BREAKING: Trump Makes Stunning Pelosi Announcement – Story Developing…

The world waits with bated breath for what former President Donald Trump will say about the happenings in and around the White House.

The former President has spoken up about what he thinks about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan.

“Trump hosted a rally Friday evening in support of Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels and other Wisconsin Republicans to whom he has lent his support,” reported JustTheNews.

Trump Announcement

“Trump began his speech by criticizing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for visiting Taiwan, saying she gave Beijing an ‘excuse’ to invade the island. The speaker arrived in the island this week despite repeated warnings from China that doing so would escalate tensions,” according to JustTheNews.

“What was she doing in Taiwan? She was China’s dream,” Trump said during his speech opening.

“Everything she touches turns to you know what,” Trump added.

“Trump also celebrated the string of primary election successes by Trump-endorsed candidates on Tuesday, citing wins in Arizona and Michigan,” reported JustTheNews.

“Trump-backed Kari Lake won the Arizona gubernatorial primary while Blake Masters claimed victory in the senatorial contest. He also referenced Tudor Dixon’s win in the Michigan gubernatorial primary and John Gibb’s successful ouster of Michigan Republican Rep. Peter Meijer, who voted to impeach Trump,” reported JustTheNews.

“Trump spent much of his speech lamenting the policy changes his successor, President Joe Biden, made which he asserted led to the nation’s current economic and geopolitical state,” JustTheNews reported.

“The job could have been done,” Trump said about the border wall. Trump continues to insist the border wall was three weeks away from completion before Biden canceled the project.

“You can take the five worst Presidents in American history and put them together and they would not have done the damage Joe Biden has done to our country in less than two short years,” Trump said.

What do you think about Trump’s comments?

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Source: JustTheNews

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Unscientific mandates, destructive ideologies, an open border allowing “rainbow” fentanyl to pour across...Democrat leaders consistently put special interests before kids.

Parents are tired of it, and that is a lesson Dems will learn in November.

Biden created the migrant crisis.

Harris ignores it.

Pelosi & Schumer won’t allow one border security measure to come for a vote.

Republicans have a plan to solve this crisis but we first must END the one party Democrat rule that created this mess.

“So which is harder? Being a helicopter pilot or raising four kids?”

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