California Governor Says State Will Be ‘Fully’ Open on June 15

It was only a few days ago that Governor Abbott in Texas stated that he was reopening the state and when he did, Joe Biden called it “Neanderthal thinking.”

Well, his buddy Gavin Newsom in California just made the same announcement.

Newsom, on Tuesday, announced that the state will “fully reopen” by June 15.

Open for Business

This is a political move by Newsom… make no mistake about that.

The California Democrat is in the midst of a recall and he is willing to do just about anything he can to save his office.

California business owners and residents are chomping at the bit to get back out, so Newsom really has no choice but to comply.

Now, even though he is reopening, he does not appear to be ready to lift the mask mandate, as was just done in Texas.

Newsom, in making the announcement, stated, “Everyday activities will be allowed and businesses can open with common-sense risk reduction measures, including encouraging all Californians to get vaccinated and mandating masking.”

He later added, “With more than 20 million vaccines administered across the state, it is time to turn the page on our tier system and begin looking to fully reopen California’s economy.

“We can now begin planning for our lives post-pandemic.

“We will need to remain vigilant, and continue the practices that got us here – wearing masks and getting vaccinated – but the light at the end of this tunnel has never been brighter.”

We are all still waiting for Joe Biden to blast Newsom since this announcement was made since he was so critical of all the Republican governors that have announced reopenings.

The move to reopen has not been missed by Newsom’s detractors…

Kevin Faulconer, Republican gubernatorial candidate and former San Diego mayor, added his two cents as well…

Having Newsom recalled was going to be a longshot effort anyway, even with the massive support the petition has received.

While I do not expect the recall effort to be successful, I would imagine that come 2022, Newsom and Democrats will have a very significant challenge ahead of them to keep the governor’s mansion in California blue.

Source: Fox News

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28 Responses

  1. Yes, the mask mandate was lifted in Texas but most people are still wearing with no backlash. 🙁

    We have all become sheeple!!!!!

      1. I totally agree with you! He has treated his people horribly!! They are right in trying to get rid of him!

      2. He hopes to save his job by doing this. I certainly hope you are correct and the people of California see thru this and vote him out.

      3. I agree but all democrat governors Have Trashed Their States And Cities with hiring BLM to tear every city down And closing Their States Has Drove their Economy into the ground now Biden And Harris wants Taxpayers to give them our money to rebuild That is not fair they should have to repair the states by themselves Newsome just ordered a new Property tax And he has not paid his own Property Taxes on Two million Dollar Homes for the last two years

    1. As a Californian I will believe it when I see it. This idiot Governor who by the was is Piglosi nephew is a piece of crap. He cares more about illegals then he does about the citizens. Like Biden, I hop he drops dead at the hands of an illegal.

  2. Wary since have from now 4-7 to 6-15, can play “games” from now to 6-15
    after 6-15 seeds for riot,protest?
    No more moving goalposts?
    Mind games

  3. So if you had the vaccine….your safe…right? So why do you still have to wear a mask????? Cause too many have died after taking it, now have life long medical problems because of it. They say there’s a new strain out that these vaccines don’t touch……so why are we taking it???? We are test subjects.

  4. Masks are useless against the extremely tiny virus particles. The masks are useful in filtering much larger bacteria. If the mask gives a person some comfort, O.K. wear one but infections from the virus were not prevented.

  5. the most serious problem is that our idiot president let thousands of illegals into our country, people with covid, drug lords, thieves, and God know what else, he is the problem we have to rid ourselves of, he and harris, pelosi, hunter… all need to go. asap

  6. Okay Wolf of Pa, you are losing the battle to keep us locked down.
    Open to full capacity and get rid of the masks. Time to move on.

  7. recall every demo gov. who cannot do the will of the people. demos have destroyed this country thanks to the fraud biden and harris traitors of the USA.

  8. This idiot thinks Pelosi will get him out of this recall.
    Pelosi has said she will request each house hold to answer a YES OR NO if Newsom should be recalled? Mind you after all these Illegals came across the border!
    They are trying to cheat again 🤬
    He’s so arrogant he needs to go NOW !!
    This idiot is recalled!

    1. She’s hated more than he is; I don’t think she’s going to be able to save him and is it even legal for her to poll each household? She could very well be putting the last nail in his coffin.

  9. Pelosi is the most meddlesome, corrupt politician who has made fortunes crafting bills loaded with pork that have benefited her and her equally corrupt cohorts using tax payer money. I think the people of California have had enough of Governor Newsome and his dictatorship, elitist ways and will be happy to see him go. I don’t think his Aunt Nancy can do anything about it or be able to interfere.

  10. NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL FREE LOVING AMERICANS TO RETURN BACK TIME WHEN WE WERE FREE AND STOP BEING RUN BY A SHEEP DOG BIDEN HAS ADMITTED THE MASK WAS NOT EFFECT AGAINST THE VIRUS <AND PUT UP A 50000,00$ reward TO MAKE ONE,,, AND ALL STATES DOES NOt Require us to put one on ?is it time for us to put the sheep back in the pen ?you know china made a billion $selling us the mask that there lab so called developed (it was proven the mask would not work stop a air born virus and you should know better than to think a mask would kill a virus when the flue has ben killing thousands ever year,s wake and stop the fear spreaders you know the communist is good at it !!!!!!?WAKE UP WAKE UP USE YOUR COMMON SENSE MY DEAR FRIENDS ???

  11. Why is it about these corrupt Governors and all the damage they have done to our people and States why are they not removed, charged in jail!? Why are people si stupid to back them ! ?

  12. Libafornians are not smart enough to recall and replace him. This moron only cares about illegal Mexicans and trannies and reparations and critical race BS in schools he doe not care one bit for American Citizens!!!!!!

  13. GRUESOME BLEWSOME should do EVERYBODY a favor and take a L-O-N-G walk on a SHORT pier !!! And take his AUNT PIGBLOWSKI with him !!!

  14. Fully Open to the illigals
    how about the American people
    governor do you care about the american people? of course not
    you are pelosi’s nephew power hungry antiamerican and antisemite
    i voted for you to be removed and your satan aunt too

  15. I see where a primary will be held in May in my state, and so it begins again, state offices….this time all people should look up their states’s primaries, where change in state legislatures, governorshps etc. begin…Same for when congressional or presidential races begin…..The primaries are where new people come into politics. If you wait for November elections most people vote party, so find the best you can and support them…..let’s improve those who govern us from either party.

  16. I see where a primary will be held in May in my state, and so it begins again, state offices….this time all people should look up their state’s primaries, where change in state legislatures, governorships etc. begin…Same for when congressional or presidential races begin…..The primaries are where new people come into politics. If you wait for November elections most people vote party, so find the best you can and support them…..let’s improve those who govern us from either party. ballot pedia org is a great reference for all running in campaigns

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