Caitlyn Jenner Only Gets Six Percent in CA Governor Poll

Caitlyn Jenner’s run as a moderate conservative in the California governor’s race may be over before it really gets rolling.  

Jenner has been doing a media blitz to boost his campaign, but it appears to be all for naught.  

In a recent poll co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Times, Jenner scored only six percent support among likely voters.  

Bad News for Bruce, I Mean Caitlyn 

Jenner has been flipping on past policy stances and crossing over on some rather significant conservative stances in this bid for the governor’s mansion.  

I know there is no way I could support this platform, Republican or not, and I am not alone.  

A mere 13 percent of Republicans surveyed said they would support Jenner.  

Poll Director Mark DiCamillo stated the obvious, saying, “It’s a very poor showing.” 

The top two Republican candidates split most of the Republican support, garnering 22 percent each.  

Newsom, who is surrounded by controversy right now, still managed to get 52 percent.  

The Governor had taken some major hits during the early days of the pandemic, especially for flouting his own rules.  

He seems to have recovered from that, now presenting a difficult challenge for anyone to unseat him, let alone a moderate with only six percent support.  

Source: New York Post 

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11 Responses

  1. Anyone who would vote for a man who thinks he is a woman, would have to be as mentally disturbed as the individual who is a trany.

  2. Bruce lost me when he said he didn’t vote for President Trump this past election! That after being all over him during his first campaign. So he obviously takes a hypocrite page from the Democrats’ playbook! (He will always be Bruce Jenner to me regardless of how long he grows his hair or how many dresses and high heels he puts on.)

    1. He/She needs to back out now! You have little support! You are to wish washer on things! They need a strong leader and you are not it! You kids don’t even support you!

  3. 52% support for Newsome huh. Sounds to me like Californians are masochist who enjoy being subjected to a sadistic governor. You people need to stay there then and quit moving to Texas to mess it up for freedom loving Texans.

  4. That’s just a early straw poll… Californians are tired of a governor who governs the state like a tyrant, a dictator. Californians do not need a CASTRO or a CHAVEZ for a governor. We need and we want a governor who would prioritize his constituents over his personal feelings, over his family, etc.. A governor who would mandate a policy for all Californians to follow including himself. A governor who would not enrich himself at the expense of the taxpayers.

  5. This has got to be a fake poll.If not then Californians are the dumbest people on earth.Make sure they remain where they are and not move to other red states and pollute them

  6. I agree. Anyone who would vote for that tyrant is as nutty as he is. Please stay in California. Don’t ruin my state with your fanatical ideas.

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