BREAKING: New Report SLAMS Biden Family – Video Reveals…

The new film called “My Son Hunter” was released this week and the left is scrambling.

“My Son Hunter is a hilarious, feverishly exciting film about the current President of the United States and the ‘smartest’ man he knows,” reports Breitbart.

“I’m not just singing its praises because this is the first film distributed by Breitbart News. In fact, it’s the inverse: We are distributing this film in large part because it is hilarious and feverishly exciting,” wrote Alexander Marlow of Breitbart News.

“Of all the striking qualities of the film – Robert Davi’s slick direction, the talented cast, the timely election-season release, the snappy script – what makes it truly important is the meticulous attention paid by director Davi and writer Brian Godawa to the historical details of Hunter and Joe Biden’s lives,” Marlow said.

“Joe Biden once said, ‘We choose truth over facts.’ At Breitbart News, we say, why not have both? In order to fully appreciate the facts in My Son Hunter, we highly recommend you read these true stories from Biden scandal lore,” Breitbart wrote.

Marlow goes on to list 8 reasons the Left is terrified of the movie.

Marlow goes through a definitive breakdown of one of America’s most corrupt families.

The story continues, adding that there has been corruption, cover-ups, scandal, bail outs, secret diamonds, secret flights, and more. It’s a must read article and can be found HERE.

What do you think about the left scrambling over this movie?

Have you seen the movie yet?

Share your thoughts below.

Source: Breitbart

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14 Responses

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  3. You should remember when it comes to intelligence covid joe doesn’t set the bar too high. So when he says hunter is the smartest man he knows doesn’t really mean much. Their both blundering idiots.
    FJB !!!

    1. LET’S GO BRANDON ALSO! The family has done so much damage over greed than even the Clinton’s! Which is pretty amazing!

    1. LET’S clean house ! START at the top and go step by step, GET EM ALL ! The ” Deep State ” that has unraveled with the Mara Lago FIASCO ! Where did they find ALL THESE CROOKS ? TRILLIONS of dollars at STAKE and they were ALL on the take ! FOREIGN Investors, buying VOTES, DONATING Millions to less than honorable individuals who would do their dirty work ! >>>>> Who would have thought AMERICANS would sit back and ALLOW this to happen ! Could THIS possibly be TRUE ? Think about it ! WHAT a story !

  4. Democrats will not see the movie. It will not move the base. The Independent voter will wonder how this was hidden from the public. Republicans will wonder what took so long for this to get out. If journalists would do their job, it would have been out without a movie. Media has become an extension of the Democratic party. This is why Americans do not TRUST the media.

  5. =This is most likely all a buildup to promote the movie which will be disproved shortly after its first showing. None of this ever proves true and or damaging.

  6. I thought the Democrats wanted the truth? Why would the movie bother them if it is factually accurate? This should have been in the news two years ago. The media had no problems plastering the Russia collusion hoax for years and had very little on the conclusion of it being FALSE.

  7. Demonrats wouldn’t know the truth or accept the truth because they have the same blood on their hands. They ignore anything that even resembles the truth. Look at AOC whatever pops into that self-centered empty head is the truth as she sees it. I would love to see these people try to walk on water in the deepest part of the ocean.

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