BREAKING: NEW Hunter Biden Laptop Shocker – Worse Than Before…

63 percent of voters still believe the Hunter Biden “laptop from Hell” story is important.

“Sixty-three percent of likely voters say the Hunter Biden laptop story is still important nearly two years after the initial report broke by the New York Post,” a recent Rasmussen Reports found.

“Of the 63 percent who believed the story is still important, 44 percent say the story is ‘very important.’ Just 34 percent think the story is not important, while 17 say it is not important at all,” reported Breitbart.

Laptop From Hell Shocker

“The polling comes after Twitter and Facebook reduced distribution of the Hunter Biden laptop story on their platforms before the 2020 election,” reports Breitbart.

“In August, news broke the FBI warned Facebook of the imminent ‘dump’ of ‘Russian propaganda’ before the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop broke in the 2020 election cycle. Meanwhile, as the FBI was communicating with Facebook, the FBI’s leadership blocked agents from investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop until after the 2020 election was decided, according to whistleblowers that came forward to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI),” according to Breitbart.

“A former business associate of Hunter, Tony Bobulinski, who personally met with Joe and Hunter Biden in 2017 for an hour to discuss ‘the Bidens’ family business plans with the Chinese,” handed over intelligence about Biden family business dealings to former FBI ‘point man’ Timothy Thibault. The New York Post reported Thibault buried Bobulinski’s intel that revealed the deal included ten percent ‘held by H for the big guy.’ Bobulinski says the ‘big guy’ is President Joe Biden,” Breitbart reported.

Joe Biden and his administration have said at least seven times Creepy Joe has had no part in the family business, he has been involved in at least 17 instances.

What do you think about the Laptop from Hell story? Is it still important?

Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

Source: Breitbart

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73 Responses

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        1. No lets say they are equally important and give the Hunter Biden and Joey the same amount of attention you have given the GOP. Oh yes that’s right they might actually find evidence about the Bidens !!!!!!!!!

    1. JB family are the corruption and evil as are all the rest of the Dems/Rinos…………Its time they start wearing their orange jumpsuits with the DOC across their backs.


      2. NOTHING will come of any of it while Joe is still in office…he will see to that…while it would totally destroy any other POTUS, there must be some REAL STRONG “ARMS” looking over all this. Where is Woodward ? He and his buddies were responsible for taking down one POTUS, why not take down a REAL criminal??? They and their “cocliques” are too involved with the liberal houses in this country and other countries who want to destroy the USA. The saying now goes “What’s good for one goose is good for the goose on the other side of the road”~~~

    1. Afghanistan is enough aiding & abetting enemies of the U.S.A. to prosecute biden for treason & Benghazi was bo’s insurrection supporting terrorists ! Both along with dem’s support cronies are due for U.S. Military hi treason trials ! No doubt bo, biden illegal 3rd term with vote fraud treason is destroying U.S. Freedom, Rights & National Security !

      1. Were you drinking “Cheap” booze while writing the above? I think you MAY have had an opinion, but your copulation marks tell a whole different story.

    2. The Democrats have corrupted our government to the point that our country and its people are in great danger of losing everything we have accomplished including our freedom. I think that it’s time that we the people remove this cancer within our government before these Traitors completely destroy our lives. Our past government would have executed all of these Traitors within our government as soon as they are found guilty of any crimes against America and its people. But now the corrupt Democrats have made it impossible for our country to prosecute these evil Bastards in their party. Which is all part of their plan to destroy our country and our freedom.

      1. We need to remember and make others aware that the Dems & rinos and doing the bidding of Klaus Schwab et al and the evil WEF (World Economic Forum), who are doing their best to turn the whole planet into a One World Government. If this is allowed to happen we will lose all our freedoms and so much more.

      1. Amen Stanley. And they’re calling us fascists. I’ve heard Jamie Raskin (a Jew) talk about Trump supporters being fascists and I wonder how his ancestors viewed the holocaust. Perhaps we need to revisit WW2 again on all national televisions shows to remind people what fascism is all about, because there are many Jews in Washington who seem to have forgotten most of history.

  2. The problem we have right now is that all we hear about are the criminals, the crazies, the leftist lunatics, and the horrible Dems. We don’t hear about good people doing good things. We HAVE to keep in mind that this country is predominantly made up of GOOD PEOPLE that do GOOD THINGS. Don’t give up on the midterms!

    1. The Demorats have done their best to depress us, and
      beat us down as the Germans did to the Jewish. There is no joy in them. They are evil people full of hate, who
      follow their Pied Piper Biden like good little rats.

  3. Does anyone, ANYONE, think for even a millisecond that if the laptop belonged to Trump or one of his nearest and dearest, that it wouldn’t be delved into as deeply as possible? So, the question is: Why isn’t Hunter being treated the same as anyone in the GOP would be treated, especially Trump? Just saying.

    1. Martin that is so true. That’s the reason the dems are working so hard to do anything they can to stop Trump. They know if Trump gets back in all hell is going to brake loose…for them. If they succeed then the only move to get our country back will be the second amendment. And there’s enough mad people in this country that the capital, that they thought was so horrible, will look like a Sunday family get together.

