BREAKING: Fox News Host Unveils Biden Danger – Every American Must Know…

Fox News host Tucker Carlson took to the air to blast President Joe Biden’s “unlawful” Department of Justice.

Carlson said Biden’s “politicized law enforcement is a threat to democracy.”

“On FNC’s ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,’ host Tucker Carlson revealed the names of President Donald Trump associates who face a subpoena from the Biden Justice Department for alleged connections to the January 6, 2021 Capitol Hill riot,” reported Breitbart.

America Must Know This

“Carlson called the DOJ’s tactics harassment, illegal, unconstitutional and unlawful,” according to Breitbart.

Then, Carlson made the statement about politicization of law enforcement at the federal level and how it threatens America’s democracy.

“So, why is this happening? Because no one pushed back against it. Why did the lunatics get to defund the police, something that no normal person supported, the overwhelming majority of Americans never supported them, but they did it anyway. How did they get to do that? Because there is no opposition, no one pushed back. George Floyd died. They started screaming, calling everyone a racist and everyone just obeyed their most ludicrous demands,” Carlson said.

“January 6 is exactly the same thing. ‘It was an insurrection. It was a racist insurrection.’ No, it wasn’t. What are you talking about? No one said that. No one pushed back at all. So, it got completely out of control, and at this point, it’s not just a threat to the Republican Party. On one level, a lot of conservatives say, ‘Well, who cares? Mitch McConnell is inconvenienced? No one cares,'” Carlson continued.

“That’s not what it’s about. It’s a threat to the American system. This kind of behavior, politicized federal law enforcement, is a threat to democracy. It’s a threat to the system we live under. It’s a threat to everything we have that’s valuable. We cannot allow this, but no one’s even mentioning it,” Carlson concluded.

What do you think about Carlson’s comments?

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Source: Breitbart

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43 Responses

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    1. Get involved, talk to your friends relatives. Ask them if they want to live the rest of their lives under a Biden type of government where you will not have the Constitution as we know it today to protect you

      1. YES, of course, it is the VOTERS who blindly supported “uncle Joe” that put us and USA in the shape we’re in now but, they’re trying to convince us that it’s COVID that has put us where we are not…DON”T listen to them and VOTE REASONABLY FOR THE USA and our CONSTITUTION – as it IS -= not to change it into a Chinese country

  2. No push back until people vote so if you care about pushing back 50 days till you can…only the party out of power can push back.

  3. Tucker is so dead on about this Pres. using and weaponizing the FBI , DOJ and even our military & Nat’l Guard and we as American citizens had better heed these facts or we are no longer going to have a country, a free country but a Dictator of a Toltarian Government!!!!

    1. Biden signed an Executive Order without any approval from government agencies, to end our currency and replace it with coins with sensors built in so the government can monitor everything we purchase and spend money on. Government can cancel it at any whim if they want to. There us a bill number but I didn’t keep it handy. There is plenty of coverage about his intent to take place around Christmas!!

      1. HOW MANY “voters” will pay ATTENTION to these things happening now when it comes the big GENERAL Election…remember – liberal party has BIG GOVERNMENT as part of their platform – conservatives believe in and have state’s rights as part of their platform…do you want someone that doesn’t care about you to make YOUR rules of life or someone who KNOWS your thinking to make those decisions WITH your input? Dems vs Repbs. EASY

  4. Tucker, God bless you for getting the truth out.
    Where is the backbone of the Republicans? I’m so sick of them not
    fighting for our rights I’m going to go Conservative or Independent.
    Innocent people in jail, our Justices being threatened, babies allowed to be killed after 15 week. Why not if it has to be done within the month.
    God bless America and forgive us.

    1. A fetus has a heartbeat after 18 days. Eighteen days!! So if it’s a month or fifteen weeks, it’s still murdering a life that God created. We need to wake up to what our Lord wants us to do. Adoption is the answer, not cutting a fetus in parts to remove it from its birthplace.

