Bret Baier: Doesn’t Make Sense

I know a lot of you are probably tired of hearing about the FBI raid at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home by now, but there is still a lot to unpack here.

This is especially true when it comes to how documents are declassified, when they are, is it temporary, etc.

Something that I have brought up regarding urgency was also broken down by Fox News Bret Baier that does not make sense.

What Urgency

Some of the big questions are when the DOJ got the information, when they acted on it, when they secured the search warrant, and how long after the warrant was secured did they carry out the search.

I am now starting to believe that the “mole” for the DOJ was or is a Secret Service agent, possibly one that while he guards Trump, just does not like the man.

If you have not yet heard Kash Patel’s breakdown of how Trump declassified information, I would recommend checking that out.

Two more burning questions are intertwined that I have yet been able to get answered.

First, why were these documents not removed when NARA requested the other 15 boxes of documents as well as when the security for holding documents was reviewed months ago?

Second, why the several-day delay in executing the warrant after it was secured if this was such a vital concern?

Brett Baier brings all this up…

Baier brings up another point in that the communications that led to all of this, the possible mole, stopped in June, so again, if the matter was of such urgency, why would you allow two months to pass before getting these documents secured?

I keep coming back to the same conclusion… this was a politically calculated move to disqualify Trump while simultaneously hoping to impact the outcome in favor of Democrats in the 2022 election.

Furthermore, we are now five days since the raid, yet no indictment and no charges have been announced.

If Trump violated the Espionage Act as a former president, I would think we would want him behind bars as quickly as possible, yet he was probably out on the golf course today.

As Baier said, none of this makes sense.

Sources: Breitbart & Fox News

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57 Responses

    1. I would have fought with anyone two years ago about the FBI setting anyone up. Too honest, too American, but painfully obvious now, too dishonest, too anti-American, and painfully obvious the FBI is the hatchet team for dishonorable conduct, Democrat dirty tricks, and disloyal most disgustingly to the Constitution. Time to clean house ASAP. Start at the very top and peel it off one layer at a time.

      1. It’s time to get rid of the top four or five levels of the FBI administrators, INCLUDING GARLAND AND HIS STAFF!!!


      2. Yes, start at the top by prosecuting Biden, his entire administration, every Democrat in Congress and every government employee above GS-13 level.

      3. Who’s to say this IRS business isn’t to threaten everyone in the Senate and House with an audit if they don’t comply with what the Democrats want, just a thought but these days anything’s possible. Who says one party might be hiding things, a lot of Rinos in our Government could also be as well….Also, why arm the IRS? Are they coming to your house with weapons drawn to get your taxable items or just to get any money you might have saved? None of it makes sense.

    2. Documents could have been planted when the FBI was removing the 15 boxes in June. DON’T YOU THINK? This whole thing smells to high heaven. Democrats are so scared that President Trump will again have the opportunity to flush out this evil, corrupt administration. If Trump runs, Trump will win. This time I am sure President Trump will not hesitate to do what should have been done during his 1st term. To be honest, during Trump’s first term, he was too trusting. I guarantee that will not be the case this time.

      1. With no one watching and no one having a complete inventory of the documents, the FBI could put ANYTHING into the files that Biden told them to.

        1. Biden can’t read a sentence from a teleprompter much less think. The man has dementia. Someone other than Biden is giving the orders and it could be a group like Obama ,Rice, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff , Clinton’s, Nadler, Soros, etc. The entire Biden administration are the worst people ever to head all these offices . They all need to be gone !

      2. Why were the buildings’ cameras shut off and no attorneys allowed in Mar-a-Lago during the FBI search? The public needed that transparency, in order to prove there was no ill will here. As it is, there will always be questions!

      3. I agree, I don’t think he will be as trusting as before, he can’t even trust the Secret Service and FBI, are there any honest people left in our Government? I’m beginning to doubt it, the corruption is running deep.

    3. Wouldn’t be the first time. Hillary’s paid for dossier was a hoax. FISA warrant applications based on a hoax. Mueller investigation based on Russia lies. Two impeachments based on a hoax. Jan 6 based on Nancy and Lizzie lies. What’s true is they used witness with second and third d degree hearsay and no cross examination. What’s true is insider trader Nancy took her son at our expense to Taiwan to do business for the Pelosi crime family. What’s true is Liz’ worth increased 600% since she entered congress. What’s true is her crooked father got us into the Iraq war for his own enrichment, that of his boss GWBush and his company Halliburton. Those are the real facts that need to be investigated. Not to mention all the dirt on Joe and Hunter.

    1. Exactly, proving that Democrats have no idea who their fathers are, where their loyalties belong, and whether they are partisans, or dupes, but most likely both. Now the DOJ wants private cell phone numbers for those members who are around the president. Invasion of privacy much? Looks like the upper DOJ criminals don’t trust their own.

    2. Yes, but how can we stop it? I would take Trump over Biden 1000 times. Trump loved America and Biden just wants to destroy America and how anyone can back that I do no understand…

  1. I hope and pray that folks wake up and realize that this is a repeat of the mid 30’s in Germany… Total power totally corrupts…

      1. i think they are letting things cool, checking out the waters,trying to make sure they are well geared if riots broke out,they will respond to these riots,not the ones done by their followers in 2020,they are hypocrits and why any idiots give them the time of day is beyond any person with an iota of a brain cell. i think they will try and or arrest TRUMP and i think he will hire a dream team of patriot attorneys that see what they are doing to the legal system,they will get himoff and then- HE WILL ATTACK- to devastate the whole corrupt party of marxists. GODSPEED MR TRUMP.

