BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Russian Scandal Just Hit Headlines – This Is HUGE…

The Russian Foreign Minister has received a visa to enter America. How is this ok?

“Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who the administration of leftist President Joe Biden personally sanctioned last year in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, received a visa to enter America for this month’s United Nations General Assembly,” reported Breitbart.

“Lavrov and a small, unspecified delegation of officials will reportedly represent the regime of strongman Vladimir Putin at the event, held at the United Nations headquarters in New York,” reports Breitbart.

Russian Leaders Enter United States

“The General Assembly officially begins this week but its main event — the ‘general debate,’ which allows the head of government or designated representative of every member country to deliver an address on any topic they choose — will begin on September 20,” according to Breitbart.

“Today, visas were issued to Lavrov and some members of his party,” the Foreign Ministry confirmed.

“The confirmation followed annoyed grumblings out of Moscow that Washington was allegedly stalling the visa process and that Russian officials should demand the United Nations relocate the event out of New York,” reports Breitbart.

“I am a member of this delegation, there are only five of us, headed by Sergey Lavrov. The delegation was approved by the president. None of us has received a visa yet,” Russian lawmaker Leonid Slutsky said shortly before receiving his visa into the United States.

“If visas are not issued by the American side to Russia’s delegates, we will press for moving the UN headquarters from New York elsewhere,” he pressed.

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Source: Breitbart

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59 Responses

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      1. If I remember, there are laws and punishments to those that are proven to be traitors to the U.S. Is anyone exempt from this?

        1. Yea Biden. I wish the republicans would start doing some backstabbing to the democrats. Just as they have done to them. Start moving guys we voted you in to protect us from them and you’ve dropped the ball so far.

          1. President Trump was criticized for making other UN members pay their fair share. Why does the USA have to pay more than other countries? Makes no sense. President Trump, as always, was right.

        1. I agree completely. The U.N. Has been corrupted many years ago. They will be our lord and master before anyone even knows what’s happening. They are bidens master, not mine!

        2. Yep ! Kick the UN out of the U.S. and get the U.S. out of the worthless UN ! Not once in the past sixty years have they ever done not tried To do what they were created to do .

        3. I wonder where the volunteer sign up sheet for people to help them pack to get the UN out of here sooner rather than later and while at it contribute no more that Central African Republic or Bhutan, or Samoa especially in light of what we get from belonging. Since they are bending over to kiss Xi’s butt let China pick up our portion.

      2. If ever the cure for stupid needs a lab candidate. Dimwit Biden May be the one to use for tests. And May be do one useful thing in his sorry life

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  3. good – move the UN out of NYC to some foreign country and let that country support the UN’s mission – which is worthless and a waste of American dollars.

  4. We should not even be in the U.N.!! So if Biden wants all of his buddies to come to America, let him house them for the event. Just how much money does the U.S. contribute to this worthless agency anyway? I agree with Cathie Desell (above) move it OUT of NYC to some remote island no one has ever heard of.

    1. South Chicago , and Lori “Bigfoot toe disease” Lightfoot can house and feed them. Of course , the Russians will be offended , for she is not only UGLY , she is a White man hater , and just plain old stupid. Rumors abound , that she taught AOC what little she knows about government.
      Speaking of AOC , NYC’ers sure know how to pick STUPID people. AOC, they let Hillary reside there so she could become a Senator ,Hocle , DiBlasio , the Cuomo brothers , and so many more. How is the $15.00 minimal wage working out for your bagel costs???? LMAO.
      As for the U.N. , shove it off the pier and let it drift off to sea.

      1. The arrogance of politicians is breathtaking. I recall a time
        when all citizens had been asked to self quarantine, Lori Lightfoot stated that she had to go to have her hair done because she was in the public eye. OMG! Lori couldn’t be seen unless her hair had been professionally coifed. God help us!
        Whatever ever happened to the simple motto “I serve”?

    1. The U.N. is a total waste! This is a perfect example of what you get when you have a totally weak president, who is nothing but a puppet for the Democrats! We had a strong president in Trump, who stood for America, but our communist politicians and media took care of him! We can’t have a strong president who actually stands for the people of this country, not according to the communists!

    2. Yes move out the UN together with biden and ALL THE DemoRATS, since they are ALL anti-America

  5. As far as I am concerned they can move the UN anywhere outside the USA that they please! The UN is no longer a viable entity and we should remove ourselves from them as soon as possible.

  6. Yes, remove the UN out. We don’t want it here in the US. Put it up for a vote. Those members, living here in our country get away with breaking our laws, including their family members. It’s hands off. Move it out of our country.

  7. I am sick to death of all the headlines “Biden Crime Family, This is Huge….Nothing ever sticks because they are tephlon. When will the Biden Crime Family be held accountable? When will the Pelosi Crime Family be held accountable?? When will the Soros Crime Family be held accountable??? Headlines are nothing short of click bait.

  8. I hope they do move the United Nations Headquarters so we can bow out of the UN and tell them to pay for it themselves. It is nothing more than a mafia these days anyway. I don’t think we should be involved in the UN and we should just live by our Constitution, the way our Founding Fathers wanted us to live and enjoy our freedom without some organization telling us we can’t do this or do that. That will not fly in this country!

  9. The Russians are right on the money with moving the UN to another country. Give somewhere else the worthless organization and stop funding.

  10. Let them move the UN to Russia, as long as the American people aren’t paying the tab. Pulling out of the useless UN is long overdue.

  11. Joe Biden if you notice is very quick to use the phrase that’s not American, yet all that he has done while President has been more then un American ,war on energy ,war on keeping coir n borders open to illegal drugs anfycrime,and as vice President the most corrupt politation since the US has been around and not just him but hid son his brother,He has corrupted the FBI, DOJ, SS, Treasure department and most governmental departments.,can see my family kickback cheeks,can’t see my son lies on federal firearm purchases can’t see all the money the family has taken in from China and on and on. Midterms will start the change vote Republican if your tired of being made a full of. guess what that is American.

  12. The League of Nations didn’t work out for very long. It went away quietly. The UN is past its’ prime. Let them vote for a different place so that country can maintain it. It should be a pro-Globalist country, for sure.

  13. I agree with the Russian delegate about MOVING THE UN TO ANOTHER COUNTRY. I’ve said that for many years and no one listens to us. We could have a much better country with the UN somewhere else. But the greedy libs want them here to get their funds and whatever else they have.
    Keep in mind thou that if they move we could be under a lot more scrutiny in the future. They could do more harm than good. But I still would like them to move the UN somewhere else than here in the States.

  14. What has the UN done for the USA? Does every country pay dues to belong to an organization that does nothing for us? Well we’re all pretty dumb to let this happen again and again.

  15. If they have NOT been, Russia should be declared a “rogue state” and not be afforded any recognition by the UN. The unprovoked invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine should end any Russian activity at the UN until ended and mitigated.

  16. I agree with the Russians on moving the UN out of the United States. The UN was organized by globalist at the end of WWII with the plan in mind to one day use it as the seat of a global governing control all countries. They need to move to Europe and let them support the UN. Then they can do whatever they want as long as they leave America out of it.

  17. good idea, get the UN out of the US and the US out of the UN…send it to another country…we don’t need or want them here, they are so biased it isn’t even funny

  18. The UN is, of course, anti-United States. We should have gotten them out of the US years ago. Maybe now is a good time.

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