BREAKING: Top Democrat Caught In Voting Scandal – GOP Has Proof…

A new Florida GOP ad states that Democrat Representative Charlie Crist votes with President Joe Biden one hundred percent of the time.

The new ad tries to show how identical the policies of Crist and the president are.

“Joe Biden’s policies are hurting Americans, and Charlie Crist voted with Biden 100 percent of the time,” the ad states.

Top DEM Involved in Biden Scandal

“Crist voted for Biden’s multitrillion-dollar spending triggering inflation — gas, groceries, housing, all skyrocketing,” the ad continues.

“Crist voted to support Biden’s open border policies – criminals, gangs and drugs are pouring in. Fentanyl killing Americans at record levels,” it continues.

The ad identifies Crist as “weak on crime” and brings clear attention to Crist’s support of defunding the police.

“Charlie Crist, supporting Biden 100% of the time,” the ad concludes.

What do you think about Charlie Crist voting with Biden 100 percent of the time?

Share your comments below.

Source: Breitbart

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34 Responses

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    1. MAYBE………lies have been via the millions, and trusting anything that the DEMS/RINOS have put online, or what they are stating is it FACT OR FICTION…..AM certainly going to look all that malarky up and find out……You can do the same in your State, just get in touch with the GOP and ask if Crist is left or right………if he is left, they will surely not want you to vote for him.

    1. It proves the Demorats commit voting fraud, just like when they rigged the election for Dementia Biden’.

    2. BETTY, ask your STATE GOP…….if that is true, then they will tell you to not vote for him……….LIES from the DEMS/RINOS have been by the millions………SEEK THE TRUTH………

  1. Would any of you be surprised at any of this??? This is what a hand full of conservative Republicans that are now in the Senate and the House of Representatives have been saying all along…and you could probably count their numbers on a little more than both hands. The rest of them have been ever so busy with their back door deals with the “Deep State” and the “CCP” to fatten their own wallets and wiping their collective butts with the Constitution to ever give a damn about the citizenry of this country. The Democrats have allowed huge plots of land in the US to be sold to the CCP, because, they have never been anything more than a shill for the Marxist/Communists all along in total. What you are seeing now is merely the tip of the iceberg, which they have always been working to replace everything about this country. A dictatorship, no money, no food, with quickly eroding freedoms that we use to have. Unfortunately, there are a good number of Republicans and RINOS that are just as guilty as the Democrat Communist Party and now we are running neck & neck with Venezuela……….but I digress………….

  2. These people need to go crash these government homes of these people they all have nice homes and lots of money. They should be safe there they made the changes!!!

  3. Voting Scandal ? Sure if you don’t read the story ! I’m sick of seeing these cheep headlines. Is this all the GOP has, nothing but tricks. They won’t offer any plan to fix the economy, they play games with the border and they help the democrats every chance they get. They claim to be about freedom yet work hard to remove freedom. They stand for the constitution unless it stands in their way. I want honest government, not tricks and fake headlines.

  4. I would not vote for Charlie Crist even if he was the only candidate
    what did he do for Florida other than fill his pockets.

  5. Unfortunately, I voted for Christ when he ran for governor as a Republican. Sorry Charlie, I wouldn’t make that
    mistake again. Now that you have jumped to the dark side as a Democrap, I am certain that I wouldn’t vote for you.

  6. Crist is the proverbial loser, every time he loses he changes his political parties, just like a spoiled little BRAT! He always seems to attach himself to the other losers, now he loves biden, that figures. If YOUR a loser then vote for crist and you’ll be in good company,

    1. Crist! I HATE to pronounce his name, because it INSULTS CHRIST’S NAME! I am happy that HELL IS WAITING FOR THE DEMONICrats! THAT, I LOVE!

    2. Stay strong Florida- you have the Best Governor ever – He is For The People!! God Bless Ron DeSantis !!! All States Should follow your State Governor!! Faith Love County!

  7. I lived in Florida when Crist was head of Education. He ruined that also. So glad Gov Ron is so brave and bold and honest and intelligent and can explain things well. Good luck Florida in voting the best man yet.
    Nancy Goettman

  8. Florida is one of the last well run states in the Union. Why would anyone want to change that? If you live in Florida and vote for DeSantis, you’re smart. And the rest of us are jealous we are stuck with crapbag governors.

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