BREAKING: Joe Biden Caught In COVID Scandal – Massive Lie Shocks…

Fox News host Steve Doocy blasted Biden for flip flopping on his views of just how bad the coronavirus is.

Doosy said that Biden and his administration have a selective view of the severity of the coronavirus.

Biden and his team have argued the pandemic is an emergency that justifies the president’s loan program and then went on to hopld a packed rally in Maryland.

Biden COVID Scandal

Doocy said “The Heroes Act is the justification by the Department of Education, according to the secretary of Education, that they’re using.”

“The Heroes Act, in 2003, was to help men and women who served in Afghanistan and Iraq when we were fighting two wars. And so, then, after that, Donald Trump was — said, you know what, we’re in a time of emergency with the pandemic, we’ll use it at that point,” Doocy added.

“The Biden administration, half the time they’re saying there is no COVID to worry about for the most part. But then, yesterday, they said it’s an emergency, regarding COVID,” Doocy said.

He didn’t stop there. Doocy went on to add that President Biden isn’t putting his money where his mouth is because he’s attending packed rallies while calling COVID an emergency.

“And last night, the president was up in Rockville, MD, not too far from where you’re sitting, and there were thousands of people sitting six inches from each other, clearly no COVID standards there. So, COVID is over if it’s convenient for Joe’s victory tour,” Doocy concluded.

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas then weighed in with, “Yeah, but it’s not over if it’s not convenient for his political goals.”

What do you think about Doocy’s remarks and Biden’s hypocrisy?

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Source: Breitbart

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