BREAKING: Joe Biden Health Report Changes 2024 Landscape – Dems Stunned…

A recent report revealed Americans think President Joe Biden is too old for a 2024 run for president.

Biden’s health would be a concern in the future for voters.

Iowa state fair attendees said they are also motivated to vote by high inflation.

Joe Biden Health Report

“Iowa voters said they are worried about rising inflation and gas prices heading into the midterms,” reported Fox.

One voter said he wants to vote based on whichever candidate who will help Iowans, and said he takes issue with the Biden administration’s policies, particularly policies and procedures executed during the pandemic.

“I think the Biden administration has messed up a lot of policies, especially coming out of COVID. We’ve seen more deaths under Biden than with Trump, even though Trump had the beginnings of COVID when it was first hitting,” said the voter.

“Even if people like his policies, I think he’s getting far too old for it. I think a lot of Democrats would be better off putting in someone who has better policies and is capable of filling that position,” the voter added.

“Another Iowan said ‘the economy’ is the number one motivating issue for him to vote in the midterms,” reported Fox.

What do you think about how Iowans feel about Biden’s health? Do you feel the same about a potential second presidency?

Share your thoughts below.

Source: Fox

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46 Responses


    1. The demented sick bastrd must be locked up in a mental institution So do most of his sick cronies including legs up Kamala . Pelosi Garland. Mayorkas Granholm Wray and clueless Budegieg

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      1. What’s really sad is that none of this would have happened in Afghanistan or America if the election had not been stolen. They stopped the count! Never happened before. Then brought in huge numbers of ballots all for Joe in many different states! Trump won and everything bad even in Ukraine is on Biden!

    2. He’s got dementia and his handlers are covering that up! And his wife should be ashamed of letting him even run she should be ashamed!!!

        1. Grinnie..SPOT ON!! ‘DR’. (lol) Jill’s garments appear to be constructed from ‘bed spreads, house coats and GAUDY curtains! UGLY!!! There is nothing sophisticated or charming about this ‘excuse’ of a First Lady. Phony as a three dollar bill!!!

          1. My sentiments exactly ! I Thought Michael Obama Worn the white house drapes, then a long comes the phony Dr Jill wearing the curtains! They can never compare with our beautiful & elegant real first Lady Melania!

    3. Biden is such a nobody he is not worth talking about–His decisions are being made for him by the three musketeers.

    4. Yes! He never should have had a day as president let alone 4 years. Most anyone could do a better job then Biden is doing. He is a disgrace and because of that he is destroying America.

  2. He has lost it. He needs to step down and let a person with a brain who will be good for America. Dear Lord our society let go of the best President we had in years. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP WE NEED YOU.

      1. Trump is good at cleaning up messes but cleaning up after Biden will be the worst mess yet to clean up. I would love ot see a Trump/DeSantis ticket so DeSantis would follow Trump’s earned second term giving us 12 good years in a row – 4 for Trump and 8 for DeSantis.Wake up America and make it happen.

  3. China and Russia don’t want to see Biden go as they can just send money to Hunter and the big guy gets his cut. Everything is fine then and the American people are the ones that suffer.

  4. All the democrats and Biden should be locked up for what they did to this country things were so good under President Trump we want him back

  5. Biden and his family have shown themselves to be immoral, prideful, opportunists, and their actions have brought nothing but grief to the country. He would serve the country better as fertilizer.

  6. There is nothing, that ever comes from democrats, that is good for the common man or woman, the illegals are treated better, vote buying.

  7. I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind that would ‘like’ Biden’s policies. Which one actually worked out for the benefit of the majority of Americans? The trillion dollar spendings? I can’t recall getting a penny of it or even in lower costs of anything? I got an increase in inflation and prices for goods but that is not a benefit. What did the average working Joe get for all the tax money he paid this government? As a GOP voter maybe the Democrats voters got all the benefits. They seem to be happy with the living conditions under this admin.

  8. The public should “demand” that Biden has a test of his mental health Now, and not by his Physician–
    a Physician not connected to the Govt. If found to be senile, then there is a legal way to remove him
    before he does more damage and makes us a communist country. If they are giving him meds so he
    can function in public-“Kind of”–this is a clear sign of “Elderly abuse” and there’s a law against that-
    which there should be–and they should be held accountable for what their doing to him–it’s cruel,
    and no one seems to care-just shove something in front of him to sign-he’s already publically said-
    ” what did I just sign”-if as President he is so incomptent he didn’t know what he signed-the paper
    he signed should be declared null and void. But the public has to speak up–loudly-with a huge voice.

  9. Biden didn’t have the health to be in our White House in the first place. He is not well physically or mentally. America has suffered so much because of Biden having the White House stolen for hm by the Democraps.

  10. If he had stood up and done right by Afghanistan like not leaving Americans over there and not destroying all of our military ordinances and showing Russia he had a set then I will bet that Russia would have never touched Ukraine. He showed he was a coward and unable to make a stand he basically caused the Ukraine invasion. May GOD have mercy on your soul.

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