BREAKING: Joe Biden Issues 2024 Statement On Campaign – Donald Trump Stunned…

Joe Biden is either turning into a really good comedian, or he has completely lost his marbles. Listen to what he said recently, and then try to tell me he’s not delusional.

“I can beat Donald Trump again.”

First of all, did you “beat” Donald Trump?

And even if you did Joe, how does it make you feel that your own country has such little confidence in you that even your own party doesn’t want you to run again. Across all party lines, 72% of Americans don’t want Joe Biden to run again.

That means that many liberals have had to jump ship over to the common sense side.

The only question is, if Joe Biden’s after a second term, will he be able to do the same?

Probably not. He can’t make decisions like that. He barely knows if he’s running in 2024 or not.

“I just think there’s, you know, it’s a matter of has anybody done more in the first two years of their administration? For a guy, they’ve been saying this about my age since I began to run. So, you know, you can come work out with me in the morning,” Biden said on television recently.

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