    2. Oh, if it had been Trump’s son’s laptop they would already be in prison. The DOJ is a disgrace and no longer trusted by the American people. All the alphabet agencies need to be gutted from the top down or dismantled altogether. They are only working and protecting the Dems and they need to be investigated and held accountable for every corrupt deal they made and followed through on.

    1. I totally agree with them getting arrested if it was anybody else other than democrats (ex.Hillary Clinton or her husband). It should not be forgotten

    1. Gretchen I have already signed the petition for impeaching Hobo Joe, that goes to Congress, and the DOJ. There’s one for Pelosi too, for dereliction of duty.
      I have written to all my States Politicals, Congress,
      GOP. I really don’t think my letters will cause any
      action, but it does make me feel better, and stops me from kicking my TV in everytime I see Joe (doesn’t he
      look like a little ferret?) with his lying BS

  4. I was shocked when the Bobulinski story got no traction from the mainstream media. Now we know why since every government department that has to do with law and order is corrupt and partisan beyond belief. The Republican Party better be prepared to move swiftly after midterms to restore these important institutions just like the dems have moved at lightning speed in the last 18+ months to rapidly bankrupt and destroy this country. We need Trump now more than ever.

  5. The Biden are just the tip of the real story. The real story is to destroy is to tear down the Bible believing USA, their doing it with corruption in our government. Once we lost faith and trust in our government institutions the antichrist one world order can take over.

  6. OF COURSE! These filthy, evil piles of stinky dog crap, are so corrupt and treacherous , they all need A FIRING SQUAD! SO SICK of THEM! God WILL have his way with them, and hell is their destination FOREVER!

  7. Biden’s corrupt criminal family all needs to swing on the GALLOWS , why put them in jail, just so that we can feed them and take care of them… I say HANG THEM ALL…

  8. Are we waiting for the loss of our country to stop these self-serving people in our government? Frankly, I am worried that America is on its last leg before these evil people take over our government – just like Cuba, Venezuela and the other communist countries!

  9. Biden has insulted Americans from the day he walked into the American people’s White House & cheated his way into becoming the President & knows he cheated using dominion which has the ability to duplicate votes , biden and many more knew Dominion went in front of Judge Amy totem berg & a special counsel on October 16, 2020 dominion was Deemed not Secure, why was it used , because they knew Hugo Chavez the communist used it to win his election . How dishonest can anyone possibly be , if their intentions were good why would they have used Dominion . And now one of the dominion machines was recently found purchased by a boy for $8.00 in ohio why do people try to destroy others because they have something to hide

  10. Most corrupt administration in history!! Going to take years to repair. How many Congressmen have vetted into Chinese businesses on solar panels and batteries while sacrificing their responsibilities to the American people.

  11. They raid Trumps home on who knows what, but when the Biden family is deeply involved in collusion with China. Who are they kidding. Those are the homes they should be raiding checking every aspect of there financial info ,who paid for his son on the plane overseas ,Oh ya ,don’t forget his brothers home. All of these guys should be in prison..WHATS THE DEAL WITH BIDEN SELLING ONE MILLION BARRELS OF OUR OIL RESERVE TO CHINA. Sounds like espionage at the HIGHEST LEVEL. COLLUSION PLUS!!!!!!

  12. It’s unbelievable that the FBI/ATT general care way to much on concentrating on TRUMP and (possible wrongs) and let ole joe get by with his behind the scenes handlers we all know what bidens people are up to!so why is it taking this long to implicate biden and his people but yet go after trump every day every hour its biden/dems ruining our country not trump

  13. The current regime is not only corrupt, the demented idiot running the show is spiteful and is hitting back not only at Trump but at the American people by ending our energy independence, our booming economy, our stability and our formerly powerful and feared status in the world. Does anyone imagine that Russia would have invaded Ukraine if Trump had been President ?
    As for Hunter and the Bug Guy, I am not holding my breath waiting for hem to appear in court with a corrupt DOJ and FBI running defense for the them both. Look at how much Hilary managed to get away with !!!

  14. The top echelon should be fired, lose their pension and charged with Election Interferrence and prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law. It’s already been stated that about 10% of voters would not have voted for biden

  15. Yes, of course Hunter’s laptop is important. But that won’t matter in Congress because they are ALL CORRUPT. It’s just a matter of degrees!!
    Not a chance!!!

  16. Yes, they are important. Especially since it turns out there were two (or three laptops) involved. Yet hunter claimed he only had one.

  17. Someone should start buying billboards and putting screenshots from the movie on them. Place them on all the highways in the country with the name on it !

  18. Sure the laptop is important…..but, just like Hillary, it will be sweep under the carpet, and nothing will happen to Hunter or Joe !!!

  19. Joe Biden is compromised and should be triad for treason and Hunter should also be prosecuted. I’m willing to bet that Hunter will be indicted right before Joe’s last day in office so he can pardon him and there’s nothing that cam be done about it. These two have been selling us out for decades and the left wants to pretend its not real.


  21. This story has been important for almost 5 years now when Tony Bobolinski’s story and interview was shown. Can we still not talk about it or post it.

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