      1. ABSOLUTELY ROBERT!!! I adopted TWO “special needs” babies who were about to be aborted…they were given dire predictions of health and intelligence but one grew up to be a Paralegal and the other is working on a degree in international accounting….NO ONE EVER KNOWS THE VALUE OF AN UNBORN/BORN CHILD!!! ADOPTION IS THE ANSWER – too many people wanting to adopt but babies are being killed rather than adopted…the VALUE of human life is not recognized at all!!! WORSE THAN THE discrimination against blacks!!! MUCH WORSE!!!


  5. The pushing back starts now before the voting. People are clueless out there. They sit and watch fake news feed to them and don’t know the truth. One day they will wake up and it will not matter. People voted badly in 2019 because of bad, fake news and they will do it again if we don’t open their eyes.

  6. Tucker you better watch your back. The Democrats don’t like the truth being told. Please be really careful but kepp up the good work and thank you.

  7. The anti-American, Dementia, Liar, Criminal Leader and the DemoRAT Party, are the Evil, Criminal Racist Extremist, who are following in the footsteps of Hitler and ALL MUST BE VOTED OUT ON ELECTION DAY NOV. 2022.
    The American People must take our America Back, Our Lives, our Children our Grandchildren and our Great Grandchildren lives are in danger.
    America is the Greatest Country in the World. We the American People who LOVE AMERICA and believe in our Constitution, Freedom for All, Equal Justice under the Law, Law and Order, Safety of All, are the only ones who can Save America from becoming totally controlled by Communism.

  8. I am a conservative Republican. But I would love to know what the Republicans in office is thinking. I know one thing they need to step up and do what’s right for the American people. We are willing to fight for what’s right, Our leaders need to put a stop to this craziness in this country.

    1. I wrote to one of Senators of the State of Indiana and asked for a response. It has been a week and NOTHING. Shame on you Jim Banks. What good is a senator if they ignore the people that live in their state? Where is our representation?

  9. Tucker, your right the Republicans that are in power have let it happen and if the midterm election puts the Republican majority in the house and Senate I pray they have the guts to put this country back to what it was three years ago and put these demo commie in jail for treason.

  10. It amazes me that President Biden accuses the people (75 million) who voted for Donald Trump are Semi-Fascists seeking to overthrow America. It seems to me President Biden is acting like Il Duce. The man who created fascism.

  11. It’s unbelievable what has happened to our country in two short years; we had better wake up; Republicans had better get some guts and start listening to we the people; Gid is not going to be patient with us forever

  12. It’s hard to accept the portion of the republican party to give the opposition their support without getting anything back. They are allowing the rest of us to be like sheep being lead to slaughter, Fjc

  13. Anita,
    This has nothing to do with the topic on this page. But this is just as important.

    Look up ex
    order 14067 it is about the coming change to our money. And total control of our money and our property.

  14. Talking is mostly what every disenfranchised person is likely to do. You by the way are the disenfranchised. At this moment any conservative minded person who openly disagrees with the current administration are enemies of the State and are being processed in the halls of justice without consent or due process As such. Pretty soon you will find you are not even a citizen of the United States of America.

  15. The “breaking down” of our society was plotted out by Obama & his gang! This was perpetrated while in office, but @ that time he didn’t have enough time nor the majority of Congress! He got it by being the puppeteer of Joe (corrupt) biden! Obama & his wife both said they wanted to change our country. They didn’t like Democracies/Colonialism! HOWEVER, this couple made many millions off of this country & by lying to our citizens! Remember, this is why OBAMAS stayed in Washington DC, so they could pull “the strings” of the puppet!

  16. We need more Tucker Carlson’s in this country! Your honesty and commitment to our country, constitution and defense of our freedom and way of life is what every patriotic American should stand up and fight for. I know we all need to vote to rid this country of these corrupt legislatures and leaders but we need to speak out and end this tyrannical administration and all who would silence us. Thank you and God Bless you Tucker!


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