BREAKING: Joe Biden Caught In Act After Report Goes Public – Hypocrisy On Display…

Pollster Frank Luntz blasted President Biden for lying to the American people.

More than 70 percent of Americans are now having trouble making ends meet and President Biden tried to redefine what inflation means, saying there was “zero inflation” in July.

“Luntz said Thursday on CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ that President Joe Biden claiming inflation was zero in July was ‘Orwellian at its worst,'” reported Breitbart.

Biden Caught: Hypocrite

Biden said, “Today we received news that our economy had zero percent inflation in the month of July, zero percent.”

“Here’s what that means while the price of some things went up, the price of others went down by the same amount. The result zero inflation last month,” Biden added.

Luntz said, “It’s cynical. It is a destruction of the meaning of words. It is Orwellian at its worst. It is the kind of job that I do as a language guy, as someone who tries to find the words and phrases to connect to the American people, but as a pollster, I know how much it plays into our belief that we cannot trust our elected officials and we cannot trust our institutions. We have been pulling this issue, and the American people think it is harder now to make it and get by. More than 70% of Americans have trouble making ends meet. One out of four literally have trouble paying the bills the end of the week or the end of the month because of inflation. For Joe Biden to redefine what that means and to attempt to define what that means is one the things that they should be angriest about.”

He continued, “For him to claim the inflation rate is zero, saying that it’s going to be one of those issues that we remember the Biden administration playing games with the English language.”

Luntz added, “To say that the inflation rate is zero is the height of hypocrisy and a president has a responsibility to tell the American people the truth.”

What do you think about President Biden lying to the American people?

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Source: Breitbart

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42 Responses

  1. Biden and his comrades in the Demoncrat Party try to make their own truth. But it is always dishonesty at its worst. I am proud to be an American but very ashamed to be the laughing stock of the world because of all the stupid moves made by this illegitimate president.

    1. Biden’s nose isn’t going to fit is his mirror with all his lies. Why do we need an Inflation Reduction Act if Lying Joe says inflation is -0-?

      1. Well for him it may be since he has so much money and then gets everything for free. Biden does not see reality of the common US citizen at all. He puts on blinders so he can make outlandish statements and hope we don’t see through them but we do.

    2. I’m also ashamed of this illegitimate president and all of his lies and corruption. He has made our beautiful country a laughing stock around the world. I’m a big believer in “what goes around comes around “. He and his cronies will be punished for what they have done!

  2. “JUST LIE TO THE IDIOTS,” Biden’s handlers tell him. They think we are idiots. Arrogant idiots always think everyone else is dumber than they are. They have destroyed our economy, they have destroyed our borders, they have destroyed our image to the world, they have wasted BILLIONS on “green” fantasy. Democrats destroy, that’s what they do, AND THEY MUST BE REMOVED.


  4. Liars will always lie and he has the top spot on non-truths . he is a terrible being and not one bit human . he is satans spawn and does not deserve a capital at all . president , My rear or butt , ya’ll choose which to designate the traitor of humanity and not just the USA but the entire world .

  5. Biden has dementia and it’s getting worse. Everyone around him is too chicken to admit it. Biden is incompetent doesn’t know what he’s talking about from one minute to the next. We’re all experiencing what elder abuse looks like. He needs to go back to the basement and live out his days there and leave the rest of us alone.

  6. Well far as I can tell he has never spoken a truth in his entire career or should I restate that his entire drain on tax dollars with absolute zero return but then he is a democrat and that is how they work tax tax tax tax tax more tax then lie say its costing us nothing then spend away

  7. So why should we expect him to tell us the truth? His entire time in D.C. has been nothing but lies. He is such a hypocrite and the people around him are even worse.

  8. A voter fraud organization was put together by many people and dementia Joey admitted to it on video. He has a long criminal history and I am sure he remembers that. He and his teleprompter handlers are guilty of treason by putting every American’s life in danger by allowing illegals, criminals, and terrorists to cross our border. We are already hearing about little girls being raped and murdered. THE PUPPET AND HIS PUPPET MASTERS MUST ANSWER FOR THE CRIMES THEY ARE COMMITTING.

