligent.Everyone Obama attached errand boy and girl are criminal and filled of hate and envy

  13. Ya know, I am old I get it! But everyone always claimed Hoover was corrupt. But the FBI THEN was a trusted agency that operated in the way the constitution intended. The Judicial branch was as intended an independent agency separate from the legislative ranch that DID their Job separate of & not allowing itself to be WAPONISED against the American People!!! In Mu opinion Hoover had so much dirt and trash on every politician especially the President that none of them ever dared to challenge Him!! On that note He did have the power to manipulate the government but CHOOSE not to and had the respect and trust of the American People. The process of actually WEAPONISING Government agencies against political opponents began with BeRO using the IRS to persecute conservative opponents!!! That is PROVEN & I believe the tactic soon to be employed by Bidys 87000 new gun Totin agents of the state and the 5 million dollars worth of Ammunition that agency has purchased over the last Year!! As well BeRo & Bidy had already began installing agents within the FBI that are separate and above the law & agents of the DEEP State to war and circumvent the American legal system with the sole intent of persuction of those against the deep state/New World agenda! The American People can no longer trust ANY government agency I fear rite now! So, We the American people are at a crossroads that WE & only We hopefully can take back control by Electing a NON Deep State agent as president & to elect one that will begin by eliminating the majority of the bureaucrat Rats from the roots of these agencies!!!!! That My friends will not be accomplished by electing another career politician of the already corrupt machiene!

    1. Spot on sir! Dissolve the IRS, gut the other alphabet agencies and start over. I’m tired of our great country turning into a banana republic. We need to defend our constitutional republic.

  14. It’s time we start impeaching these heads of office & start firing all their hands within!
    If they are going to hold Trump accountable
    for offering to NOT break the law, then I want all these heads of office & those working on these cases to be held responsible for NOT prosecuting these absolute chargeable crimes against a Bice President, Hillary Clinton, & this Administration Puppet Joe, and all such as Barrack Obama, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi which sound like the Nazis plus the Taliban working in our Government! Then Obama is running a “Shadow Government,” with a Communist’s money who also supported his election!! So why are we & why have we never investigated these people?? Do UR JoBS!

  15. This is an unconscionable abuse of power by a corrupt administration. If any decent democrats remain, which I’m skeptical of, they should be as outraged as anyone.

  16. Obama to me is the abomination, leader of all the demons, the democrats; exception Dershowitz or very very few !

  17. Spot on sir! Dissolve the IRS, gut the other alphabet agencies and start over. I’m tired of our great country turning into a banana republic. We need to defend our constitutional republic.

  18. Quit just investigating what & who u wish to
    & prosecute the crimes these people are & have committed. Their crimes are a lot worse because documents were already offered to the AG & the DOJ!! But, Hillary Lied to Congress & Committed Treason! Barrack Obama Lied & ya’ll put him in office, as documentation was sent to your offices stating that he was born in another Country!! They also chose him as a candidate because of his color of skin & because he is & was an admitted Communist all his life! We even paid to educate this guy when he could not prove that he was a citizen, as he claimed he was not so he could get his education at OUR, Taxpayers expense! Then suddenly after his college days were paid for & other grants were allotted he decides he wants to infiltrate our government as a Communist &
    run for the Presidency! So to make this possible for their plan to takeover our government & make this country a Communist Country & to make Communism the government of choice for the OWO, these Departments of Our Government made him a Digital Birth Certificate so he could takeover our government!! Once he was out of office our government started really showing signs of what was taking place! The Rhinos played a part in this overthrow as well, as the former President Herbert Bush created this BS that is destroying our Constitutional Republic. They are all simply lying to everyone & rewriting the dates & documents of our Democratic Republic! There is nothing about Democracy with the people who are in this Administration or their party, even though they use the word “Democrat” Party!! They need to be made to NOT use that in their name simply because it is derived from the word “Democracy” & there is nothing about their party that offers Democracy, as it represents the word “Freedom!” A Democracy offers freedoms to it’s citizenry & they are forcing anting but, “Freedom!”