    1. So true!! Democrats just look to Communism in the past to determine what they do now to destroy America!!

  2. Sadly I don’t think that there’s much hope of any of them waking up or opening their eyes, most of them still believe that the RussiaGate hoax was real and the Mainstream Propaganda Machines reinforces it constantly. Pelosi herself stated on a Nationally Televised Propaganda Campaign that she would do everything and anything to keep Trump from ever holding Office again all while they ran through bad Legislation that costs the American Taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

    1. Pelosi just admitted that she will do anything and everything to stop Trump which means even breaking the law is okay with the Democrats!!!

  3. It’s the Dem’s effort to derail Trump’s reelection (they have no-one to run against him). They are just throwing up “monkey dust” to defeat Trump. It’s sad.

  4. Well if they did this for Nov of this year it was a utter failure, like most of the things they have been doing these last 18 months! Ind

  5. Last 4 letters in Democrat – A RAT

    November is rodent elimination month. Don’t forget to vote. Let’s start cleaning house and take back our country.

  6. FBI and DOJ agents have broken their oaths. They have become the brown shirts of the nazi regime running America. Obama and the Clintons are running the country. They sent Joe Biden on vacation so he couldn’t stand up on stage and tell the truth in his own weird way. Hunter went with Joe to keep his mouth shut. Jill doesn’t care as long as she can play in the White House and now someone else’s mansion.

  7. Regretfully the FBI has been a corrupt department for many years now. You just need to go back to the Clintons to see how corrupt. However, it is not only the FBI, the CIA as well as the DOJ are just as badly seeded as the FBI. It starts with the surveillance, then the blackmail, and either you fall in line or they will destroy you. How do you think they have so many people doing what the want. This is the way they have worked for decades now and I don’t see how anyone can stop all this now. The Media is fueling all this with the propaganda. They sound like people who get all the same script to talk about, they all repeat the same thing. Hardly any of them can even do the same story without using the same words. They are like parrots repeating over and over again to try to make you believe. All you have to do is listen to CNN. Everyone on that station use the same words, over and over. The really sad part about all this is people just to lazy to verify or research for the truth, that is why we are where we are now.

    1. It all goes back to what my friend said over 50yrs ago “The worst enemy this country has is the new media and the down fall of this country can be summed in one word Greed”.

    2. In 2012 Obama and the dems broke the law and appointed the alphabet news media to be the Fascist dem propaganda machine. They r told exactly what to say before consulting with the dem bosses as to what to say and what they say is always in unison. Very much like Nazism.

    3. thats called groupthink, self thought is forbidden at any and all of these marxist lying news stations of the left- they all utter the exact same phrase- are they microchipped to repeat what the other is saying??are the thoughts planted in their heads like a manchurian candidate??either way,they are a sad lot of angry self haters for the moronic left, the nazi propagandists have nothing on them,they accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of,they are on the wrong side of history and all their names will be spoken of as vomit. they have gone against all thats holy and good.

  8. What about the 3 million plus documents Obama has sitting in Chicago somewhere ? Six years ago he was going to build a library , nothing yet, but he now has a mansion on 16 acres in Martha’s Vineyard !!!!

    1. And the Obamas bought (with our tax $$) the estate in Hawaii where Magnum PI was filmed. They also have another mansion in Hawaii. Remember his $82 billion debacle on “shovel ready” jobs?

  9. Raid issues:
    Why delay the raid
    Whose the “mole”
    Trump was cooperating with Feds
    10 hour search for 13 boxes
    Attorneys denied acess to search warrant
    Docs under lock & then FBI broke lock?

  10. I have been thinking the same thing…that the informant (mole) is a Secret Service Agent. President Trump said that
    he was going to “drain the swamp”, which put a target on his back from day one. Most of those on the left are after
    him, for no other purpose than to protect their place at the feed trough. He was the BEST President that I have seen
    in my 72 years on this earth, and I will vote for him again.

    1. the person spouting these lies will bring back the tomb curse of king tut upon themselves. no bad deed goes unrewarded

  11. In my regular emails to a small group of mostly conservative friends, I refer to the people about which you are correctly describing as the Basket of Gullibles, not to be confused with the Basket of Deplorables. A few of even the 42 I minister to with the truth still cannot understand that we are dealing with devilishly evil people who will do anything to achieve the great reset and all the — at once — continuous enrichment of the elites and the impoverishment of the ones of us who survive depopulation.

  12. Any one who believes the democrats are honest you better read the Bible and read especially about Judas that’s what democrats are to this Country. Joe Biden his son, nancy pelosi and her husband have made millions off of this Country and if you don’t think so you better get your heads out of the sand

  13. Given the quality of our current FBI operatives, I would urge Mrs. Trump to inventory her unmentionables to determine how many were carted off with the many cardboard boxes of stuff .

  14. The left think we are all stupid. They are about to find out how smart we are. And all you so called Republicans in Washington, it’s time to choose your side, no more riding the fence, we the people won’t stand for it.

  15. I don’t trust Fox News, especially anybody that is a Dem and is out to get President Trump. AND, he is President Trump——-not Former President Trump. We all should be saying and telling the whole TRUTH–We should not be afraid of Dems that don’t even know where Joe Biden is and think the FAKE is, or try to convince the public that the FAKE is the President. TELL THE TRUTH, or get off FOX NEWS or any other Newscast now!!!

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