  9. He is a ignorant man being led by the nose and telling lies are just natural to him. He got into office by cheating and now he is giving away our country to arabs , chinese and russians for money in his pocket. He has dementia and can not tell us anything that is a truth. He needs to be removed because he is not mentally capable of runnng this nation and whichever puppet master is pulling his strings needs to go also. He was suffering from dementia when he was elected(cheated his way into office) and he is not getting better.Vote all the democrats out that you can in November and see if that will help.

  10. I so badly want to see a video of Biden in leg irons, chain collar and handcuffs sitting at a table with his head down in a plate of bugs! Let him eat bugs!

  11. He has been a GD good for nothing liar for over His 45 worthless Years in government living off our dime and gaming the system & He was a GD liar hidin in His basement before the election! So the only morons that should be surprised by this FACT is the idiots that voted for the POS

  12. Everyone knows that Biden and his brown noser’s are liars especially about inflation. I live on a small social security check, have no car, and for the first time in a long time, I can’t make ends meet. My savings has dropped since I have to pull money out almost every month now. My power bill was double this month. I no longer can buy a T-bone or ribeye once a month. I can’t even afford to by yarn to crochet since that has gone up too! My medication has gone up as well, so what is an old woman to do. I don’t go to the movies, or shopping, or even out to eat. I cook all my meals, no convenience foods. All I can say is that everyone needs to vote every rino and democrat out of power. Even if we can get change the top, will I live long enough not to worry about how I will feed myself and my 3 dogs. Yes, dog food has become outrageous too!

  13. There is nothing this president and the swamp won’t lie about. They don’t listen to the truth and they don’t tell the truth.

  14. If just call what it is, Obama is telling idiot Joe what to say. Obama should be charged with treason. Susan Rice the liar, the woke children running the White House. Nancy Pelosi the all time drunk running the House like a mob gang. Look at Michigan. All Republicans who were running in the election were winning but a 4 in the morning to fraud started. Democrats won with help from the corrupt AG and SOS.AG is still going after the Republicans running for office. The governor is the biggest fraud of all. Helped with her own kidnapping, lied to get elected, paid by Soros to destroy Michigan. But still the fools in Michigan think she is doing just fine. Stupidity has been reinstate by the democrats for all you voters who push to give idiot creepy uncle Joe a chance. You make me sick.

  15. What does he care,he was on vacation for two weeks with the excuse that he had Covid,NOW he is on vacation again in a 20 million dollar mansion. He cares nothing about the American people. It is all about commie Joe.

  16. The real.hypocrisy is the double standard. If Trump said those inane words. Msnbc CNN would have cpas economic professors and IRS agents explaining how stupid he was!

  17. What an idiot. Inflation was terrible in July. More lies from biden.
    The only zero we have is no confidence in his whole administration. Wake up America, purge these clowns.
    They’re evil.
    FJB !!!

  18. IRA does not mean Inflation Reduction Act… means “In R A** ” which is where we are going to get it come tax time !!

  19. That POS in the WH has lied from his first day in office. I refuse to listen to anything that man has to say I view it as nothing more than one lie after another He wouldn’t know how to tell the truth if it reached up and slapped him in the face

  20. What’s really scarey is that this demented inbecile really beleives what he is being told to say. Brrrrrrrrrrr!!

  21. Thi evil, dementedl, lying moron believes he is King of America. He does not have to answer to anyone apparently. The Republicans in office and candidates better start pushing back or the country will no longer exist. I constantly have a feeling of doom coupled with hatred for this man. It’s quite draining and so depressing.

  22. ZERO is going to happen to Liars!!!! Lookat LIAR SCHIFF he still is lying!!!!!!!! and everybody is believe him> guys like this should NOT represent this nation!! But what can you do when the country is run by infested corrupt politions!!!!!!!! I dont even watch the NEWS which is the same ols BS.

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