BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets Devastating Diagnosis – Could Hurt 2024…

HBO host of “Real Time” Bill Maher blasted President Biden for considering a 2024 run.

Maher said that even with the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act, Biden should not try for a second term.

Maher noted that inflation, job numbers, the death of former al-Qaeda leader Ayman-al-Zawahiri would give Biden momentum to propel another leader into the presidency, but that is should not be Biden.

Biden Gets Terrible Diagnosis

Maher argued that Biden should use his momentum to “find someone younger inside the party that he can back and then ride off into the sunset,” reports Breitbart.

Piers Morgan of Fox Nation asked, “But don’t you think the smart play actually is — I think Maureen Dowd wrote this last week — the smart play for Biden, I don’t think he should run again in 2024 –”

Maher responded, “I agree.”

“For the benefit of the Democrats,” Morgan continued, “I think what he should do is ride this wave he’s on now and say, now, actually, I’m not going to run again, find a young, dynamic person in the Democratic Party that he could get behind, and then they’ve got a good chance, I think.”

Maher responded in agreement:


“Be the sheriff who rides into town, I saved the town. And now, I’m Clint Eastwood and I’m riding out. Thank you, and good night,” Maher added.

What do you think about Maher’s comments?

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Source: Breitbart

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68 Responses

      1. Good Bye Joe, Happy you’re leaving.
        You were the worst President America has ever had.
        Take Pelosi, AOC, Harris, Schumer
        With You

    1. here is a message for the director of the Democratic party he is sick , he was an Illegitimate president, who made racism grown against the White people , his step father Barry , your Step father Lolo must have been nice man to care enough about you to leave you a fortune, so you can live well, but I guess you did not like his color, or appreciate his love , using the education he paid for you to have , against the USA & the American people of every profession through out the USA sure did not spread any love or make love grow, but it sure did make your bank account grow! you id not like Seniors, our Veterans or the Disabled enough to give them a cost of living increase all the time you were in the American people’s owned White House but you gave them $7.00 when you wanted them to vote for Hillary another con Lady after you could not get a 3rd term . Well you got your 3rd term now with Biden in the White House , I’m sure your Father Barrack H. Obama would be proud what do you think? He would be a Senior today so would your Mom , the Koran should not even be in the American people’s White House it belongs in it’s own country . Mr. J. Biden Jr. has no shame over what he has done to the USA neglecting the American citizens, & Mrs. N. Pelosi her father Mr. DiAlessndro probably turning in his grave 50 million times a day . I hate to see what what Mrs, Rodaham is doing in hers. those with bad karma will get their bad karma back , it will not skip them . Americans pay taxes for better benefits, Human Rights, better futures , not high taxes, corruption, nor for any American elected official to use their taxes to pay for power grabs, endangerment of every neighborhood, stealing of rights, benefits, on & off of the job , nor for the allowance & spiteful misconduct of not implementing a full National Security & not implementing full border Wall to end endangerment of pandemics, infestation Illegal drugs, terrorists, Illegal guns, spies etc. . pure negligence calls fore impeachment of all who disrespected their Oath of office, depleting our infrastructure, allowing Illegal aliens to be above the law, daily every second of every day , with the spiteful entrance of infestation spreading sicknesses knowingly causing Genocide is unconstitutional . Lord in heaven expose catch & bring to justice hold accountable those who caused Americans & loved to die for no reason other than spiteful misconduct as they allowed foreign National population to grow not having any laws because American elected officials felt they were above the laws, as Illegal aliens feel they are above the laws, while violating Americans rights on & off of the job especially those who cause accidents while corporation cover up accidents & sweep these accidents under the carpet , violating American citizens right. Amen hold accountable all American elected officials liable & Accountable

      1. I agree with the content of this message. It got the message across even with the run on sentences. Wow!

  1. I believe there is no one in the Democratic Party I would vote for. They are the Party of lies, of useless programs that only enrich their corporate pals and the CCP. We need an America first agenda in this country and not the pathetic, bended knee apologetic Democrates whose only goal is to line their own pockets.

    1. ALL those in our representative government, took an oath of office, ALL the same, ” To uphold and protect the Constitution of these United States ” ! By refusing to uphold the laws of OUR America, THEY have BROKEN their ” oath of office ” and should be FORCIBLY REMOVED from office IMMEDIATELY ! THEY are traitors to the citizenry of this country !

      1. I agree 100%. This admin is destroying our great USA 🇺🇸 and they need to be impeached and a lot jailed for treason. Sad but true. Vid bless the USA 🇺🇸 and pray for Pres Trump to be back in office asap!

      1. Biden has already circled the drain. He has become the nasty clog that’s causing the sewage to overflow the sink.

  2. I have no use for Maher but I have say I agree, but I don’t think We the People are dumb enough to put another Democrat back in office after Biden and the disasters he has created which are being created by whoever is pulling his string sand not Biden (he is a figurehead).

  3. Bill Maher has recently made some very sensible comments. Unfortunately this is not one of them. Biden has done the complete opposite of “saving”, destoying is what Biden is really good at. When Biden stole the Presidency, the country did not need saving. Trump was running it like a successful business. Now it is a dumpster-fire thanks to President Poopy Pants.

  4. bideb should be droped in the middle of afganistan ,and let the terrorist groups take hill to hell ! let that bastard die of torcher by people he supports

  5. Totally agree with Nel. The Dems have proven that all they want is self aggrandizement. They care nothing for America only what they can profit legally or illegally for themselves.We are a disgrace to the world and now we have to contend with Biden’s illegals. There is no end to this disruption in our once free country and it must be stopped. This is how losing one’s freedom begins.

    1. You are SO right, Evelyn. Sometimes (like now) I’m glad I’m old, so I won’t have to be around to see the total destruction of our country by the Dems.

