BREAKING: Court Makes Shock Decision On Trump Warrant – Details Coming In…

Donald Trump continues to win.

A Judge said he will release portion of affidavit that led to search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

Judge Bruce Reinhart gave prosecutors until August 25 to share their proposed redactions.

Shock Court Decision on Trump Raid

“U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart on Thursday ordered the Justice Department to redact the affidavit that was used to obtain the FBI’s search warrant for its raid on former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and said he would release at least a portion of it,” reports Fox.

“Reinhart, during the highly anticipated hearing in the West Palm Beach Division of Florida, said that the entire affidavit should not be kept under seal, despite the Justice Department’s argument that the release would jeopardize future steps in the investigation and provide a ‘roadmap’ for the probe,” reported Fox.

“The Justice Department asked Reinhart to keep the document under seal to ‘protect the integrity of an ongoing law enforcement investigation that implicates national security,'” reported Fox.

“Media organizations arguing the affidavit should be unsealed, the government and Reinhart all agreed that this is a unique and unprecedented case,” according to Fox News.

“Charles Tobin, who argued for the Washington Post and other media organizations, said the raid on Mar-a-Lago was one of the most significant law enforcement actions in the nation’s history, saying, ‘The public interest could not be greater,'” reported Fox.

Trump demanded this week that the affidavit be released in an unredacted form.

“In the interest of TRANSPARENCY, I call for the immediate release of the completely Unredacted Affidavit pertaining to this horrible and shocking BREAK-IN,” Trump said.

Do you think the affidavit should be unsealed?

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Source: Fox

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62 Responses

    1. Right! They can leave out the most important parts to make it look the exact opposite of what it really is. No redactions or no release that is the only choice.

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    2. BINGO…Stop playing around with the American people. Show the government’s hand, be completely transparent or get lost AG, FBI, CIA. Stop the lying, the fiction of reality and the disgraceful traitorous behavior by the people’s government.

    3. Once the November elections make the House and Senate red, Judge Reinhart needs to face a judicial ethics committee, looking toward his removal from the bench for ignorance of the 4th Amendment. These woke dem judges need to be removed from the bench one by one.

    4. Judge Reinhart needs to face a judicial ethics board, looking toward removal from the bench, for ignorance of the 4th Amendment! Mark Levin Esq. explained that well last night.

  1. Unredacted transparency is necessary to satisfy the people of the USA that everything was done legally and appropriately.

  2. Yes unseal the document DOJ and the FBI and the judge all headed in for President Trump what else are they going to do the far left and the Dems wanted their way or no way they just don’t want to see him president again and lose everything they have done to short change in screw the USA

  3. PELSOI & Cheney’s doings, you can bet, Pelosi used her speaker of the house powers to have unlawful actions taken and of coarse, Cheney is one of Pelosi’s pets, Cheney has to much hatred in her heart , she will never be successful in the Politic world,, the Bush’s has messed her brain up..
    News media is own by the richest of the rich and has a lot of effect on what people think, those who do not know any better and watch all the lie’s the News Media tell every day,, the Polls is one big lie, to make people think every body is for some one when they really do not lead in the polls but they try to bait the innocent minds.
    Pelosi is the devil in sheep clothing,,, as soon as they get her out, the faster we can get america back on track, and YES, the raid was all about trying to gain evidence of the Jan. 6th trial, they know its a joke, DemoEATS has changed sense Pelosi took speaker of the house, gone corrupt and Pelosi and her husband needs to be tried for ripping american people off , up in the white house making secret deals , fattening her and her husbands pocket book is against the law, point blank and they all in the white house is scare of Pelosi,
    Rmember, No mater what,, GOD Loves You,

    1. Are they going to release the actual document or doctor it up to look like what gets them off the hook on their political agenda. Schiff had sent an email stating he had turned over all to FBI a week before the raid and asking for a donate to help cover their expenses. Nice?

    2. Piglosy should have been gone about 10 years ago. She has been there too long! We need term limits. If president has limit of 2 terms the why not the house and senate?

    3. Pelo and Paul need to go to jail. She is giving him all stock tips and the guy is racking $$$. They need to be given green gowns along w that joker Biden and sent to jail for 20 yrs minimum.

    4. ALL the MORE reasons to do your OWN research DEEPLY into who EVER you vote for – even down to the local dog catcher and city/town/ community council…NEVER vote just to vote – – KNOW WHAT YOU ARE PUTTING UPON YOURSELF, YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR NEIGHBORS!!!!

    1. Talk to the “voters” in CA about “Piglosy” – THEY are the ones who think she is the be all and end all…maybe it will flood so much that it floats over to China or Asia somewhere where they’ll be happier and leave the rest of the US ALONE!!

  4. Yes the only way for transparency is to release the information. The longer it takes the more we the people feel they are trying to hide something.

  5. Nobody likes the DOJ or the FBI for their strong arm tactics. Yes, they should be made to release the affidavit. The Americanpeople have a right to know what’s going on with our government

    1. They are all headed by the current POTUS administration – most of the workers are just following their boss’ orders, like most of us…we need to get and KEEP decent people in Washington…at ALL LEVELS and agencies!!! We HAVE OUT WORK CUT OUT FOR US – I pray this next generation can take it on and FIX it – – my generation, some anyhow messed things up – the rest of us TRIED to stop the demented 60s crowd but couldn’t…maybe when this generation looks at things real good, they WILL decide to FIX IT!!! Because they don’t know what it SHOULD be – they need to research how great it WAS too!!!

