BREAKING: China Bombshell Rocks Airplanes Across The World – Here’s What You Need To Know…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has caused quite the stir by refusing to cancel her trip to Taiwan after threats from the Taiwanese government demanding that she do so.

“China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) launched three-day-long military exercises in the airspace and waters surrounding Taiwan on Thursday, disrupting and canceling flights throughout Asia and threatening to cause further flight cancellations in the coming days,” the Korea JoongAng Daily reported.

The Korea JoongAng Daily also noted that Beijing ordered the PLA drills in response to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei this week.

China Airplane Announcement

“[D]isruptions in operations of Korean airlines began with Asiana Airlines announcing Thursday that direct flight schedules to Taiwan will be adjusted starting the same day,” the Korea JoonAng Daily reported.

“Korean Air, Asiana Airlines and low-cost carriers (LCCs) have also decided to change routes for some Southeast Asian flights. Flight times could be extended by a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of one hour and 30 minutes,” the Korea JoongAng Daily reported.

“Passengers will have no choice but to experience inconveniences due to these flight schedule changes and delays,” an unidentified South Korean LCC official said to the newspaper.

“Additional costs are also incurred for airlines. We hope the situation gets back to normal soon,” the newspaper added.

“The drills and associated exclusion zones may prompt regional maritime shipping delays. The exercises could restrict shipping traffic in waterways to ports in Taiwan. Flight disruptions cannot be ruled out at airports in Taiwan and, potentially, offshore helicopter services,” Breitbart News reported that the information service cautioned.

What do you think about China disrupting flight schedules because of Pelosi’s visit?

Share your thoughts below.

Source: Breitbart

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14 Responses

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  2. pelosi is an incompetent worthless bureaucrat who does nothing but get richer from insider info. She needs to go, her worthless performance is due the 40 plus years of vegetating in the House!

    1. I would care less if I read in the paper Pelosi had a good heart attack or stroke. Same for Biden and his bums in congress and his cabinet. Say your prayers daily. God delivers!

  3. The GD Chincks are nothing but big mouthed jacka**es. If we let them getaway with their BS we are not even on a pare with them. I’m 81 and hope to see another year or two. With what the treasonous democrats are doing to my country I’m not even sure I want to stick around that long. Mashin, Schumer, Biden the loser, Pelosi, and the rest don’t care about our country, all they want is power. After they destroy this country there will be no one to control!!

  4. They can’t win in the arena of ideas so they can only play the part of a international BULLY

  5. I wish the Chinese had done us a favor and shot the batch down. Then we have only Biden and Harris to get rid of.

  6. To my way of thinking, I can’t see what all the concern is about, it seems that the Chinese are making too much out
    of a visit from the US Speaker of the House, which has no political or International responsibility outside of the US.
    In my opinion, she’s getting undeserved acknowledgment that is not warranted. Plus she has problems here that have been lingering for a while so I think her priority should be here. I don’t think creating an Internation situation
    is a good fix that could cause another Ukraine to emerge. The World is in such an unstable position that an incident of any magnitude great or small could start WWIII. Every person in this Government should be ashamed of
    themselves for not doing their job for the people they should be working for and not against, it seems they have no
    concern for the welfare of the citizens at all but just keeping themselves in power to control the people by hook
    or crook, it is a sad day for this Republic…

    1. These positions were set up so that when there was business of the people that needed to be done, THEY got on their horse or wagon and went back to the capitol got it done and then went back home to their full time job !
      THEY didn’t linger around congress and wait for the crooks to give them money to do deals for them as THESE CLOWNS do now-a-days !!

  7. Pelosi should be sent to China to clean up her mess she made then the China government could shoot her that would be ok she is a stupid democrat that has no place in our government

  8. I believe China when you look over past history and up to now, whether Pelosi went over or someone else, China is the one being the aggressor here. China is acting just like Russia, even if a country believes they own other parts of the world, the big question is WHY did they wait for 70 years to say now they own Taiwan. They should have claimed and took over as ownership then. But No , they wait until they believe they have the weapons and resources and Power to claim, and also to spread their own believes and ideology and control the World , and manipulate and buy up the World. If you are or if you are not, a biblical believer, the Bible tells you in the last days that things terrible are going to happen. This is the sign of Satan doing his dirty work. His time right now is getting short before he can take all the people to Hell with him. The last days I’m speaking of is when Jesus told the disciples that these will happen just before his second coming, or the church taking out of here. The church is the people that are serving Christ and living for Christ with God in there hearts. In the book of Revelations, the Bible speaks of that Old Dragon called Satan will do his works , and Satan has from the beginning been Stealing, lying , cheating and taking away everything God has Created. The Bible says that Satan is the Father of Lies. Why ? Because if you think about it , your family begins with your father, and before that your father has a father , and then that family begins. And on and on. The Bible let’s you know that Satan was here before man was even created . Satan is an Angel, and Satan did his dirty works from the beginning when the first man Adam and his wife Eve where deceived and Lied to. So since the beginning of man Satan has Lies , Cheated, and Stole from God. That’s why Satan is the Father of All Lies. It started in the beginning. So back to China, these things must come to past , all of this destruction, wars , that’s what Jesus told his disciples over 2000 years ago. And then shall the end come. The disciples even went further and ask Jesus in Matthew when shall be the signs of thy coming. Jesus answered, and said, the Day the Sun don’t shine, the moon, don’t give her light, and the stars fall from heaving , then shall appear the sign of the Son Of Man. The Son Of Man is Jesus Christ. So China is just another Prophecy the Bible speaks of . China is that Old Dragon called Satan. Why is China called Satan? Time will tell. It may be they dominate the whole world with there agenda, with all of there believes , ideology, Digital Dollar, they become the Sole IMF of the World. International Monetary Funds, of the World. And the Bible tells us that there is a Mark, called The Mark Of The Beast it speaks of in the book of Revelation without that mark in your right hand or forehead you will not be able to buy or sell. You will have to take allegiance to that order , which if you do , you will be taking allegiance to Satan and not to God. Do you see where this is taking us now? The world is becoming a dangerous place , the more it becomes, the more of the people of God do not want to be here. The people of God want to leave this world, and be with Jesus.

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