BREAKING: This Is The Secret Behind DOJ Trump Raid – America Is Furious…

UFC President Dana White blasted the FBI for raiding Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

White said the raid is unfair when so many others have been let off the hook.

“White was asked about the raid that occurred this week on Trump’s Florida home, but while he called the whole thing ‘madness,’ White also said he didn’t know enough about what the FBI was doing or looking for to comment too deeply on the incident,” reported Breitbart.

Trump Raid Secrets

“But when asked if he thinks the nation has devolved into a ‘banana republic,’ the UFC chief did note that he thinks the raid made no sense when so many others have been let off without persecution,” reported Breitbart.

“I can think of about, you know — without getting political right now and getting into all this fucking bullshit — there’s ten other people’s houses that probably should’ve been raided before his that haven’t happened,” said White.

White is close to Trump and helped him campaign in 2020, saying America needed Trump’s leadership.

White has received a lot of criticism for refusing to force fighters to get vaccinated.

What do you think about White’s comments?

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Source: Breitbart

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34 Responses

  1. Dana White is right. Our country is in deep trouble with Obama (not Biden) at the realm. God is in control and will bring us back from this mess.

    Thanks for supporting President Trump. November 8th will let the USA know that the Republicans (those who speak the truth) are going to win big.

    1. Barack Obama is the one who is a racist hater and is responsible to all these problems we have lately.
      He hates America and his goal was to destroy this great country.
      Alinsky was his model. Communism at its best. Read ‘Rules for revolution’ and understand what we are going through lately.
      Obama and Soros both of them with the help of other wealthy America haters are working non stop to achieve the dream of Obama’s father. Destroying this great country.

      1. Anne; The bo, biden illegal 3rd term of treason is supported by dem’s from 2008 which appears as vote fraud putting bo in office ! Now it’s bo using patsy biden as the idiot with vacuum between ears ready to implode ! All dem’s supporting bo, joe treason are just as guilty for U.S. Military trials & execution for any found guilty !

      2. Obama is the worst president this country ever had he played a game with the people and a lot of them believed him evil at its worst

    2. Unless the Dems get away with cheating again. Be very careful with the voting in your state. Demand voter ID for starters and after that have checks in place to intercept any fraud attempted.

      1. He has been involved all along…never stopped. All his people are also involved. Dummy is only a front.

  2. The dems are so stupid,they dont get thay every evil thing they do, makes the American people hate them even more. Go raid hunters house. Hillarys. Shifty schiff, garlands, obamas, kamalas. This is disgusting what theyve done to our beautiful nation.

    1. The Biden administration are so petrified of President Trump . They lost all sense of human morality & human dignity in the way they conduct their business. I wish they will all not have one single vote at all . Down Biden ! Down Democrats!!!

    2. ALL these libtard commie laden dems are now on a prosecution list for high treason & execution ! Hang ’em high !

  3. He is spot on and we as Americas( DEPLORABLES) know this is all a fracking ‘” Witchhunt” and one of the biggest witches in this mess ” Crooked Hillary” herself. She knew Trump had the goods on her as well as the DOJ<FBI< CIA PELOSI > SCHUMER>SCHIFF AND OF COURSE MAFIA JOE AND LIL HUNTER AND THE LIST IS EVEN MORE EXTENSIVE .THE RATS WERE SCURRYING TO GET A HOLD OF ALL THAT INCRIMANATING CHEESY EVIDENCE !! THUS THE “RAID”

    1. Yes I have and you are correct. It is absolutely AMAZING. I want every Liberal out there to think about how they would feel if a search warrant was issued to invade your home. A search warrant I might add for anything and everything. Search warrants are suppose to be specific as to what they are looking for. If you think this cannot happen to you or someone you love, you need to think again. Our country is being destroyed. No one is safe any more. We now live in a 3rd world banana republic. If you people who think what was done to President Trump is O.K., you are not paying attention to the ramifications.

  4. The list of demonicRats that should have been raided long ago have all had plenty of time to hide discriminating evidence. Hillery, obutthead, shifty, schumer, comey. Just to name a few. The list is toooo long

  5. Betty, God gives us choices – to do correct or incorrect…it is OUR control that must be paying attention to…WHO are WE allowing to be in control…too many times it is NOT God that we want to be in control – “we” of course means the general “we” –
    EVERYONE needs to be clear and work FOR what we want this country to include…and the FBI, CIA, IRS persons only do what they are ORDERED to do – that is their job…it is the people that get into office that appoint these persons to take over our lives however they feel like. I think most people have worked or lived with an aggressively “controlling” person – not stopping at anything to control others to THEIR image…those are the ones we need protection from – and we MUST start or continue to communicate with GOD and we MUST LISTEN to HIM!!! He WILL tell us in a way He knows we will listen! Keep your senses open to Him and heed what He tells us.

  6. Unless voters show up in 3 months to showtheir anger, they will just blatantly continue! The vote is a very powerful weapon against tyranny,, it is more powerful than nukes are military and are own government! Yet less than 20% use it every 2 years. So unless you. Come out in 3 months stop whining about what is happening to you right now! Ind

  7. Dana, you are precious in my eyes. God is in control, Please let all Republicans know that the reason they did not have someone to oversee what they were doing was because they wanted no one to see them plant evidence. . I truly believe they are all crooked to the core, but the thing they don’t realize is that they will have to meet Gabriel at the gates one day and that they will pay dearly for what they are doing. As you and I believe, GOD is in control.
    GOD bless you, Dana and thank you for the encouragement for all of us. Wilma

  8. Donald J. Trump is a very smart person. Whoever works for him must be smart at least the same level as him. You can see it on “The Apprentice Show” you can guess Who he is. Otherwise, you can see ‘ How he served this Country For the people and By the people… He fired a lot of people who worked for him.That’s why, he has so many enemies. Especially, The Border Wall ; NATO … Always right and forever RIGHT. He’s a Patriot; His family ‘s Patriot.

  9. Given all of the senseless politically motivated attacks since Trump entered the scene, I find it impossible to trust any of the Demoncrats and a few Republicans too. Bongino said it right. He said that FBI and DOJ used to investigate a crime and try to find the perpetrators, but now they start with the person they wish to destroy and look for a crime to pin on them. And now they will come for anyone that disagrees with the total control that they wish to establish. No thanks!!!

  10. The Dems know that what goes around comes around. They’re godless and not too bright but they are familiar with the concept of karma, and they’re trying their best to do PERMANENT DAMAGE before they’re gone. They also know that impeachments, investigations, lawsuits, and possible hard time are in their future.

  11. This is all a stupid game Biden & the Dems are playing. They cannot prove anything but made up lies, just want us to think there is some kind of conspiracy, but the only conspiracy is the Dem Party, Biden & Harris & the Rhinos! Let’s face the truth Clintin, Biden & Obama have more illegal papers than anyone that they took illegally. Another way to waist our money!!

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