BREAKING: GOP Gets HUGE News After Election Reversal – Trump Smiling…

Following the raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, republicans have shown up and flipped Ohio.

A recent Ohio poll shows J.D. Vance holds the lead over his Democrat opponent Representative Tim Ryan.

“In the first poll since the unprecedented Mar-a-Lago raid, Emerson College Polling showed that J.D. Vance, the Trump-backed Republican nominee for Ohio’s open U.S. Senate seat, and Republicans had overtaken Democrats in the Buckeye State,” reported Breitbart.


“Vance leads Ryan by three points in the most recent Emerson College poll. The poll found that 45 percent of the 925 general election voters would vote for Vance over the 42 percent who would vote for Ryan. There were also four percent who said someone else, and ten percent were undecided,” reported Breitbart on the poll.

Spencer Kimball, Executive Director of Emerson College polling said:

Both Vance and Ryan have strong bases of support, and the race tightens to a one-point lead for Vance among the very motivated and very likely voters in Ohio. Whereas Vance leads by a larger margin among somewhat likely and somewhat motivated voters.

Additionally, in Ohio, President Joe Biden has a 56 percent disapproval rating.

“In a hypothetical 2024 poll between Biden and former President Donald Trump, the former president leads with a majority of the vote with 53 percent compared to the 39 percent who would vote for Biden,” reported Breitbart.

What do you think about these polling results?

Share your thoughts below.

Source: Breitbart

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27 Responses

  1. We will lost our country if everyone does vote .I for one like it always been .we need Trump bad . I’m at age I don’t want to be told what an when I can do anything .my voice counts.

    1. I agree Doris we need a honest Smart President not a brainless Liar like Joe Biden he just a puppet for Obama and Soros and China Biden owes China A lot of favors because of all the money he got from China and Hunter should be in prison right beside his crooked Dad

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    2. I also agree Doris. I am very close to my 80th birthday and I have never in my life been so scared for the future of my country. The DEEP STATE is so deep it is scary to think how long it will take to completely eradicate it. President Trump had a good start and of course the liberals don’t want to be castrated so President Trump had to go. What kind of citizen of this great country actually thinks the Biden/Obama/Rice/Schumer/Pelosi administration is doing anything good for America. The supposed 39% who still support this administration need to take a good hard look at what is happening. LIBERALS, PAY ATTENTION.

      1. Katie i am 70 and i want you to know what is happening is many have been programmed to believe that change is always good,it is not. they call themeselves progressive as to incinuate that they are about progress,they are not. they are all about wanting to change america to a communistic society,more in line with satan and globalists and NWO. the changelings must be defeated at all costs to save america.

        1. Shin Gao You are right on target. Bullseye! That is exactly what is happening. Thx for shining light upon this darkness of communist corruption

        2. We can win if we overcome the fraud that put this regime in the WH to exercise dictatorial mandates to destroy our country.

          1. Bastard Biden is the worst “president” in US history. His cabinet and buddies in congress are so heathen God is crying!

        3. Yes. You are right. satan is the one who is directing this administration. This is a Spirtual Battle. Ephesians 6:12. Make No mistake about it. We are at WAR( A Spiritual War). I leave you with this.
          Here is how we pray for the leaders in this Nation.
          We should first pray for the salvation of their soul, including God removing their hearts of stone. We should ask the Almighty to begin to open their understanding and for God to reveal Christ to them. We should also agree that any law opposing God’s higher-law and any legislation that would silence the voices of God’s men and women would utterly fail.
          In the Mighty Name of JESUS AMEN.
          This is our prayer Father God to the leaders of this Nation.
          Thank You Father God for hearing and answering our prayers.

  2. Its over for our country IF we do not VOTE this whole administration OUT. They cannot run anything especially a country. Get the Democrats OUT!!!

  3. I want a Trump /DeSantis ticket and then Trump gets his 2nd term and DeSAntis follows for two terms giving us 12 years of great leadership in a row. Imagine what our country would be like with 12 years in a row of great leadership. America truly would be great again. Biden has destroyed so much in America it is sickening. Everything was better under Trump as Trump put America first not last like Biden.

    1. I totally agree with you! Trump & DeSantis would make a great team! We need to get the Swamp out before 2024 though!

    2. I absolutely agree. I’m for Trump and DeSanti team 1 term for Trump and then two terms for DeSanti. Let’s all vote for the two of them come 2024 and make America Great Again!!

  4. Does joey answer to BRANDON yet ? There’s an old Saw that states nobody forgets how to ride a bicycle. . . ‘Till joey came along . . .

  5. It is not important whether Trump supports & indorses someone or not. What is important is that politicians who claim to be Republican but kowtow to the marxist dumocrats and fail to support the Constitution and the American people are rejected and voted out of office. We need honest politicians with integrity we can trust. We need politicians who will look out for the people and work for our benefit and not just their own. We need politicians who will be good stewards of the nation and the funds we provide them with. We do not want tyranny. We simply want a just, limited, federal government. Is that too extremists? Is that too much to expect & ask?

    1. I say, we DONT NEED POLITICANS get RID of ALL OF THEM. We need Patriots and we need to vote on everything ourselves NOT allowing one individual (this gives them too much power and allows them to be corrupt) to vote for us! It’s time to go OLD SCHOOL!!! It worked before it can work again. We have handed our pay checks over to them and allowed them to squander our $s . Our children and grandchildren are in trouble and how SELFISH we are to only worry about today and the me and right now. Corruption is rampant TIME TO SHUT DOWN THE BANK TO THEM!! We need to take back our power (and our monies) they are to work for us per our CONSTITUTION! Somehow, we have ALL forgotten this!!

  6. In 3 months the future of America is at. stake. We have the power, not them. It’s bigger than a 1000 glocks or Ar15s. In one word VOTE. In 2020 less than 20% voted! If we rase that by 10% we could remove the last 5 decades of Dem decline and back to America First. Low gas prices, closed southern border and honor back in government for Americans not their bank account. Liz Cheney showed up in Washington with 3 million in the bank, after her primary loss she leaves with 45 million. That is because people disregard the vote! So it’s up to you, like it’s always been with your vote! IND

  7. We’re praying that the republicans and hopefully the dems will stand firm in their beliefs that our country’s survival depends on voting for the candidate that will put America’s best interest first not last. Some of the dems have finally opened their eyes and figured out that Biden is a real threat to our country. Hoping that more dems will come to their senses about the state of our country-high inflation. We’re heading towards starvation in more ways than one.

  8. I don’t really think Ron DeSantis will run for POTUS in 2024. He is up for re-election this year, Now IF he happens to lose, that might be a horse of different color. He wants to do (and plans to do) a lot more for the citizens of Florida. He was right to keep Florida open during the pandemic. If the citizens wante to wear masks they had every right to do so. I think he wants to get a little more notoriety so he will be able to get big money behind him and be better known throughout America. He will be a better candidate if he continues running for Governor of the state of Florida. Then maybe he will be a much better POTUS when or if he runs. I hope then they get in the borders will be closed, the 87,000 IRS agents to be fired, and the economy will improve so prices for gas, groceries, and other items (drugs, lumber, and other goods) will also come down). If Biden does not sell this country to China and/or Russia. Improve the value of our $ and Make America Great Again. Liz Cheney was not reprenting the constituency that put her into office, they spoke and VOTED HER OUT. She is no better than any other RINO. People who vote for the side of the party in office. She needed to go.

  9. I would like to know what is wrong with the brains of the 39% who said they would vote for Biden. It must be a very serious defect to destroy all their capability for logical thinking.

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