  19. Like I’ve said before and given a couple of examples, to me, the FBI is a legend in it’s own mind…There were only 2 that I wanted to be anywhere around. ]After one bank robbery, the next day I got a call from the office that the FBI wanted to talk to me, so I went to the office and met them. “Why did you arrest him, we had a warrant” I said “so did I”, turned and walked out. The bank had been robbed by one of it’s patrons, who the bank people knew, had given me the name, and I had written the report, took a copy to the local district attorney’s office and had them get a warrant from the judge, and made the arrest.

  20. God, please end the peoples suffering and destroy the evil democrats and help us in November take back the country you have blessed Dear lord in these days of doom we face from our own country which has strayed from you the devil is at work here dividing us and our enemies can now watch as we destroy our country, please help us we believe in you

  21. In the last days, evil will be loosed on the earth. The last days started after the resurrection of Christ. Look at the history of man since. It’s all about control. The Great Reset is about control of governments and businesses through the access to money.
    The love of money is the root of all evil.

  22. Very well said Darrell B! Amen to that! We need All American people ( that were born or are legally here) to take our Great Country BACK NOW! Demand that Biden /Harris.. All of the Swamp and Rinos be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for ALL they’ve done to President Trump and his entire family.. for rigging the Election.. for giving this Presidency to Biden/Harris Illegally!!! For ALL their Corruption!! The Bordrer Crises!! They ALL NEED TO GO!!! I will Never look at Biden as this Great Country’s President!! EVER!! They are ALL COMMUNISTS in my eyes!! I never ever thought I would see what these far left dems have done to this Beautiful Country!! God Bless America and all that Loves this country!! Let’s stand up for our country and make it Great again!!! MAGA… YES!!

  23. I think Biden and Garland both need to go to jail for twenty years for pulling this BS!! There is alot of others (Clintons, Hunter and Joe Biden) they should raid and leave President Trump ALONE!!!!!! Trump stands up for our country and the American people!

  24. Libs stole the election from President Trump, installed a Bafoon and a Heyna, and have been after this President for 6 years. The Swamp is worldwide and must be drained and that is what they fear. Welcome to GITMO!

  25. The Biden administration stands for Crimes and Corruption and everyone of them have committed Treason against the United States of America and former President Trump as well. Just like Nancy Pelosi and Liz Cheney and Chuck Schumer and not so sure Biden and Obama didn’t have a hand in the January 6th insurrection which Nancy and Liz were the main ring leaders. Nancy turned down President Trump and the Capital Police Chief requested 15-20000 National Guard Troops for crowd control and Nancy turned them down that’s because from what I’ve heard she recruited FBI PERSONNEL AND CIA. PERSONNEL TO DRESS AS TRUMP SUPPORTERS TO GO IN THE CAPITAL BUILDINGS AND DO DESTRUCTION TO FEDERAL BUILDINGS BEFORE TRUMP EVER FINISHED HIS SPEECH SEVERAL BLOCKS AWAY FROM THE CAPITAL BUILDINGS AND PRESIDENT TRUMP TOLD THE PEOPLE ATTENDING HIS SPEECH THAT HE FELT SOME OF THEM WAS GOING TO MARCH PEACEFULLY DOWN TO THE CAPITAL BUILDINGS AND LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD!!! No where did that speech tell the people to go destroy anything!!! Nancy wouldn’t have been able to carry out her treasonous acts had the National Guard Troops present! Nancy and Liz Cheney had a personal vendetta against President Trump from the day he was elected!!! They were out to destroy President Trump at any cost whatsoever!!! By the way when this insurrection happened President Biden Slandered all Trump as THUGS WE SHOULD ALL SUE HIM FOR SLANDER AND DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER!!!Also the whole Biden administration front door to back door be removed from office immediately and prosecuted and sent to prison immediately along with Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as well!’n

  26. If anyone reads history, you will find ALL republics (That is what the USA is) eventually fail not from the outside, but from the inside, people of power and influence. Doesn’t the sound familiar?

    When Trump campaigned in 2016 and talked about “draining the swamp”, I knew there were corrupt politicians and federal employees in D.C, but it never crossed my mind that there were so many who are not only corrupt, but evil. That swamp Trump talked about is so big and deep it will take many years to drain everyone of them. WE THE PEOPLE not the politicians, federal employees and the wealthy are the government and deserve much better than what we have now. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

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