BREAKING: Ted Cruz Pulls The Trigger On California – BOOM

Republican Senator Ted Cruz hammered the Democrats, as per usual.

“Cruz blasted the Democratic Party, describing it as ‘of the rich, by the rich and for the rich’ and ‘the party of radical climate billionaires,’ reported Breitbart.

Cruz’s comments came while discussing how Democrats show true “contempt for working-class men and women.”

Cruz Blasts California Governor

Cruz continued, condemning recent calls for Californians to cut back on their electricity usage.

Cruz blasted Governor Gavin Newsom for casking Californians “to double down to save energy” by turning off their air conditioners after 4 p.m. to avoid the “real” risk of outages.

“Cruz, who is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, insisted the solution to maintaining power in the summertime is ‘not complicated,'” reported Breitbart.

“It’s an all-of-the-above energy policy,” Cruz said about the use of various energy sources.

“It’s a policy that lets people heat their homes and cool their homes and drive their cars and get to work and take care of their kids,” Cruz added.

What do you think about Cruz’s comments?

Share your thoughts below.

Source: Breitbart

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36 Responses

  1. Cruz is a 100 % correct California is run by idiots when are people going to learn you vote Democrat you get the shaft Democrats are all idiots, why don’t the people elect Republicans try it you might like it

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  2. I believe that California ought to turn off all air-conditioning in all Government buildings and politicians homes and in the winter months not be allowed to set the thermostat above 68 degrees.

    1. I remember that during the war (ww2) the government used to post the “turn your thermostats down, 68 degrees is warm enough for health”. Really?
      California madness is: Buy an electric car, gas cars will be outlawed, YET, California is NOW having brown-outs. Are the people who vote in these morons also moronic?

  3. I would not live in California if they paid me that just shows you how dumb the democrat voters are out there they treated like sh.t and they just take it all the stars out there are million airs polices don’t hurt them they all send money to other states to help democrats out which should be illegal they could help get some homeless people off the streets

  4. sorry but you can hide like a statue until you think you can get a bid on your illegal run to be a A AMERICAN remember the constitution say born in America their no room where it say born Canadian/

  5. The RIGHT has it right. The Left leaves all out.
    It’s so clear the Left has abandoned their Father Country. Theywant every thing FREE for them, because they are entitled! No one is entitled to anything from America for anything other than what the Constitution provides us. By the way that is more than enough, and has stood true for over 250 years. What a disgrace the Left has become to the WORLD.

  6. I live in California and Cruz is absolutely correct. Gov Newsom is an idiot and we all know it. Tried to recall him twice and each time the recall vote was rejected. We think this is due to voting fraud which along with everything else you can think of is rampant here. The ultra rich who live in the nicer neighborhoods are starting to be victimized by gangs now. Don’t come here for fear that you might be shot on one of our freeways. Just saying….

  7. Cruz is 100% right. I leaved in Cali for over 35 years. This was a great State then. Pete Wilson was Governor then. Since, everthing was going to total disaster now. Newsom is the worst Governor in a country following at least 15 not to far behind. I do not understand how somebody purposely can destroy the State and put people in such a misery that the only way is to run as faster as you can. If you are US citizent you are a bottom of the barrel good only to pay taxes otherwise you do not exist. Newsom needs to go to never never land so he can not grid hard working people.

    1. I love that! “Ecclisiatical ecstasies” is perfect. As a professional writer I really appreciate reading the words of someone who is both articulate and imaginative. Thanks! Love the alliteration.

  8. Cruz is right. Newsom wants everyone in California to adhere to policies that hurt the people but not him. A man once said that he wouldn’t tell anyone to do anything that he wouldn’t do first. Maybe Newsom should take that advise and see firsthand what it would be like to suffer the way he wants the people of California too. He’s already proven to them and the country that what’s good for him and his own is not good for the people. I have a question for you Newsome? Just who the hell do you think you are???????????

  9. You can bet the politicians didnt cut back on anything they wanted you to cut back on!!! If you dont want electric vehicles dont buy one see how that works, the push is only because the elete are heavily invested to make themselves richer and you a fool!!!

  10. I am 86 years old and would leave California in a minute if I could. No money, a dying husband and a daughter who is ill and I can’t leave her. Not everyone here is a democrat. Some of us are just stuck.

    1. Reach out to a fellowship of a good church and they will support you in all your burdens; If I could do
      anything to help you let me know right here

  11. Part of California’s problem is not that voters have not tried to change things, it is the voting system that is “rigged” for the Demos. A few years back, the state legislature changed the voting rules. They set up a system whereby the two top vote getters for governor, in the primary, are the only ones on the ballot for governor. So, as a result, as a general rule, no Republican or Independent make the main election ballot, since then. Again, the voters had “no Say” in the matter. Did was done while the legislature was in session, and included in one of the many bills they pushed through.

  12. Stop voting for a party especially one that has created such a disaster in our country & even abroad! If they lie when they are trying to get elected, they will lie & be deceitful when elected!! Start thinking of your children, grandchildren etc. & what their live will be like if we do not vote these Democrats & Rhino out of office now! Vote for a person that has already proven themselves to want to work for WE THE PEOPLE & our country, it means you may have to do some homework to find out the facts, but it will be well worth it!!

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