BREAKING: Joe Biden Mental Fitness Report Puts White House In Chaos – Voters Stunned…

President Biden cannot even earn the trust of his own party.

One in five Democrats doubt President Biden is mentally fit for President, according to a Harris Poll/HarrisX survey.

“Voters appear to have concerns regarding Biden’s mental fitness, as a majority, 55 percent, said they have doubts about his mental fitness,” reported Breitbart.

Biden Mental Finess Report

Unsurprisingly, most Republicans, 83 percent, have doubts about Biden’s mental fitness, as do 67 percent of independents. However, while 78 percent of Democrats believe he is mentally fit, 22 percent — or roughly one in five — admit that they share doubts about Biden’s mental fitness.

“68 percent believe Biden is showing he is ‘too old’ to be president, while just 32 percent believe he is showing that he is fit to be president,” reported Breitbart.

Most Republicans and independents, 92 percent and 76 percent, believe Biden is showing he is too old to be in leadership. Additionally, 35 percent of Democrats agree.

“Biden’s overall approval rating is hovering at 42 percent, as he continues to see weak approval on a variety of issues — from the economy to handling crime — spelling trouble for Democrats as the midterm elections approach, just weeks away,” according to Breitbart.

Another interesting finding from the poll is that voters are “more attracted by the Republican platform than the Democrat one.”

Voters are showing they are unimpressed Biden and the Democratic Party have taken.

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Source: Breitbart