BREAKING: Donald Trump Was RIGHT About CNN – Here’s The Proof…

A raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-lago home didn’t help CNN’s ratings at all.

It’s actually kind of hilarious.

“Imagine you are CNN, and the culmination of six years of lies and hate finally arrives in the form of the corrupt F.B.I. raiding Donald Trump’s home … and your ratings still suck,” Nolte of Breitbart wrote.

Trump was RIGHT

“CNN (a far-left propaganda outlet dedicated to spreading conspiracy theories and political violence) has spent six years manufacturing lies and hate against Trump,” Nolte said.

“CNN has dedicated billions and billions of corporate dollars towards one end: President Trump’s total and complete destruction, a man guilty of nothing more than disagreeing with the left’s sick and fascist worldview,” reports Nolte.

“It was Monday evening around 7 p.m. when news first broke of the Biden’s administration’s unprecedented Gestapo tactics against Joe’s likely 2024 re-election rival, and did America tune into CNN, into the propaganda outlet that has spent the most money and told the most lies to make that event happen?” Nolte asked.

Nope. America did not tune in.

Nolte reported viewer comparisons for the night:

At 7 p.m. CNN’s ratings still barely jumped over a million viewers, with 1.058 million. Fox News more than tripled that with 3.36 million.

At 8 p.m., CNNLOL was only able to attract 1.45 million viewers. Fox News nearly quadrupled that with 4.3 million.

At 9 p.m., CNN was already losing viewers. A mere 1.1 million compared to Fox’s 3.7 million.

By 10 p.m., CNN was already under a million. A pathetic 999,000 compared to Fox’s 2.5 million.

What do you think about these sad, sad ratings for CNN?

Share your thoughts below.

Source: Breitbart

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29 Responses

    1. True! That is the reason they can relate to the present president & administration so well! They could NOT pay me to watch it & some of their sister networks! My time is just too, precious to waste it like that!

    1. Yes but don’t forget NPR. CNN and a lot of local news stations weren’t the only ones, some stations just omitted positive things Trump did while in office and only reported negative opinions.

  1. If it wasn’t for Trump, they don’t have news. You would only have to listen to about half hour and after that you would just hear repeat after repeat, and that goes for their guests and contributors as well. Same words and same story, over and over again. Anyone with a brain would shut them down.

  2. Todays news is nothing but lies and fairytales. Journalists are gone. News is gone. Democrats kill everything good in the country!!

  3. Proof?
    CNN is fake news.
    That is obvious.
    Their lies have been so transparently false for so long that no additional proof is necessary.

  4. David Zaslav and Chris Licht claim they want to rebuild CNN into an impartial news gathering, that will protest the average citizen from government corruption. However, they still have the propaganda toadies like Brian Stelter, Don Lemon and others on camera. These anchors have destroyed CNN’s brand for impartiality, no matter how much they claim to be real journalists. Maybe if CNN started small and did a deep dive investigation into the 2019 Horowitz report on the FISA Court; or looked at what happened on election night between 11pm and 4am when all the vote counting was stopped, and Podesta’s October prediction of an overnight Blue Wave of mail in ballots came true; or Hunter Biden’s laptop, or any other story that gripped the nation with the undertones of not being worthy of coverage because it was Russian disinformation. The American people already know much of these stories from the dozens of real journalists (Not in the Main Stream) who have covered them. A mea culpa from CNN and other news organizations who were so incompetent to miss the news, or so biased as to ignore them would be welcome and the beginning of rebuilding the brand.

  5. Some people are putting Fox and NewsMax down. Their opinion.But when I listen to these two news outlets. I see the opposite of Democrats. They show how the left wants to destroy America. People are so caught up with Trump, they failed to look at each other in the mirror. If they actually did some research before pointing fingers. They might see the corruption that is happening in their party. I never hear them apologize for some of the destructive policies. It must be hard to wake up with this kind of negative attitudes. No wonder they all look like they are angry. Hope they repent for their careless behavior. Americans want our leaders to be held accountable would

  6. I hope that they would lose EVERYTHING! They are the most DISGUSTING, LYING, EVIL, BRAINLESS piles of fecal matter,, and definitely wish that their ratings go even lower than the ones of idiot and chief! Everything based on lies…..what goes around, WILL come around!!!

  7. Sometimes I channel surf,while going through the channels,like magic every single one of the communist liberal channels have one subject,President Trump,if not for President Trump they would have nothing to discuss, they hate him,but they can’t live without him. I do the same thing in the mornings,the same thing happens,the subject is President Trump. They don’t like him,but they can’t live without him. Wierd,isn’t it.

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