BREAKING: California ATTACKED – DeSantis Is Grinning…

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis isn’t a fan of California, and he’s made that clear in recent months.

Recently, DeSantis said Florida is “gonna do the opposite of California” and protect doctors who are pursuing “evidence based medicine.”

“DeSantis made it clear on Wednesday that Florida will not follow California in the blue state’s pursuit of penalizing doctors who spread what officials consider to be ‘false’ information on the Chinese coronavirus,” reported Breitbart.

California Attacked

“The Golden State’s legislature this week passed a measure seeking to punish doctors who spread what officials deem to be misinformation on the Chinese coronavirus,” reported Breitbart.

The New York Times reported, the law “would designate spreading false or misleading medical information to patients as ‘unprofessional conduct,’ subject to punishment by the agency that licenses doctors, the Medical Board of California.”

“Honestly, we may be forced to do that because if you see what they’re trying to do in California, they’re gonna penalize physicians who say something that the government deems to be misinformation now,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis continued, saying that it is a “chilling” move, noting how many things regarding the coronavirus and pushed by the medical establishment at one point or another — have proven to be inaccurate.

“Just think about how chilling that is because a lot of the things that have been accurate about Covid for example were once deemed by government bureaucracies to be misinformation,” DeSantis said.

“You know, I would say very early on if you’ve recovered from COVID you have protection because of that prior infection, and they would say, ‘Oh DeSantis is saying this, experts disagree.’ They say the vax has more protection. Nonsense,” he said.

“DeSantis pointed to clinical trials showing that those with prior infection had stronger immunity than those who received an mRNA vaccine,” reported Breitbart.

What do you think about DeSantis’ remarks?

Share your thoughts below.

Source: Breitbart

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32 Responses

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      1. I also agree with Ron on this and many other subjects but I am a native born daughter of California and too many on the Republican side put the people of California down no matter what side they are on. Ron isn’t the only one that does this. They cry for our money for other states yet persecute all of us just because we live in this state. I have witnessed the California that I grew up in and have seen what the left has done to this state. It’s easy to ask but never give. I am a conservative and I pray President Trump will be back in office soon. We need him for the whole United States to move forward and heal.

        1. Amen I have traveled to California many times and loved it and the people it’s just sad how the left has destroyed that beautiful state

      2. Hallelujah. About time someone stood up and supports doctors who truly believe in providing medical care that works without fear of prosecution. Health care should be provided to each individual per their needs snd what works no matter what fauci and positions say.

    1. After 2 and a half years i along with millions of other people are sick and tired of this Covid BS !! It has been a hoax from the very start and now it is just a convenient tool for the Democraps to have control and overreach over the American public and DESTROY the country ! Oh and furthermore,with a recovery rate of OVER 99% there is no way this so called Covid -19 can be called an EFN Pandemic.This has been a Plandemic/Scasmdemic since day one and those that have foisted this and the useless vaccines on the public should be sent off to jail.

  2. He is totally right… if I lived in his state I would vote for him in a heart beat! But right now I am stuck in s…..hole ca

  3. This is a s!!! hole state now I’m stuck here also, I hope someone or group takes them to court, it’s unconstitutional, but California government is unconstitutional.

  4. Gruesome needs to be held accountable as well as the CDC, WHO, fauci, NIH, Biden, Kamala, politicians, employers, media, doctors etc for THEIR LIES and the “murdering” of innocent people! All of the above named SHOULD have prevented these poisonous shots being “mandated”! And need to be held accountable! ENOUGH!

    1. We need a border wall from San Luis Colorado to Stags Leap Park BC. To keep CA, OR, and WA away from the rest of the country. Those states have proven to be corrupt degenerates and love to spread their hate for America.
      Stop pretending they are your fellow Americans.
      If you had bone cancer in your arm would you cut it off or let it kill you?

  5. Our governor is the only one with feeling duty to represent own people with all his action . Whatever he do he thinks about Floridians and improving their lives. Till now he is perfectly acting for goodness of Florida. He is strong , he resolve all problems in logical way (what is missing in almost all our politicians ), he is perfect fighter for his people,we love him, we want him stay forever in Florida.

    1. We need him for the good of the whole country before the worthless,commie- funded wokies ruin our country. Deaths to this left wing movement for the sake of a free USA instead of their extreme govt control.

  6. it cant be false if people are dieing after the shots! people cant be inbalmed because all the blood clots the vacine has caused ! i see people that are vacinated the shots and boosters that are geting sick !! with our crooked gov when they push something on the people its no good !!! the vacines are a population destroyer !!!! just paving the way for unvacinated illegals too take over america!!!

  7. i feel confident that the boosters don’t protect from COVID. I got it and am not going to get the 2nd booster. Plus I have seen several reports against the shots and what it is causing.

  8. Totally agree with DeSantis! I had symptoms of Covid early in 2022. Never was vaccinated. I got through it and stayed at home for 14 days out of consideration to others. I now see more people and friends, who were vaccinated with boosters, continually come down again and again with COVID. My own God given immunity is working. I am 70.

  9. I agree with DeSantis because I have friends that received the Vax and still got covid and got it again after the first bout. I also know that people that didn’t get the shots never got covid and some that didn’t get the shots caught covid and recovered an it did not return.

  10. This is censorship. Most everything these doctors who “..spread what officials deem to be misinformation on the Chinese coronavirus,” have mostly been right on and all of it’s starting to surface. And will someone please tell me what makes “officials” so special that we need to believe them? How do we know they are right or wrong? Censorship kills growth of knowledge.

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