  6. I think the whole government are worse than Hitler / Putin and any other dictator in the world. Yes Pelosi and Chaney are behind this and the Clintons Obama they are all teraders to our Country and to the American people.

  7. It should be released immediately and substantially UNredacted, other than to protect a person by name, for their safety.

  8. UNREDACTED YOU CRIMINALS. You had no right to raid the home of an ex-president. You have turned over a stone that will NEVER go back into place. And you can bet everything you have ever stolen on the fact that if and when the GOP takes back the government you will be feeling some of these off-hand tactics yourselves.

    1. Yes Trump,go back to our White House please! You will have a bigger mess to clean up but you are the person who will clean it up no matter how messy.

  9. How could we possibly believe even the affidavit at this time. They the FBI the Judge and all the others behind the scenes have had plenty of time to change it in any way they want.

  10. Doesn’t redaction just mean the names of the agents directly involved, case numbers and that sort of thing? I thought the entire point releasing the information was so that people would know WHY they would raid his home like he was some sort of drug smuggler now after all this time and what they were looking for. Trump was calling for the release the day after it happened and the FBI kept trying to stop it.Trump doesn’t seem to worried about it. One article said he wasn’t taking legal action when there were several available to him if the FBI really did do things illegally. I guess they though it was proof that he was scared. I take it as him not giving a flip because he knows what he has to worry about and what he doesn’t. I believe this will get worse and worse until midterms as a way to redirect. People can say what they want to but this country is in a hot mess and it IS MOST CERTAINLY Biden’s fault.

  11. Release the complete unredactid affidavit, because if they don’t the American people will know that this is completely political, after all it’s the same corrupt FBI people who made up the Russia Russia Russia lies, I believe that the democrats are evil to the core, just look at everything they have done to destroy our great nation.

  12. I guess the dems don’t have anything substantial to run on so their only hope is to defame their opponents. Why not give us some reason to think they are reasonable, America loving people with a plan to help make America better, not worse. But they have no such plan. So their only hope is to smear any and all opponents.

  13. Another horse & pony show. Total BS. They have nothing but they will do Anything to keep trump from running again. He is a threat to the democrats because he loves America while they hate Americans.

  14. Road map for the probe? You have to be kidding! The unhinged left has been wandering in the dark for over 6 years trying to get the real President doing something illegal or treasonous. As of yet they’ve been able to find absolutely nothing! Do they think there’s actually something to find in all this. For 6 years they have been looking for something that doesn’t exist at the expense of the taxpayers. The entire group should be thrown out and be forced to pay back 6 years of salary when they did NOTHING.

  15. Yes, FBI are very corrupted,, Biden and his family should have been raided, When they do get to Biden, its going to be way bigger than Water gate,,

    Pelosi has got to go, she has corrupted the DemocRats,, She and her husband in the back rooms of the white house has ripped american people off with all the secret deals she made to fatten her and her husbands pocket book and goodness at the sham of the Jan. 6th hearing is a Joke and see what people thought of Cheney, the Bush family brain washed her, and she will never be any good with all the hatred in her heart,, she is only fighting her own self,, no good…
    Yes, the raid was un lawful and this was the finishing of the DemocRats, they have gone backwards, lead by Pelosi, the devil of sheep clothing, and her followers, GET RID OF PELOSI, she is the ring leader of bad,,,
    Remember, God Loves You,

  16. We already have term limits. It is called the Voting Booth. If there are term limits then some good politicians will be out just when we need them most. SO VOTE RED PEOPLE.

  17. Justice says they have to “protect the integrity of investigation”? It’s more to to sheild the FBI
    The real reason for the raid and protect those involved. Read between the words. Unsealing the redaction certainly will implicate the mob behind them. What a show that will be. BUT, it’s also a distraction to cover up what they are doing behind scenes

  18. Correction:
    The Honorable Judge Reinhardt Will Allow the DOJ Prosecutors to TELL HIM what Portions of the Affadavit WILL BE REDACTED. His Holy Honor is As Corrupt as Garland is. What a KEilliMrock-of-Hogwalk..!!

  19. Full transparency is needed on this one. The warrant no doubt violates Trump’s constitutional rights.

  20. This is completely unacceptable behavior by the FBI and DOJ, there are far to many crimes by other people that have been dismissed or covered up, crimes like Treason and Government corruption. And Chris Wray needs to be in jail!!! Along Garland!!!

  21. this is an absolute travesty, you know GD well it is going to be redacted except for dates…THIS IS JUST ONE BIG F’ING JOKE


  23. Once they accuse any person regarding of their position they should have the legal right to know why the raid on their home or business if they can’t release it then they should be a raid in secrecy for officials to refuse his attorneys to stay in the building and keep them in out in above hot weather give a sense of impropriety i would think the FBI would have treated the former president in the same way they treated past presidents with coutersey

  24. The only REASON for this treasonous debacle is to recover the PROOF that the FBI, CIA, DOJ and the rest of the crooked P’OS in fact had their hands in the cookie jar! They are trying to retrieve “Documents” that prove they were guilty of the biggest hoax in this country! Russia Collusion folks! VOTE these lying traitors out of power! Vote for Trimp, a Republican Congress, and Senate and they will clean house from top to bottom! We need true Americans in the above mentioned organizations not lap dogs! VOTE RED PEOPLE!!!

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