BREAKING: Pelosi Family Hit With Law Enforcement Reversal – What is Happening…

Napa County, California prosecutors have walked back a drug allegation in the DUI complaint against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi.

The prosecutors have called it a “boilerplate” drug allegation.

“Napa prosecutors released the criminal complaint against Paul Pelosi in which it stated he had injured a driver ‘while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and a drug and under their combined influence,'” reports Breitbart.

Paul Pelosi Cover-up

Later, the prosecutors stated that the word “drug” was just boilerplate language.

“I believe that the drug reference is part of the statutory boilerplate language in the complaint,” Pelosi’s attorney Amanda Bevins said.

The “boilerplate” assertion was later confirmed by the Napa County District Attorney’s Office office.

“She is correct. It is boilerplate language auto-generated in the complaint. Our theory is alcohol,” Assistant District Attorney Paul Gero said.

“On May 28, police arrested Paul Pelosi after his 2021 Porsche collided with a 2014 Jeep on a Highway 29 intersection. His blood alcohol level stood at .082 percent; the California legal limit is .08 percent. The two charges filed by the Napa district attorney include “driving under the influence of alcohol causing injury and driving with a .08% blood alcohol level or higher and causing injury,” according to Breitbart News.

Paul Pelosi has pleaded “not guilty” to the charges.

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Source: Breitbart

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57 Responses

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  2. This is the problem with democraps. Nothing they do is above board. What’s good for the is not for me. Any average citizen that did what he did would have their lives ruined.


      1. I think he should be locked in a cell with his wife for the first 2 years of her prison sentence!!!

        1. Pardon me, but for him to be locked up with her, no matter what he’s done, would still be considered “cruel and unusual treatment.” After all, she’s probably the reason he was compelled to drink in the first place!

          1. NOBODY is “compelled” to drink, and certainly not to excess. There are a lot of tasty beverages available that don’t carry a single drop of alcohol. He drank because he wanted to. Toss the book at him, and if she interferes, toss it at her too.

        2. OMG your post made me laugh right out loud. How about 5 years. LOL. I wonder if he had another woman in the car with him.

      2. There is ample proof that the whole damned dem stench of law violations includes their high treason whims & ways to be totalitarian tyranny dictators in a nwo with other commie, islamic, terrorists ! The biden, bo illegal 3rd term instigated by dem’s vote fraud is enough proof for U.S. Military trials and treason guilty verdicts ! This pelosi stench of law violations represents all dem’s cronies of biden like bo’s @ least 78 in his 8 treason years !

        Thank God he did not KILL THE OTHER DRIVER.

    2. They should also include Nancy in any charges for all the times the old hag showed up for her job as Speaker of he House pig drunk!

      1. I have seen Nancy acting very drunk, many times. Her gang of followers claim that she only drinks water. I have read the “stories” about the cost of stocking her ‘plane with alcohol. I am surprised that there has not been a leak so far …… from anyone who has witnessed her drinking. I imagine some news media would pay a lot of money for such a piece of news. How can we find out the truth?

    3. Prediction;
      Mr. Pelolsi will get 200 hours of community service and be told to visit a friend of Bill.

      1. Probably so he could have access to more money and power than he could access as a normal private citizen.

      2. Lynn, you almost nailed her description but missed about fifteen disgusting adjectives she so richly deserves.

      3. It’s called “follow the money” trail. Nancy’s family was & is very wealthy w/ill gotten money, and Paul sniffed that out immediately. Too bad her Napa Valley winery hasn’t burned to the ground with all those fires that are happening over there!

  3. Well peloisy are from California so she will insure that her husband will be set free when is all done with

  4. What they forgot to state is they waited 2.5 hours after he was arrested before they checked him for alcohol in his system

      1. He was only .82 because they waited 2.5 hours before testing his blood alcohol level, time spent sobering him up. Anyone else would have been tested immediately. So another concession for Paulie.

    1. Yes but not guilty because he is Nancy Pelosi’s husband . You remember her , Queen Nan . Alcoholic Speaker of the House . His not guilty plea is based on “Well you’d drink to if you were married to her .

  5. Just because his wife is speaker of the house doesn’t mean he should get any less treatment than you or I. He was drunk causing injury and he never should have been driving in the first place

    1. They both are CORRUPT to the hilt! Their family is corrupt, and I’m starting to think that satan is a DEMONICrat too!

  6. He should be treated no differently then any other US citizen. I know the Pelosi family and they are all corrupt. Pelosi’s dad was mayorcof Baltimore City. Worked with the mafia as did his son. So what would you expect from a bunch of corrupt politicians and their family.

  7. Yes, I believe it was only the alcohol. What a joke! If you drink alcohol and then chase it down with I hit of weed, you should avoid driving for a while before getting behind the wheel.

  8. As usual if you are wealthy and well know, no problem, no worries just a bump in the road. I hope that Pauly P wasn’t inconvenienced to Much. lol . Laws are only for the common people, You know, the other guy. No worry, there is a Pay Day one day. Good Luck with that Pauly P.

  9. If it was Joe blow, they would haves charged him with all on the arrest, D.U.I. Of alcohol and drugs not to mention other person getting injured. Like I say it’s not who you know but who you blow to get out of said problem. Makes me sick that elites just throw money out there to get set free and charges dropped. He is not innocent of any said charges.

  10. Paul Pelosi is guilty as sin. But nothing will be done to him because of his corrupt wife. She runs DC, what ever she says goes. 82 year old that can’t even talk anymore. Just word salads, like Biden.

  11. This is what happens with the wealthy in this country! They commit crimes and get off Scott free! If it was you or me, ordinary citizens we would be in jail, had our licenses taken away ! Plus he and his wife will get away with insider trading ! They are nothing but a bunch of liars and crooks like the Clintons!

  12. Paul Pelosi is a liar like his wife Nancy. He should be held accountable and should be sued by the injured party to the full extent of the law and sue the pants off the Pelosi family. Wipe out their fortune.

  13. criminals get away with everything in America! One reason they call this land “Land of the FREE”! ontop of this “The greatest country in the world”! No wonder that almost everybody loves to come over here to get something FREE !

  14. Probably so he could have access to more money and power than he could access as a normal private citizen.

  15. Pelosi has a fav line “no one is above the law”. She needs to practice what she preaches! She wouldn’t know democracy if it slapped her in her face. She should have been kicked out of gov a long time ago,when she stopped working for the people!

  16. Money talks again! If that was you or me, we would still be under the jail. Everyone who already hates the name Pelosi, will certainly be enraged about this “reversal(?)!!!!!!! Bull hockey at its finest!!!

  17. Paul Pelosi is as guilty as guilty one can be. But, money talks, and I’m sure “Nancy – Pantsy” corrected the initial charge with money, bribery or blackmail. Only the rich and evil get preferential treatment. Just my thoughts!!

  18. The Pelosi family is corrupt. Paul should be prosecuted not only for the accident he is guilty of but also for insider trading. His wife told him what bills Congress was going to vote on & he invested on those companies. It is said that he made 12 million in one week because his wife gave him data that Congress was voting on. Interesting, isn’t it? Martha Steward was sent to prison for 5 mths for insider trading-where is the accountability for the Pelosi family??

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