CA Hit and Run Accident Caught on Video

San Jose, CA was the site of a horrible hit-and-run accident.

A woman and her grandson were crossing the street when a dark gray hatchback came roaring down the street.

The car plowed into them, and now police are hoping someone recognized the car so they track down this maniac.

Horrible Scene

The woman and the child appear to have the right of way.

However, just as they entered the street, the car came roaring into the picture…

The woman, who was 68 years old, is now in intensive care.

The toddler has a scar and some bruising on his head.

The boy’s mother stated, “I couldn’t believe it happened.

“I cannot think of how anyone could drive like that … this is so bad.”

One of the neighbors stated that the woman walks that way every day.

She stated, “I know her. Every day, she walks around this way and takes her grandchildren to the high school track.

“Cars like this one don’t even stop.”

Local police are asking anyone with information on the case to contact them at 408-277-4654.

Source: Fox News