BREAKING: Mike Pence’s Jan 6th Secret Is Coming Out – Nation Shocked…

Republicans are saying that the testimony of former Vice President Mike Pence on the events of January 6 could provide key information and shift the political climate.

“The Jan. 6 select committee has been widely panned by Republicans as a partisan exercise, but multiple GOP lawmakers say former Vice President Mike Pence expressing an openness to testifying before the panel could provide key insight into an array of matters related to the attack on the Capitol should he decide to appear,” wrote Washington Examiner.

“Pence, who faced death threats due to his decision to certify the 2020 election results and had to be evacuated to a secure location on the Capitol campus during the attack, told attendees of a Politics & Eggs breakfast in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Wednesday that ‘if there was an invitation to participate, I would consider it,’ adding the caveat that he would have to reflect on the decision,” Washington Examiner reported.

Pence Testimony Game Changer

“It would be unprecedented in history for a vice president to be summoned to testify on Capitol Hill, but as I’ve said, I don’t wanna prejudge,” Pence said.

“Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL), the ranking member of the House Administration Committee, remains critical of the select committee’s handling of its investigation but argued that Pence could offer key information pertaining to security failures that led to the breach that hasn’t been detailed by other witnesses thus far,” reported Washington Examiner.

“I think, Vice President Pence’s testimony, if he decides to do it, would be very riveting because I witnessed similar instances in the House side, and to be able to come back as we did together and … finish our job, that was something that I’ll never forget,” said Davis.

“And Mike Pence is one of the most courageous people I’ve ever met in my life,” Davis continued.

“It would be riveting to hear what he and his family were dealing with at the time,” said Davis before adding the select committee has been frustratingly partisan.

“But in the end, I still have a problem with the select committee being so partisan and so focused on just President Trump,” Davis said.

What do you think about Pence taking the stand before the select committee?

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Source: Washington Examiner

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100 Responses

  1. I believe that pence never was trumps choice to be his VP, but was pushed in by democrats, and his true colors proved to come out at the end by proving that. What did he really accomplish as VP, just sat in the sidelines, not too impressed by any means.

  2. I truly believe that Mike Pence turned on President Trump because Pence was a coward. He knew there was fraud in the election and knew that all he had to do was demand a recount. A true VP would have supported his President and simply demanded the recount. Instead, he chose to show his true colors and certified Biden, knowing Biden/Harris did NOT win that election. Pence saw the constant attacks on President Trump during those 4 years in office. He knew the democrats were never going to allow President Trump to keep exposing the fraud in the democratic party. What transpired during those 4 years was treason. Mike Pence is a traitor.

      1. Pence is a traitor to the US. He’s a Bible
        thumper! He’s no Christian, he hides behind his so called religion. 80 million of us Trump supporters know what a joke Pence is. He is wasting his money if he thinks he can get to 1st base! No one trusts this idiot!

    1. Pence is a back stabber. I believe he knew all along the election was cheated. This so called very religious man pence just turned his back on his President just like that to side with demorats. I think pence was possible pushed to go against Trump. I believe he wanted to screw Trump over. I believe pence was threatened and got paid well by demorats to lie for them. I think they told Pence Trump voters were saying hang pence. That Trump voter were saying was our elected President And Pence didn’t think he was gonna be Trumps Vice President again so he Pence turned on Trump. Which still wouldn’t of been no reason for pence to lie. Pence was paid off.

  3. If Pence is a true Godly man as he says, then I believe he has prayed hard and asked someone higher up on what he should do. He should have received guidance in his decision.

    1. Pence is weak n would make a terrible President n he shows me n I’m sure many people Republicans n Democrats alike he caved when AMERICA needed him to forget party lines n on January 6th he crossed over n that proved then he was most definitely a traitor for sure n he will live with that for as long as he lives,he can’t blame anyone but himself!

  4. I think he turned on President Trump and I didn’t trust that he wouldn’t just turn the knife he stabbed in the back with

  5. Mike pence would have done what president trump told him to do we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in today

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