BREAKING: GOP Senator Reveals Left-Wing Treachery Against America [Developing]

Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida blasted the Left for their treachery against America.

Scott said he believes the left has made the United States into an unrecognizable country, making them the enemy within.

“Scott joined some of the Republican congressional conference’s most conservative thought leaders onstage at CPAC Texas, warning the audience that the radical left is ‘the enemy within,'” reported JustTheNews.

Left-Wing Treachery

“Today we face the greatest danger we have ever faced,” Scott said.

Scott’s public views about the future of the Republican Party have increased his national profile.

“The militant left-wing in our country has become the enemy within,” Scott hammered.

“Now that’s pretty dramatic,” Scott said. “And here’s why.”

“He argued the members of the country’s most extreme left have seized control of the country’s economy and culture and portrayed a dark vision of America today,” reported JustTheNews.

“When you turn on the news at night, do you even recognize the country you see?” Scott asked.

“Are you worried for your family? Are you worried for your freedoms? The woke left now controls the Democrat Party, the entire federal government, the news media, academia, big tech, Hollywood, most corporate board rooms, and now even some of our top military leaders. They are working hard to redefine our country,” Scott added.

“Scott also listed what he thinks are among the far left’s top targets – patriotism, border security, gender, and free speech,” according to JustTheNews.

What do you think about Scott’s comments?

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Source: JustTheNews

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36 Responses

        1. Oh as I keep saying, crush them in Novemeber and vote republican. Then we can start getting rid of all this garbage. The left has spent over $35,000,000 of taxpayer money to get this guy and they have come up with nothing yet except to lie to get him and it still fails. How sad.

        2. What makes you think we will be allowed to make a change in November? After all the things Scott pointed out that are now controlled by the Demonrats, and after the results of the 2020 presidential election, what make you believe that the November ’22 election will be allowed by them to make a change in our favor? Especially after the raid on Mar A Lago on the evening of 8/8/2022? This nation, as a free constitutional republic, no longer exists except in the memories of the few patriots who are left.

        3. Well looks likely that The DEMORATS are going to start a civil war before going down as a party. Its well deserved as well THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA HAVE HAD IT WITH THE PARTIES CHILD ABUSE AND THEIR FAILURES TO FIND A DECENT MAN TO RUN FOROFFICE.BUTSO FAR FAILUERES


    1. Heathens running the hen house. Incompetent pope won’t excommunicate Biden, Pelosi, and a few more. Uneducated voters with no knowledge of civics. Stupid cannot be fixed.

      1. The Deep State (which are Democrats and a few Republicans) Not all Democrats are evolved. We need to watch our finger pointing. It’s time to clean house!

  1. I agree. Not only possible terrorists entering our country but diseases as well. Everything he touches turns to dust. The liberal states have done nothing to prevent the crimes and drugs. Soros, China and Gates are enjoying themselves playing with our lives and buying up farmland for which Gates wants us to eat his fake food. The investigation into the Bidens’ family crimes needs to be addressed now, not later. The Afghanistan withdraw caused the death of our military and the Taliban to rear its ugly head once again. God has been removed from our country . Abortion at full term is murder. He is still permitted to take the Eucharist which the Catholic church should forbid. I don’t know about others but I can’t afford higher electric, gas, groceries, etc. Our citizens need to research the candidates before voting for them. Biden has lied and plagiarized his entire life. This is what you get. Harris is no better. We are doomed.

  2. I support Scott and Debs comments should be sent to every America. America is in the fight of
    her of life.

    Richard Bright

  3. I completely agree. America is no longer a United country. Corporate America is calling the shots and all they care about is their botttom line, regardless of what it does to hardworking Americans.

  4. You can’t be more clear on what’s happening today. We as voters caused this. To keep freedom means you have to get off your butt and vote and fight, you can even use there tactics. But you have vote to do it! In 5 months America has a chance to turn back the clock 5 decades. Before the left and globalist turned us into what we see today! It’s up to you, Ind

  5. I believe Rick Scott is EXACTLY correct. Hang in there, you are sendongnthe Communist Marxists a reality check.

  6. We need to stop fretting about these leftists and DO SOMETHING! What we can do is study, watch, learn, listen – then VOTE. We need to know what we are voting for. We need to get involved in the elections and volunteer to be poll watchers. We need to stop standing in the background and waiting for the next person to do something! Remember that typing exercise? “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”

    1. There you have it Jerry, GET INVOLVED!!! Crowd each voting place with Pole Watchers and don’t back down when challenged, because you surely will. These bastards have got to be stopped or we will never survive as a nation.

  7. There’s a special place that all Democrats are heading to…HELL!
    And I can’t wait till that day comes
    F&@k all Democrats and libturds
    KARMA is waiting for all of you.

  8. We need ACTION now and not WORDS. Our Republican leaders need to step up now. Our country is under attack and if we want to have our country turned into a Banana Republic, then just keep on with WORDS and no ACTION. It is time to step up and reclaim our country and our liberties.

  9. I’m beginning to think that for the good of the nation, maybe we must resort to playing the game down and dirty like the Demoncrats in order win. Study the underhanded tactics that they’re using and duplicate them in our favor. Look at all they did in 2020. One area to concentrate on would be our indoctrinated young adults. Somehow we must keep them from destroying their futures.

  10. Talks cheap!!!
    What are we going to do about it !
    This is a war within itself I for one will fight to the end as I did in the or lose !
    Remember good always wins over evil you just can’t keep repeating the same old story and do nothing ! Actions speaks louder then words !!!!!! So when are “WE” going to ACT ! ? I say Let’s Roll !! And let the dominoes fall where they may !

    1. will somebody plz take the bull by the horns and organize something, 5 mill man march to DC or something. like the original patriots they gave their blood, sweat and tears even their lives and im ready to lay down my life for this country! remember there’s power in numbers, but we have to act and now!

  11. I am in complete & total agreement with Rick Scott. Everyone needs to vote Republican in Nov. Election and get the nation wreckers out of power n keep them out.

  12. The left is intentionally trying to destroy the God fearing country we started out to be. This nation was dedicated to God. It was not meant to be a country destroying our young and teaching them to change how they were made. God has had a plan and purpose for each and every individual. It is not to be deviated from by the deceptive ways of the devil.

  13. Come on Republicans get up & do something talk is not doing it take action just like the Democrats do. We the people are behind you & President Trump but you have to show us you are sticking together & out there fighting for Justice.

  14. We must start with our kids and families. We must return to our values, traditions, morals, etc. We must include God in everything we do. Yes, we must vote. Middle America is not nuts like West and East Coast. We must follow our Constitution and Declaration of Independence! We have The COS to take power from a Washington and return it to the States. We can do it! Our vote is powerful!

  15. We need fighters, not just talkers. GOP’s talk a good talk. When good fails to fight for what is right, evil prevails. I’m praying for God to give us soldiers of the cross of Christ who will stand and fight for the Judeo-Christian principles of our country’s Fathers to MAGA!

  16. All are Spot On He is Right, I Want To Know When Will The illegals Gett The Bus To Deleware To Stupids Beach Houses?? I sit and Never read once have I seen It, I think they all should Go to his houses!

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