BREAKING: Media HUMILIATED After Biden Collusion Report – What a JOKE

Hahaha! This is hilarious and ridiculous.

Supposed media fact checkers have declared they found “no Biden lies.”

Biased much?

Media LIES for Biden

“On a day when President Joe Biden’s mental faculties are being questioned again, a new report suggests the media is covering for the 79-year-old president in a way it never did for former President Donald Trump,” reported Washington Examiner.

“In studying media fact-checking under Biden and Trump, the conservative Media Research Center said that the truth police have found ‘zero’ examples of Biden lying or being 100% wrong despite his frequent verbal flubs and fabricated life stories,” Washington Examiner reported.

MRC NewsBusters Editor Tim Graham said the liberal media’s fact-checkers have targeted the president’s critics by a 6-1 ratio in their probes for truth.

Graham wrote, “Over his first 20 months in office, Biden had 58 fact-checks, while Biden critics were checked 338 times. Overall, there were 5.8 fact checks of Biden critics for every one of the president.”

Graham said, “Biden was hit with no ‘Pants on Fire’ ratings, despite his often-made odd and wrong comments and mental confusion.”

“On Wednesday, for example, as he hosted an event, he called out for a lawmaker to be recognized. That lawmaker, the late Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN), died in a car wreck in early August, and the White House issued a statement of sympathy,” reports Washington Examiner.

“There were zero ‘Pants on Fire’ rulings about President Biden in his first 20 months. By contrast, Donald Trump has 10 in that time span. Biden has only six in his entire career since PolitiFact began in 2007. Biden could say the evacuation from Afghanistan was an ‘extraordinary success,’ and we have ‘zero percent’ inflation, and there were no factual objections. On April 22, he claimed he was a ‘full professor’ for four years at the University of Pennsylvania, which is simply false. They called it ‘Half True,'”Graham wrote.

What do you think about the fact that President Biden hasn’t been called out by the media for his lies?

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Source: Washington Examiner