      1. Me, too. I’m on my way out, but I do feel bad for those who follow……children, grandchildren, etc. It is hard for me to believe that anyone can, possibly, think that Biden is doing a good job!! He even messes up reading the teleprompter. I live in Delaware, and I don’t know what he ever did as our senator. Things are coming out now, about the bad decisions he has made in the past.

  6. I can’t see one of the Democrats I would vote for they seem to all be in bed with China and has done nothing for the people of the United States. They think only of them selves how much money they can take out of our pockets to line theirs. They have done nothing but ruined our great nation


    1. If that laptop had been Don Jr.’s, it would be on every TV channel, every day! I hate, hate, hate, the double standard!!! Look at all of the things that Hillary did, worse, or about the same as they are trying to charge Trump with, but nothing was done to her. James Comey said she didn’t know what she was doing. She didn’t know it was wrong……baloney!!
      Anything the dems do is alright, but not good if a Republican does it!!!

        1. You’re right Lois-Anne – and who’s running a very close second to Killary is Jill Biden. She is an evil, thoughtless, stupid, POS this country has ever seen. She has been and continues to abuse her husband…you can’t tell me she doesn’t know that he is brain dead. He needs to be in a nursing home, but instead, she encourages him to take down this country. Anyone who likes her is full of S**T. All I can say is HELL is going to be so full of Democraps when this is all over.

  8. Everyone should take a look back at the demorats that were President, and you will notice that the taxes went up under all of them. I think that if we do not get them out of there soon, we will not have a country to fight for. Everyone needs to look around, China is here now, buying up property, and who knows what else. We need to really act this November and save our country.

    1. It may be to late Merky. They’ve shown us their not afraid to corrupt elections. Our major recourse is to call for a Convention of States as given in Article 5 of our Constitution before they take that away too.

  9. At this point “WHO F******ING CARES!!!!” The damage has gone way beyond repair. Biden
    Long over due needs to be gone & Maher right behind him!! Both are worthless & taking up space. I would never listen to Maher, disgusting old dirty man, just or worse than Biden.

  10. the dems don’t even like biden and the ridiculous notion that he would even consider himself to be capable of running just makes us all the more certain he is not going to be allowed to run by other dems

  11. What everyone should remember is that Biden is a puppet. Even if he doesn’t run again, you still have the same idiots on the teleprompter giving the orders. These same idiots will still be there making the same bad decisions in favor of whatever makes them money. They are totally against AMERICA.

  12. Demodemons are beginning another war they cannot win. They keep pushing the envelope. They change the rules to make themselves look good. How much can the silent majority take before the top blows off?

  13. Has ANYONE surveyed the field of potential presidential prospects? If so, who does qualify as presidential timber? Fact is there aren’t any. Politics has degenerated into such a dirty game that nobody in their right mind would enter the field. Second or third rate candidates are the best we can muster. DJT is the only one with the fire in his belly to stand up to the gaffe. The USA cannot stand another four years of dirty infighting which is sure to come with a Trump candidacy, added to the last sixteen years of FAILED leadership. Who can rise to the challenge? Speak up now or forever hold your peace.

  14. In less than 2 years Befuddled Biden has destroyed a nation founded on principle of truth and justice for all.

  15. What good has he done I wonder?? And which “younger” Democrat would be a wonderful next president? As far as the Democrats are concerned, I hope they all fall off into the ocean!!

  16. Biden has completely destroyed this country. He put America LAST in everything he’s done. Everything was going great when Trump was president and Biden completely reversed everything. He has made us a laughing stock in the eyes of the world. He shows no backbone with other countries. People may have not liked Trump’s tweets but his policies were the best since Reagan. So don’t listen to his tweets but instead relish in our energy independence which made gas prices lower, grocery prices lower with stocked shelves, and I bet he’d have baby formula on the shelves. He made America FIRST. Those of you who voted for Biden – how do you like paying for all the illegals crossing our southern border, how do you like inflation and the cost of everything sooooo high? You voted for it, unfortunately we all suffer from your stupidity.

  17. Ole Joe has been a waste of space and oxygen for over 50 years. He should have the decency to slink under a rock long ago.

  18. All should be remembered in history but not by mane only by how they destroyed this country. Their names should be dead to the American people after they are gone.

  19. Biden doesn’t care about this country. He’s only in this for the monies he’s raking in through Hunter and other sources. This is just a part time gig for him. Impeachment is the solution but those who can pull this off are too fearful to do so. We’re all stuck with this fool until 2024 or until he’s taken out either by one of his own party or if he dies in his sleep.

  20. I thought they were going to say that they could not find his brain. but it would be nice to see slo joe behind bars or all the damage and all the hurt he has done to America and its people. not only him but all the biden crime family and all these fn dems that are destroying America.

  21. What the Heck is wrong with these people. They have no clue. People are struggling to make it. These people sit on they’re high horses spewing out crap. They do not see what this Democrat government has done to this country. America used to be the Land of the Free!!!!! And home of the Brave. Now it has become Land of the censored And home of the transgender. God help this country.

  22. The whole democratic party are dishonest fools. They can’t be trusted,especially the ones changing parties before the November voting.

  23. Democrats have sold out voters a long time ago, they get rich and they tax you to death, look what they promised and what we ended up with. They spent us into inflation and a recession looming. They saddle us with illegal immigration that they expect us to provided, food and medical for but they don’t care our economy is in jeopardy. Just look at the last bill they are shoving thru it makes you sick. If you have been to grocery story lately you understand young families, elderly can’t make it. Don’t know if we will survive until next election can only pray.

  24. So many truthful responses. Little can be added that could amplify the importance of emptying the swamp starting yesterday. OG

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