Bret Baier: ‘Fascinating’ Political Move by Biden

After Joe Biden announced the student loan giveaway, Bret Baier practically fell out of his chair.

His analysis of the move was dead on before anyone ran the numbers.

He called it a “fascinating” political move by Biden.

I would just call it stupid.


The numbers were still out, but listen to Bret Baier talk about the risks of this move by Biden…

As it turns out, Baier hit the nail right on the head.

Reports surfaced on Thursday that only 28 percent of the freebie recipients are probable voters.

Now, that number will surely go up, as some of these kids will register to vote, but many more people are upset about the freebie than benefitting from it.

There is a big difference in doing something like this when you have a surplus or a way to pay for it, but Biden’s plan is, well, he has no plan.

This means every taxpayer in the country is responsible for about $2,000 of this bailout.

Even the WaPo editorial board ripped Biden on this one, calling it an “expensive, regressive mistake.”

This is what I like to call an epic fail.

Source: Fox News & Washington Post

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34 Responses

  1. The BLOODY BUTCHERER Joey Biden is a DAMN CHINA COMMUNIST and an ANTI-AMERICAN that should be removed from the Whitehouse and either HANGED or SHOT as a TRAITORof the USA along with his hoard of Murdering Communistic Demo-crap all should be tried for HIGH TREASON against these United States of America

      1. may The FBI need to go hit Biden home , Obama’s Home the Clinton’s home , Nancy Pelosi, etc. Mayorkas etc. for all the past involvement when they were in the Senate etc to get all their documents wasting tax payer money on power grabs, personal hatred blocking Americans from running for public office due to their corruption , abuse of power executive power & lying of legal documents, target innocent Americans stealing American rights, benefits, such as Human rights, health care, etc, to give them to Illegal aliens who entered the USA Illegally , & all American elected officials who spit fully brought Foreign Nationals into the USA abusing their power, violated their oath of Office , violated Americans rights, spreading infestation, committing Genocide knowingly is totally unconstitutional , while using their executive power to go against the USA & go against the American people to try to change the American constitution is abuse of power.

  2. I have been following this idiot for 40years and has not done anything of value . I still can’t believe the electorate was so stupid to vote for this idiot !!!

    1. He got in by getting each of the ballots, with his box checked, counted numerous times. We saw them on video being put thru the machines several times each. This Moron did not get more votes than Obama as they tried to say! Everyone knows the election was rigged especially after Pelosi said “we’re going to have a new President one way or the other”. The fix was in!

  3. Amen Don, Joe Biden is brain dead and not capable of running this country. The important question is who the heck is running the country it certainly is not Biden. We are getting very close to a major political vetting; we have people in the white house and the government who want to change this country into a communistic hell hole. We need a change, and we need it now.

  4. For once I agree with most everyone else. We have the most ignorant, most stupid, most dumb and the most traitorous president in the history of this country. I don’t know of anyone less qualified as this idiot is. If he isn’t removed from office we aren’t going to have a country left. What the hell is wrong with the republicans? Don’t you know how to impeach someone. If you’re that stupid maybe you can figure another way to get rid of him.

    1. Sorry Edgar, you dumb a$$! Unfortunately, the Speaker of the house must initiate the call for impeachment. Do you really think Nancy is going to start that proceeding? The only chance for impeaching anyone is for the Republicans to gain control of the House! You must be a Democrat!

  5. Biden don’t no how to be president .if Nancy can’t help him there is oboma or hillary or Hunter biden.he has hole lots then can try all need to go home be fore TRump rounds lose. The laboratory that grant money paid for .that was using to grow skin from under baby’s to sale .we have person that saw it from 6 weeks to 42 weeks. Obama

  6. Biden is a front so who is running the country? Once they are out of office they will have to pay for their treason.

    1. Obama and his cronies, can’t you see the same disgusting policies from his hit job on America? The Obamas hated and are hell-bent on changing everything about this amazing country.

  7. Biden has no clue what he is doing. He just reads the teleprompter and doesn’t take any questions because the answers aren’t on the teleprompter. He is such a looser, but he is taking our country down with him. I doubt he knows it. How can he just go around the congress and do things by Executive Order? Where are our checks and balances?

    1. Biden also looks half crazy most of the time, no telling what they have him pumped up with so he can appear as if he has some of his faculties. They’re not fooling anyone that doesn’t require being spoon fed their every thought and waiting for the government to take care of them. They have no clue what they’re signing up for.

  8. Hey biden you jerk, I paid for my kid’s college, what gives you the ability to make me pay for other peoples kids, let their freeking parents take care of it, I worked two jobs to help them! You can kiss my donkey you old creep!

    1. Well it really doesn’t and won’t with all the big ticket entitlements thrown at people that aren’t entitled! Work to pay your way, just like everyone else. The price of a vote for the Democrats is too expensive for every day Americans.

  9. Biden needs to be horse whipped and dragged out of our White House Now! He is destroying America right before our eyes and no one is stopping him. Come on people wake up and get this shell of a man out of our White House now!

    1. To bad they don’t tar and feather politicians and ride them out on a rail anymore. We sure would need a lot of tar and feather’s.

    2. I pray a lawsuit is filed quickly against this. It is totally illegal. He wants to use the Heroes Act which was put in place to help military families after 9/11. Then he mentioned COVID pandemic. Exvuse me but if is going to use COVID then Title 42 meeds to be put back in place. A majority of Americans are pissed off about his pandering in buying votes. BTW: insulin prices won’t be reduced for 2 to 3 years. The bill states that but of course liar Joe did not provide that information to the public.

  10. Mentally senile puppet prez with his lowest vilest communist helpers. I am sure Mohammad Obama,Piglosi, Sanders, Headboard, are his puppeteers. They need to be impeached, ruined politically or sent to China and never allowed to be returned. I am sure that another one of his election schemes of the American people paying for other peoples college education when parents paid their own childrens way is going to go over with a thud. Bad enough his last money package that he put through with Billy Gates help is bad enough. How much of that money is being sent out for these election post to bribe them to lie, change votes and claim dead people can vote. Disgusting to think that word Demorats are Mostly American people too. How can they destroy my country.

  11. “epic fail” Biden himself is an epic fail so you can’t expect anything better from him Biden never should have been in the office of president as he does not have the mental clarity to do the job and he proves it day in and day out.

  12. We need to get rid of the Biden administration before they do anymore damage including the Obamas and Clinton’s they all need to be tar and feathered for Treason

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